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MBM Elite Multistorey Apartments Located in Jayanagar, Bangalore 2BHK Apartments and 3BHK Apartments.

MBM Elite Multistorey Apartments Located in Jayanagar, Bangalore 2BHK Apartments and 3BHK Apartments.

Lifestyle Amenities

Swimming Pool
Table Tennis
Yoga/Meditation Hall
Multipurpose Hall
Reading Room/Library
Business Centre
Travel Desk

Since time immemorial interior surfaces of homes have been beautified by artisans and craftsmen with decorative paint techniques. These treatments that attract the eye are in vogue today for the purpose of camouflaging or improving design details or just adding some class to a sober decor. 

The main elements of expression in home design are texture, color and form. The structure of the environment is shaped by form and the mood is affected by color and texture. A room can be made colorful through the paint medium with its unlimited shades and methods that open up a new dimension of decor. 

Methods of decorative painting are of two types: The first type has faux finishes (faux means false in French) consisting of faux marbling, faux wood graining and Trompe l'oeil (to fool the eye) meaning to copy a real object or material. In the latter category is a style which forms realistic central points or vistas by freehand application. 

Another class of decorative painting methods consists of treat-ments that only decorate. In such are included sponging, ragging, comb-ing, stenciling etc that are some of the adorning finishes to liven up interi-ors. 

For simulating rich surfaces without the cost of expensive building material marbling and wood graining are best. Through faux marbling an illusion of the aristo-cratic natural stone is created in small to large spaces. As natural marble has depth and a variety of color it permits faux painters much liberty to produce finishes ranging from vivid to simple. 

The skill of applying various color paints to a uniform base coat is known as sponging and it accom-plishes a finish that is multitone. It gives depth and texture to any wall and the depth increases according to the number of colors sponged over the base coat. Shades and sponge tints of the same hue as that of the base coat produce an air of calmness. 

In dragging a simple me used made of only dragging brush across a wet glaze applied over a base coat. It prod the texture of fine linen or paper. For making a strong 'i statement complementary col should be utilized. For a sub effect tints and hues of the same c should be used. 

Combing is another type dragging in which a comb is dragged through a wet glaze applied on base coat. Various kinds of pa may come with this method, Straight, moire, wavy, crossha and basket weave. The size of is according to the scale of the If it is a large wall a wide comb is and for small walls a narrow co used. A restful atmosphere is c through this and therefore it is in bedrooms. 

An impression of light-he joy can be created through splatter color. It is an ancient techniq decorating walls. Using a splatter machine with nozzles that can be adjusted droplets of paint are sprayed walls. A subtle effect is created hen the base coat and splatter color shades of the same color and an effect of confetti is created when N oral contrasting colors are used. 

Through stenciling walls can be ted by emphasizing an edge or ing a fabric print. It improves or of a room. Stencil borders done at any height, whether the ceiling, at a chair rail height d a window or door casing.. not used only in borders but an on of wall paper can be created a print matching that of the utilized in interiors. 

A method of hiding rough or ,urfaces is known as ragging v if flat paint is used both for and the glaze. Diverse are concocted with different II at depend on the texture of entail 'c and the haphazard wrinkles rag. Children's bedrooms entail a lot of wear and tear are ' for this method of painting. 

The proportions of the room and onal tastes and creative ideas c the category of pattern one During the festive season Especially walls can be dressed up in an exotic innovative way. 

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Unishire Verzure Multistorey Apartments Located in Jakkur, Bangalore 2BHK Apartments and 3BHK Apartments.

Unishire Verzure Multistorey Apartments Area Range 1254-1745 Sq.ft  Located in Jakkur, Bangalore 2BHK Apartments and 3BHK Apartments.


At Unishire, we believe building a home is just not about its structure but well thought-out design of spaces. We always strive to deliver something special and add considerable value to every home owner in each project of ours. And that is why a renowned German Architect Group has been entrusted with designing Unishire Verzure to offer its residents contemporary living spaces that perfectly blend with their needs and vibrant lifestyle.

Located off New 80' Jakkur Double Road, behind Manyata Tech Park, Unishire Verzure offers luxurious homes in 2 & 3 BHK configurations. The strategic location is right in the middle of a much sought-after locality of North Bangalore and could be well accessed from all around. And to top of it, Unishire Verzure is positioned within urban zone with connectivity to all key locations such as Hebbal & NH 7, Bangalore International Airport, Outer Ring Road (ORR), Hospitals, Educational Institutions, Shopping Arcades, etc that could be reached within minutes.

Lifestyle Amenities

Swimming Pool
Table Tennis
Yoga/Meditation Hall
Multipurpose Hall
Reading Room/Library
Business Centre
Travel Desk

Colour your home to your personality

Choice of colour had not been a problem for one's own house before fifties of the last century for majority of the house builders. Lime, Yellow Ochre,' Mulatanimitti (Red Earth) had been the natural choice. White was predominant. The colours were used in decoration at the entrance, pooja enclosure and main living room (padasale or hall). They were dictated by culture, tradition and availability of the natural colouring materials in the area. Only the very rich thought of varying the colours in their mansions.

The last two decades of the last century saw a rapid growth in the middle class population, which is now around 20% of the households. In many of these households both husband, wife are highly educated and exposed to ad-blitz through media. Many of the households have double income. There is greater amount of disposable income. The house is no longer considered as a roof over the head but a symbol of status and an environment for stylish living.

Commercial banks entry into retail financing in housing, easy installment plans in trade, Credit Card Culture have also helped in conspicuous spending. Interiors are now gaining more attention. Earlier the expenditure on interiors used to be below J 0 to J 2% of construction cost. Now they have grown to 40 to 50%. Interiors have become more colourful and lavish.

The Paint industry has come up with number of types of paints in variety of shades. A fallout of the hype and competition in Research on colours and their effect on individuals has attracted increased attention. This article is about colours and their influence on individuals to guide home owners to make a proper choice to add appropriate ambience to their style of living.
Colour has an influence on our visual perception, also on our moods.

Nowadays a large number of shades are available in the market. It is becoming difficult for an ordinary house builder to choose from such a wide choice. When making colour selection, it is necessary to consider all the surfaces of the room