Monday, March 23, 2015


Foyer should not be treated as a sterile room meant just for dumping stuff like umbrellas and shoes and receiving salesmen and tradesmen. Make this place, a place ofwarrnth and comfort, so that it can be used for a chat with friends when the living room is already occupied by another set of visitors or guests. Foyer should give the feeling of the design scheme of the house and should be dramatic, utilitarian and welcoming. It should occupy just about one fourth of the living room space. A7 feet by 10 feet space can make for an ideal foyer. Even linear spaces do well as foyers, provided the ceiling is low. The ceiling height may be artificially reduced to about seven feet and use the hidden ceiling space as a hidden storage area.

In foyer, because of space constraints, furniture happens to be the most important decorating tool. The basic furniture you need here are the shoe rack, a covered hander stand where you could hang rain coats, umbrellas, caps and your kids' muddy sports paraphernalia, and a narrow couch to receive visitors, and a small comer table. So make sure the furniture here is finished artificially. Even a shoe rack can be made interesting by incorporating funky colors or designer finishes or with carved and crafted antiquarian finishes. Give the furniture here longitudinal lines so that they blend with the linear space of foyers.

In foyer, color plays an important role because of the space constraints. Go for rich and deep shades on the walls only if there are plenty of windows in the foyer. Otherwise, it is advisable to stick to light shades as dark shades tend to scale down the volume of the space. If the other rooms are visible from the foyer, use shades that complement the colors inside the rooms. Paintings and wall hangings, like masks, do well as they occupy minimum space and also give the visitors something to focus on while they wait. Likewise, foliage plants in a corner can be a warm and inexpensive accessory in the foyer and add life to the space. Make the utilitarian stuff itself an accessory. For instance, you can cut out the carpet or the rubber mat that you place in the foyer in interesting shapes or personalize the door with a quaint hand made door-knocker to add an element of design. You might also hang a mirror on your foyer as wall mirrors tend to enlarge the volume of the space. In addition, as you rush out of the house, you can look at your image and confirm that you are dressed up properly. Subdued lighting rather than light from a fluorescent lamp works well in a foyer.

As for the floors are concerned, wooden floors of light shades are preferable. Opt for white or light shades of marble or the vitrified tiles. Even a well-ground white mosaic floor can do well.


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