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Almost everybody likes to embellish their homes or offices with natural leaf not just for its aesthetic charm, however additionally for its gas enriching quality. However, certainly reasons and in some places individuals cannot select the natural reasonably greenery, however should come in for the substitute selection.

If one goes into any home ornamentation or style store they're going to be ready to realize a lot of reasonably inexperienced plants together with plastic one and flowers and ferns made from glass and silk. Artificial trees are a decent selection that's out there lately. The most ones are bamboo and palm, that are a lot of utilized in homes, offices, hostels and spas. Fashionable terracotta, metal or ceramic containers are often wont to contain these plants and trees as they improve the visual charm. One might even keep a row of them in a very sand bed and embellish it with pebbles of marble and beads scattered around.

If one selected the plant of a decent whole or a designer product it's bound to correspond the important issue terribly closely. Many types, sizes and shapes are out there of those artificial greeneries. There is also a variation within the trunk or fronds and their method of branching out. The tall ones are unremarkably placed in corners or outdoors areas wherever parties are command and there are tiny ones to use on the desktop. a massive vary is there for one’s use. A tall tree ought to be placed in a very massive space with lots of house in order that, if blends with the area ornamentation. Costs of those would depend upon the peak and weight of the 3, its foliage, the diameter of the trunk, quality of the fabric used and the way real or natural its look is.

If one is allergic to spore and are scared of insects and if they're fascinated by greeneries, they'll plow ahead with these artificial leaf. Keep 2 massive artificial palm trees putting in them within the huge drawing semen feeding space? For a similar reason one might keep glass and satiny flowers in flower vases everywhere the house.

In some families, the members travel throughout the year and as a result doesn’t a lot of time to appear once leaf within the home and it withers away owing to lack of maintenance. One or two of computer code Professionals, who had a busy travel schedule keep several palm trees next to some bamboo clusters in numerous elements of the house like the drawing space, porch and construction and in their building. Except for watering the plant, even fallen leaves ought to be cleared away and dirt marks on the ground or carpet ought to be clean. For all this, they simply didn’t have the time. Alternative hassles of trimming and fertilising the tree are avoided during this method.

Artificial plants and trees are terribly engaging to most of the people owing to the issue of low maintenance. the nice selection wants very little attention and lasts long. It’s additionally treated with chemicals so as to repeal insects and indoor pollution.Many time’s guests aren't ready to distinguish that the tree and plants aren't real. they provide an intriguing bit to the interiors and gazebos, verandahs and porches. Even those individuals, who keep natural leaf in their home and haven't any downside with it, anyway, they wish to select artificial trees.

One of the best ways in which to feature a private bit to one’s home ornamentation is thru framed hand prints. All one needs to do is to require a blank sheet of ivory paper and a box of acrylic colors. Every member of one’s family will opt for their favorite color. They’ll spear this color on a plastic plate and dip one hand in it with the palm down creating a print on the ivory sheet.

After obtaining all the prints permit the paint to dry and place it in an appealing picket frame. They’re going to have 3 hand prints on a sheet with the label: “Mummy, daddy and Putta”. It’ll not solely look pretty; it'll bring a smile to the faces of their guests. One might amendment the color or texture of the bottom material for selection. hand-woven paper or a plank of laminate would offer a creative bit. A coat of pain and contrastive colors that go together with the curtains or cushions is another plan.

It’s the non-public bit that produces the distinction to one’s home. If the within house is lovely adorned with excellent style, it's going to be a house however not a home, because it wouldn’t not have their stamp on that. The person they're and therefore the odd cluster of characters that structure their family ought to be mirrored in it.

In the next vacation they'll go together with their family, take many footage of family close-ups with smiles, hugs etc., in them. It’ll be higher to try to it at dawn or hour. Out of the complete shots one ought to take at least a decent one. They ought to enlarge it and obtain it written as poster size. Once they place it in a very thick white frame and that they can have an aesthetic wall piece for his or her space. They’ll attempt lamination or fluorescent framers.

Should there be toddlers in one’s home? If affirmative one will permit them to color the image and do a sketch or each. These might be framed and confine a cluster behind the board. Simply offer the crayons and paper to preschool types and watch whereas they are doing it. They may additionally get a collage of smaller footage, frame it and droop it on a picket door. These are going to be therapeutic; as those are going to be a reminder of the days they were happy and additionally they enrich their relationships. Let the front room mirror them and their family with all their idiosyncrasies and individuality.


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Zonasha Elegance Multistorey Apartments Location Haralur, Bangalore 2BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK Apartments

Zonasha Elegance Multistorey Apartments Area Range 1164-1884 Sq.ft, Location Haralur, Bangalore 2BHK Apartments, 3BHK Apartments and 4BHK Apartments.


Without connectivity, luxury is pointless. A home becomes truly luxurious when it's well connected with the world outside. A world that matters. A world where our friends, relatives and work-space exists. It's only then we're close to happiness. Zonasha Elegance's superb connectivity combined with superior specifications makes it ultra-luxurious. Being just 2.5 Kms away from Sarjapur Outer Ring Road and in close proximity to leading IT parks, educational institutions, corporate offices, and shopping malls, the project connects your world, like no other.

A positive, joyful energy circulates these homes. Abundant natural light, fresh air all day long, spacious rooms, design with a modern, minimalistic approach amplify the goodness of life here. Add to that high quality finishes and fixtures, state-of-the-art amenities and facilities, location advantages. In Zonasha Elegance you have the ultimate life cocoon you could ask for yourself and your loved ones.

Last but not the least, if investment is the only thing on your mind then you couldn't be making a better investment than Elegance. As it stands today the area is prime, in the coming years the property value here will only go north.

    Entry Plaza with Water Feature & sculpture.
    Driveway with Avenue Planting.
    60% open space.
    Club house with sporting facilities.
    Swimming Pool.
    Multipurpose hall.
    Children's Play Area with integrated play equipment.
    1/2 BasketBall Court.
    Badminton Court.
    Tennis Court.
    Jogging track.
    Fountain Plaza.
    Party Lawn.
    Meditation Deck & many more.


Every person would wish to own a house, whether spacious or a small house according to their financial status. A person desires to own a house since it is not only a concrete structure but also involves an element of emotional bonding towards the same.    

Nevertheless, it is not easy to either buy a new house / apartment or to construct on the plot. If a desire of a man is to buy an apartment, then it is necessary to identify the right location and a reputed builder and if the desire is to construct a house, then a reliable and right person, is very necessary.   


• Before acquiring any property, more impetus should be on the location since it plays a paramount role in almost all aspects of the real estate. However, the process of identifying the location for owning any property depends upon the purpose for which such person intends to invest, which could be either for residential or commercial, since the priorities differs according to the purpose for which  the property is  intended to be purchased.

• The following are some of the guidelines required to be considered while choosing the desirable location are mentioned below:

• The first and foremost thing that should be kept in mind at the time of identifying the property is that the property intended to be purchased should not be located within the vicinity of slum area or  place of worship or in  close proximity to a drainage line. It is better if the location is populated with people having diverse culture with cosmopolitan outlook and free from anti-social elements and anti-social activities.

• If the person wants to own a house or a flat for his own occupation, it is advisable to prefer a purely residential area than a commercial one.

• It is always appreciated to opt for purchase of an apartment built on a Layout approved by the competent authority, since it would ensure better amenities to such occupants.

• It is also important that such layout should also comprise of well-laid roads with good sewerage system, along with regular garbage clearance.

• It is advisable to avoid owning a house in the low-lying areas since such property often runs under the risk of inundation of water during heavy monsoon.

• Care should also be taken to ensure that the location is not very far from the work place, Market place, Educational institutions, hospitals, Bus stand, Railway station or other basic and important destinations.

• Apart from the above, it is also necessary to take into account that banking facility, ATM’s, public conveyance, public telephone booths, Internet Centers and others are also not very far from the property.

• Last, but not the least, the location must also be free from any kind of pollution or congestion.

• Needless to say, the area should have good and regular supply of water, power and in case of bore-wells, good ground water table is also necessary.

• To ensure good sleep and less pollution, pick an area which is free from any factory or workshop (especially night working) in the precincts of your location.

• As far as maintenance of good health is concerned, it is very important to inculcate the habit of jogging or walking regularly, for which Public Parks or gardens having jogging track is necessary. In such circumstances, it is preferable to own a house or a flat wherein such parks or gardens are easily accessible.

• Further, it is also seen that the concept of Vaastu has gained much momentum now-a-days, which is subjective. In such circumstances, importance should be given to the size of the plot and the Floor Area Ratio along with the price tag than banking upon the Vaastu alone.

• One thing that always concerns everyone is the parking and other logistic issues, which  should be ascertained before purchase. The infrastructure facilities should be good in all respects.

• Real Estate is booming like never before due to various factors viz. IT Boom, High salaried people, soaring share prices, and wide range of home loans that are available easily. The Builders / promoters are having a field day, as the demand is mounting.  That being the situation, it is very important to opt for the purchase of a flat / apartment constructed by any reputed Builders, because some builders, having no experience in the field of construction may take undue advantage of the mounting demand and may cause damage to the intending purchasers by making false assurance, with poor result and high prices. We get to hear a lot of stories about such bogus builders, whose motto is to cheat the people to a tune of millions, collect money and vanish . The following are few of the information given to enlighten about the ways to tackle and overcome such instances:

• At the outset, before making any kind of investment either in apartments or plots or in any type of property, it is very necessary to obtain the list of reputed builders of the city, who are involved in the real estate business from quite a few years.

• Once such list is available, then it is necessary to make a thorough investigation about the antecedents of the short listed builders.

• The next important aspects after finalizing the builder from whom the property is intended to be purchased are promptness in delivery, construction standards, strict adherence to the agreed costs without any escalation, providing all the basic amenities as promised at the time of booking.

• It is advisable to try and meet the residents residing in the apartments constructed by such Builder.

• If an offer to sell a flat / apartment is made for the price which is much less than the price prevailing in the market, then it is advisable to think it over than getting carried away by the throw away price as such purchases may be vulnerable to some unknown problems, leading to lot of troubles in terms of legal and quality of construction.

• Investing in an independent house or flat built by any unknown builder is always a risky act.

• Now a days, many Builders are making use of modern and unique techniques and are creating alluring brochures depicting unbelievable designs just to attract the customers to invest in their projects. On the basis of such brochures, heavy claims are being made by the builders and in turn the purchasers are not benefited in any way.


It is safe to invest in those projects which are completed rather that those which are still under-construction.

For those who intend to invest on the property other than residential, for getting steady rental incomes, investment on the ready possession properties may be a wise choice. The possibility of capital appreciation would be very limited as ready possession property attracts premium over the market rates.

Thus, purchasing an immovable property free from any kind of impediments is a time-consuming affair, which requires selection and involvement of efficient professionals such as Advocate, Architect, Structural Civil  Engineers, Contractors and Real Estate Agents, who have a very important and independent roles to be played in purchasing any property.

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2BHK and 3BHK Apartments at Mahaveer Promenade Located in Whitefield, Bangalore

Mahaveer Promenade Multistorey Apartments Area Range 1158-1613 Sq.ft, Located in Whitefield, Bangalore offered with 2BHK Apartments and 3BHK Apartments.

The 295 Apartments consists of 2 and 3 BHK Flats, which are going to be touted as one of the best residential options in East Bangalore. It has 11 Floors and spread over 3.24 acres of prime space. Perfectly planned and laid out living spaces with an abundance of light and ventilation are integral to all apartments at Mahaveer Promenade.

Common Amenities

    Grand entry with the double height lobby.
    Swimming Pool along with Toddlers Pool.
    Half Basket ball Court.
    Indoor games, Library provision.
    Multipurpose Hall.
    Sauna, Steam.
    Landscape areas with Lotus pond, Pergolas, Gazebo.
    Children’s play area.
    Badminton court.
    Senior Citizen Park & Jogging Track

In recent times, Bangalore has witnessed phenomenal growth in population due to various reasons such as pleasant weather conditions, better career opportunities and the like. As a result of this, there has been a rapid increase in the demand for house and house-sites here. In order to cater to this increasing demand, a large number of Developers and Property Dealers have come into picture and have been forming private layouts without following the mandatory procedure and requirement of law making the innocent purchasers to suffer. To avert this mishap, it is necessary that the intending purchasers of immovable property in Bangalore have some knowledge about the nature of the property proposed to be purchased by them to save themselves from the risk of investing in the immovable property with no valid and marketable title.

There are only two authorities, which have been authorized to approve layouts in and around Bangalore viz., Bangalore Development Authority [B.D.A.] and Bangalore Metropolitan Rural Development Authority [B.M.R.D.A]. While the BDA approves the layout plans for formation of layouts in the lands falling within the metropolitan areas, BMRDA approves layout plans for formation of layout in the lands situated in the outskirts of Bangalore. Getting approval for the land conversion and layout formation from BMRDA is less time consuming, less expensive and easier when compared to procedure laid down by the BDA.


For planned development of a city, proper road network, parks, open space, civic amenities, and a proper approved layout is necessary. BDA is the authority in charge of planning and development to Bangalore Metropolitan Area. Comprehensive Development Plan [CDP] is prepared by BDA under the Karnataka Town and Country Planning Act, 1961. The last CDP was prepared and approved by Government in the year 1995, which is still in force. 

Zonal Regulations: In order to promote public health, safety and the general well-being of the community, it is necessary to apply reasonable limitations on the use of land and buildings. This is ensure that the development of the city takes place in accordance with the land use plan as proposed in the CDP in a most appropriate and healthy manner. Generally, CDP is valid for a period of 20 years from the date of preparation of the plan. The following are the classification of land uses for various zones:

1.    Residential
2.    Commercial (retail and whole sale business)
3.  Industrial (light and service industries, medium industries and heavy industries)
4.    Public and Semi-public Utilities and Services.
5.    Parks and Open space and playgrounds (including public recreational area)
6.    Transportation and Communication.
7.    Green-belt area

Unauthorised Layouts: Sites formed in unauthorized layouts are called Revenue Sites. The lay-outs which are formed without following the mandatory procedure and the requirements of law are called unauthorized layouts and can be classified into two:

1. Converted land unauthorized layout: In this type of layouts, sites are formed in the lands which are converted from agricultural to non-agricultural residential purpose after obtaining conversion order from Deputy Commissioner and in conformity with the zonal regulations but without obtaining approved layout plan from the competent authority. Village Panchayat are not competent to approve the lay-out plans.

2. Agricultural land unauthorized layout: In these layouts, sites are formed on the agricultural lands not converted and without obtaining approved layout plan from the competent authority. Purchase of this type of site is very risky as marketable title would not be available to the purchaser. Sites formed in either of the classification referred to above are called as revenue sites. In such sites, electricity, water, sanitation and civil amenities will not be available to the site owners though providing of these facilities are the mandatory requirements as envisaged under the Karnataka Town Planning Act, 1961.

In formation of sites in these unauthorized layouts, Developers play a key role. In order to achieve maximum saleable area, the width of the road and the space allotted for providing civic amenities would not be as per law. The only intention of the developers in such unauthorized layouts would be to enrich themselves without providing even the basic amenities to the buyers.

Purchasing sites formed in the converted land unauthorized layout is comparatively better option to the one formed in the non-converted agricultural land. However, purchasing sites in unauthorized layouts will not convey valid and marketable title to the transferees. In fact, Bankers even refuse to provide loans for such sites either for the purchase or for putting up construction thereon. Thus, sites in unauthorized layouts are not recommended for purchase.

Approved Layouts: It is advised that the people who are desirous of purchasing house site may prefer to purchase sites in approved layouts for the reason that water supply, underground drainage street lights, electricity supply, civic amenities are available in these layouts. Valid and marketable title is conveyed to the purchasers. Value of sites appreciates considerably. Housing loan facilities can be availed for purchase of site and for construction and above all it is easy to dispose of these sites whenever needed. The following types of sites are suggested for purchase: 

1.  Sites allotted by BDA without lease.
2.  Sites allotted by KHB without lease.
3.  Sites allotted by Co-operative societies after obtaining approval for formation of layout from BDA or BMRDA along with order of release of sites.
4.  Sites formed in the private layout, approved by BDA or BMRDA along with order of release of sites.

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1BHK, 2BHK and 3BHK Apartments for sale in Arya Hamsa Located in J P Nagar, Bangalore

Arya Hamsa Multistorey Apartments Area Range 728 - 1518 Sq.ft, Located in J P Nagar, Bangalore offered with 1BHK Apartments, 2BHK Apartments and 3BHK Apartments.


At Arya, Quality Has No Finish Line

We are passionate about providing well designed and affordable apartments with clear titles. ARYA Hamsa @ JP Nagar is nestled between Bannerghatta Road and Kanakapura Road, located off the NICE road an easy drive to electronics city as well as Mysore Road and Magadi Road ARYA Hamsa has a mix of 3 Bed Room Flats, 2 BR Flats & 1BR Flats / apartments with a plethora of amenities. Apartments are designed to offer you comfort and privacy.  

Tested at Every Stage

Arya Hamsa is distinctive from the word go. A variety of critical quality tests are done at regular intervals on site - before an during the construction. These are done both internally and through external agencies to ensure the highest quality standards.

Life Outside The Four Walls
You may run out of fingers as you count the number of amenities at Arya Hamsa, but you'll never run out of excitement. There are 14 awesome features to experience, including a four-floor 10,000 sq ft Club House. And we've ensured fun as the common keyword

Some of the Amenities are as Follows:

60 Seater Private Theatre
Jogging Track
Basket Ball
Pool Table
Swimming Pool
Fully-equipped Gym

One-acre Landscaped Garden
Tennis Court
Table Tennis
Play Area
Multi-purpose Hall
Shopping Complex

In contemporary times of growing competition, heading in the right direction is not enough, "quantum" is important.  This paradigm shift in approach has affected practically all sectors and has been overtly evident in the housing finance sector.

The reasons are not far to seek.  The sector had just arrived on the financial scene when the economy went was put on the "reform" mode.  "Housing" was long identified as a social activity with predominant presence of public agencies as providers and builders of housing.  The cause of housing did suffer for this reason historically, as funds were not easily flowing.  With changing times, however, the demand-led market has clearly demonstrated the "economics" of housing.

Though the government has supported housing programmes, these have delivered limited results. The delivery has to come through the "people" themselves. Direct intervention through grants and subsidies under special housing schemes has fiscal implications and such funds have limited availability. Besides, targeting subsidies is always a challenge. The question, however, remains whether the market can be a credible substitute for direct government intervention.

There are sizeable gaps in the housing sector on account of inefficient and non transparent land markets.  The housing sector has inbuilt rigidities.  Supply responses do not come in good measure and are often distorted and artificial, which enhance the risk of funding the sector. As a result, smooth integration of the financial market with the "real" sector in housing continues to pose stiff challenge.  Financing Institutions are playing an important role in bridging these gaps.  Lending in the housing sector over the last decade has seen a growth of nearly 30-32%.

Competition has also led to greater awareness among borrowers about the opportunities and different market products.  With expectations of a decline in the interest rates to continue, nearly 80% of loans in the recent past have been contracted at floating rates of interest.  What is notable is that interest rates in housing finance have not only aligned with the general trends in the financial sector, but have also been influenced by the increased competition resulting in unprecedented price wars.

To attract customers, the loan size as well as loan to value ratios has also increased from the earlier levels easing the conditions for borrowers, though increasing the risk for the lenders.  Despite the positives, the lending volumes at the macro level are still too low for any sensible international comparison. These investments in housing account for a mere 2.5% of GDP. Enviably, this figure is 57% for the UK, 54% for the US 40% for European Union, 7% for China, and 14% for Thailand.  Unless these investments as a percentage of GDP are raised enough, we may not see the impact of this increase on the broader economic development.

Though the switch - over to a liberalized lending regime has brought in competition and efficiencies in the housing finance market, it has also thrown up challenges, viz. the ability of the market to cater to the larger segments of the population, including those in the rural areas.  These segments are out side / below the income tax bracket and the fiscal benefits are no concessions for them.  They are perceived as higher risk by lending agencies, who often charge higher interest rate and demand higher equity (borrower's contribution in the project), if they agree to lend.

In serving this segment, there are challenges of two kinds, viz., the housing needs of these segments are not clearly identifiable, and even if identification of demand could be possible, 'affordability' is a key issue. Though clearly, affordability is associated with the level of income and the capacity to pay the price for the product, what is still unclear is what kind of market oriented solution are we seeking to address the problems?

The government has a major role in ensuring that the "affordability issue" is dovetailed into the overall Sectoral strategy and the market throws up appropriate institutions, for tackling these problems.  State governments, too, are increasingly recognizing the role of the market as a provider of housing and housing finance substituting for the scarce budgetary funds.  A number of states are also actively pursuing the partnership mode with private sector agencies in the development of regions and construction of townships / housing settlements with appropriate spaces allocated for EWS/LIG segments.  On the demand side, risk mitigation and credit enhancement measures are proven tools for expanding credit availability to the underserved / unserved segments of the population.  

Mortgage credit guarantee/ insurance as an institutional mechanism is typically a market oriented measure for improving access and affordability of housing credit for the vast majority of the population.  It provides an incentive to the lenders in the form of protection against default from borrowers and acts as a confidence - building measure.  At the Sectoral level, it brings about greater discipline in lending, supported by specialized handling of risk, resulting lower interest rate on the loan, expansion in home ownership handling of risk, resultant lower interest rate on the loan expansion, in home-ownership among all segments and 'growth' with 'stability' in the housing finance system with balanced allocation of credit across regions and income groups. It improves the scope of social housing in a market milieu.  It paves the way for efficient securitization structure, resulting in cost efficiencies. 

Counter-guarantee by the government can go a long way in further reducing the cost of funding the lower incomes segment.  Two factors which have, in recent years, emerge as key drivers of the housing sector are the large number of stake holders and enhanced confidence in the housing finance industry. Mortgage credit guarantee reinforces both these components and is a potential institutional lever to multiply the investments in the housing sector and dramatically improve its share in the GDP.

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Kolte Patil Mirabilis 1BHK, 2BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK Apartments Located in Horamavu, Bangalore

Kolte Patil Mirabilis Multistorey Apartments Area Range 436-2298 Sq.ft, Located in Horamavu, Bangalore 1BHK Apartments, 2BHK Apartments, 3BHK Apartments and 4BHK Apartments.

Take a moment to stop and look. Inhale deep lungful of air. Slow down and appreciate life at Mirabilis, a project that will evoke a sense of awe in you. Located just off Horamavu Main Road, one of the hottest destinations in North Bangalore, Mirabilis has seven pristine white towers nestled amidst lush greenery and is close to a natural lake. What is more with unique features like a Tree Atrium,Yoga and Contemplation Decks and Jogging Tracks alonged paved greenery, every aspect here has been designed tastefully and the amenities here encourage community and neighbourly interaction all levels and age groups.

In short, every moment spent in this project is a ‘Mirabilis’ moment!


Club House
Kids Play Area
Tree Atrium
Squash Court
Billiards Room
Tree Court
Yoga & More..


Promoters by their shrewd planning contribute sky scrapers with attractive elevations to the city's face lift. Hence they are playing the leading role of building a 'Global city'. But the sad news is that the Government machineries are not equipped to develop the city to take it to the status of a 'Global City'. The Government boasts of providing quality infrastructure every time to a city. However the quality of the infrastructure from the Government is such that a good road becomes a bad road within a couple of months. In spite of such a situation promoters continue to play their role even as the problems which they face is never ending. The promoters in Bangalore too are no exception. Like promoters in other parts of the country the apartment promoters in Bangalore too continue to face many difficulties.

It is very difficult for a promoter   to acquire land with proper title. Most of the titles pertaining to land, on which apartments are built, are not 100% perfect. Purchasing land falling under the CMC and on the developing outskirts is risky as it may lead to prolonged litigation or some authority may find that the land is suitable for acquisition for the purpose of laying roads, bridges etc. Once the final notification is announced, it is next to impossible for the owner to get the same returns, if the project fails on account of defective title. This apart, in a number of cases Government department personnel themselves present fake records as authentic.

Then there are a maze of laws, rules and regulations, which the promoter has to comply with for the construction of an apartment. Most of these laws are so complicated that different courts interpret them differently. As a result there are several contradictory judgments on the same point of law. The promoter tries to comply with one law after the other but the chain is long enough to exasperate anyone trying to get to the end of it. Government officials take advantage of the law, which is in their favour, in taking decisions but often ignore the other provisions of the law.

Construction on certain categories of land requires NOC of the Bangalore Development Authority. Getting BDA permission is not an easy task. There is no law that can force the BDA to give its decision within a time frame. You will have to wait for how long nobody can tell you. Here's where money speaks. Open your purse and take out currency notes, you will then see a miracle. Illegal becomes legal. In expectation of this loosening of purse strings the BDA will not reject your application straight away even if it is not in order. Rather, it will make you wait till you open your purse.

The Government for developmental purposes  may have notified for acquisition certain types of land that were used for agriculture and other purposes. Even after a lapse of 25 years, Government may not have taken possession of the lands as these are in various stages of litigation. The owners of such lands are very happy to see a buyer  or  a promoter  just  because of the fact that they get hundred times more money from the purchaser than what the pittance government pays them by way of of compensation.

Once the purchaser starts construction work on such lands, troubles start one by one. He will have to walk through the corridors of various courts for decades, to set right the damage and loss suffered by him. Whether he will succeed or not only time will tell. In the end, wisdom dawns on him that the system does not encourage true entrepreneurship.

Various statutory authorities want to enjoy power without the statu¬tory responsibilities that go with it. Usually they avoid taking statutory decisions and if by chance they did and thereafter anything went wrong they would find a scapegoat in the higher or lower echelons of the organizational hierarchy. While the authorities are very prompt 'in collecting stamp duties, they do not take the legal responsibility of ensuring that only properties with proper titles are registered. Irrespective of the rules, the sub-registrars are always ready and willing to register the property provided a deal is struck successfully, if not they will raise various objections against registering the property.

According to certain rules, one cannot purchase the land granted by the government to a person belonging to the schedule caste. If anyone purchases such a land, the government may direct him to return it, but the chances of getting back the money invested are remote.

Certain land laws are odd and very confusing. According to Karnataka Land Revenue Act, only an agriculturist can purchase agricultural lands but his annual income should be within two lakhs per year and he should be an agricultural labour.

Probably, this peculiar law is in force only in Karnataka and Kashmir. Kashmiris can buy land anywhere in India, but people of Indian origin of other states cannot buy land in Kashmir.  While   the   government  can acquire any land and form layout  by  paying  a nominal compensation to the landowners, promoters or developers or individuals cannot do so because there is no provision in the law to make private layouts even though they are ready to fulfill all the terms and conditions imposed by the authorities. What is right for the government is not necessarily right for others.

Agricultural lands located at green belt area cannot be used for any building construction. Conversion of the land use in green belt is not possible. However, they are entitled to construct pump set room and small farmhouse.

Another peculiar rule is with respect to the "change of land use." A shopping complex cannot be constructed on a land earmarked for residential purposes. An industry cannot be set up on a land earmarked for commercial use. Lands around Bangalore within a radius of twenty kilometers, have been declared as "Green Belt " area on which no buildings can come up. Similarly, no construction is allowed other than what is mentioned on lands earmarked. Likewise, an apartment block cannot be constructed on a site allotted by the BDA. If the permission to change the use of land is denied, then the project can never see the light of day.

Even if the promoter is able to cross over all the hurdles and manage to get a proper land for construction, his problems do not end there. He has to collect various documents to perfect the title deeds such as betterment charges, clubbing of khata, etc. To regularize the property, the promoter has to put in great efforts at the revenue department. Thereafter he has to get  the  plan  sanctioned  by  the engineering department. The plan has to move up from the Junior Engineer level and after passing through various cadres of engineers it finally reaches the commis-sioner level. After the building plan is sanctioned, the promoter has to obtain the 'certificate of com¬mencement' and finally 'completion certificate' from the concerned authorities.

Getting the completion certificate from the Bangalore Mahanagara Palike is not an easy task. One among a hundred flats can get the completion certificate. The work cannot be completed unless and until the promoter parts with a huge amount of   'speed money'.  'No money - no certificate’ is the unwritten slogan. None of the authorities will respond to your application within a fixed time frame if you do not 'take care' of them. In short, public administration has now come to mean public harassment. Delay in getting clearance and approvals leads to escalation in the cost of materials, wages and administrative overheads, which eats into the promoter's wafer thin margin. Apart from the BDA and the BMP, there are several others the promoter has to contend with. Various squads such as BDA squads, sales tax squads, income tax squads, revenue squads, KTPCL vigilance and inspection squads, prevention of unauthorized construction squads, swoop down on the promoter to collect their periodic 'mamools.' Whether the promoter makes money or not, these people definitely do. The Lok Ayukta has already nailed some, but many are still at large fleecing the entrepre¬neur.

The promoter has to shell out nearly 25% to 40% of the project cost as bribes and government fees. Then he has to earn something in the thin margin by way of profit. As a result, there is bound to be deviation from the sanctioned plan, compromise on standard construction, bad workmanship, poor finish and delay in completion of the project. That some buildings come crashing down now and then will bear testimony to these realities.

Then there are cases of missing files and bogus documents. Added to this are cases of genuine documents executed on bogus stamp papers. A promoter with such professional qualification as a Bachelors, Masters degree in architecture or civil engineering learns that his learned knowledge is useless when it comes to getting clearances, approvals from government officials.

They learn that the only way to get their work done depends on how successful they are in warming the hands of the officials 'under the table.' Normally, promoters are not in a position to invest the entire amount on their projects. It all depends on the amounts they have been able to collect from customers. Some customers don't pay promptly. Sometimes to make up the deficit, the promoters have to borrow funds at high rates of interest. Promoters are forced to pay compensation by the consumer forums to those customers for the delay in the project. On the delayed payments, however, it is difficult for the promoters to collect interest as such rights can be enforced in civil courts only which is a long drawn process. Of course, a few unscrupulous promoters do make fast bucks by throwing ethics to winds.

Under  the  circumstances, only those few promoters, who have the capacity to hold on to their apartments till they get high prices, can survive in this business. Those promoters who desire to construct apartments and budget flats for middle class citizens at reasonable prices are struggling hard to make both ends meet.

Unless attitudes change and the bribe culture is rooted out, it will be difficult for the quality conscious and value-oriented promoters to survive in the market.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Vivansaa Aurigaa 2BHK Apartments for sale Located off Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

Vivansaa Aurigaa Multistorey Apartments Area Range 1122 Sq.ft Located off Sarjapur Road, Bangalore offered with 2BHK Apartments.


Vivansaa Aurigaa is a dotting project in the most lucrative area of Sarjapur road, which boast of the presence of the major IT headquarters of Bangalore like Infosys. With spacious and detailed 2BHK smart homes, Aurigaa creates new definition of luxury, safety and serenity of life. Experience the multi-dimensional satisfaction and glory at Aurigaa. This is the place you deserve to be.

We believe in wholesome living and our amenities speaks for us

    Main Entrance gate with special Paving
    Gated Community
    Society Maintenance office
    Spacious internal Roads
    Yoga Center
    Clubhouse/Community Hall
    Fully Equipped Gymnasium
    Swimming Pool with shower & change room
    Jogging / walking track
    Half Basket Ball Court
    Sand Pit-for Toddlers
    Children's Play area (With care taker's pavilion)
    Indore Games - Carom, Pool Table, Table Tennis. Chess
    Senior Citizen seating area
    Landscaped Pathways
    Rain water Harvest
    Sewage Treatment Plant
    All round Peripheral Planting
    Under ground water storage
    24X7 security surveillance
    Intercom-Flat to Security
    CCTV Monitored Common Areas
    Provision for broadband connectivity
    Letter box for each flat in stilt floor
    Fire fighting system
    Servants & drivers restrooms
    Driveways in concrete/Tar
    Covered Car Parking, Visitors car parking
    Sprawling lawns with tastefully developed gardens
    Solar Street Lighting, solar lighting for basement, driveway & staircases

The Ministry of Urban Development on Wednesday hiked floor area ratio (FAR) norms for residential plots in the Capital. FAR is the ratio of a building’s total floor area to the size of the piece of land upon which it is built.

With Assembly elections expected in the next few months, this move of the Government has not surprised many, as colonies have been regularised in the past to attract voters. The latest move is expected to help builders, especially those who re-develop old plots, said a real estate player. After the announcement, stocks of real estate firms rose on the BSE. DLF’s shares ended 7.20 per cent higher at Rs.151.95, while Unitech’s went up 4.41 per cent to Rs.18.95. According to a statement from the Ministry, FAR in respect of plots of 750-1,000 sq.m. has been enhanced from the present 150 per cent to 200 per cent, while the same has been increased from 120 per cent to 200 per cent for plots of 1,000 sq.m. and above.

While the ground coverage for plots of 750-1,000 sq.m. will remain at 50 per cent, it has been increased from 40 per cent to 50 per cent for plots of 1,000 sq.m. and above.

Urban Development Minister M. Venkaiah Naidu had approved the proposal of the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) on November 24th. The DDA has proposed an amendment to this effect to Master Plan Delhi–2021 and firmed up the same after inviting feedback from the public, the statement added.

Realty sector reaction
Rohit Raj Modi, President, CREDAI-NCR, and Director Ashiana Group, said: “This extra FAR will definitely help developers with additional space and thus help in matching the demand and supply gap in Delhi. We are, however, waiting for clarification on the issue of change in density, number of dwelling units and height. We think that increase in FAR shall be effective if accompanied by an increase in dwelling units, density and height.”

Anuj Puri, Chairman and Country Head, JLL India, said: “Providing the higher FAR will make the apartments bigger, and with no change in density norms, ticket-sizes may rise as well.”

Political angle
But the decision has political ramifications. Last June, Sheila Dikshit, then Chief Minister of Delhi, had said that while Delhi would need high-rises, she personally was not in favour of it.

She had said that she won’t allow construction of high-rise buildings as long as she was alive as this would put additional stress on existing resources and infrastructure in the city besides severely impacting the natural beauty of Delhi.                         

In a move to safeguard the interest of home buyers and other consumers, who are often taken for a ride by private players citing certain conditions in the agreements, the consumer affairs department has proposed to bring them under the ambit of "unfair contracts". This provision in the Consumer Protection law will enable consumers to file complaints against such players with local forums for their redressal.

According to the Cabinet proposal circulated to amend the Consumer Protection Act, all such agreements between consumers and private players will be treated "unfair" if these include one or more out of the five identified clauses.

Sources said any provision in the contract that allows disproportionate penalty on either party against the actual loss caused due to failure of the agreement will be enough to bring it under "unfair" category. "For example, if a real estate player fails to deliver a house in time, it pays little penalty as compensation to buyers. But, if a buyer fails to make the payment in time, he is made to pay huge fine. This is an unfair provision and needs to be eliminated from contract conditions," a government official said.

In recent years, several such cases have landed in consumer forums and developers have been asked to pay higher penalty for failure on their part.

The Cabinet proposal also mentions that if the contract has the provision that allows either of the parties to replace it with a new player without consent of the other party, that provision also be termed as unfair. There have been several cases where developers have sold their projects to others without consulting consumers. In such cases the end users face the worst. The other conditions that have been identified to make a contract unfair are demand to make excessive "security deposit" and refusal to foreclose the loan even when the consumer is ready to pay the applicable penalty. "Even if a contract has a provision that entitles a party to terminate the agreement unilaterally without reasonable cause, it will be an unfair one," an official said.

Sources said this provision is for protecting the consumers, who are placed in an "unequal" bargaining capacity.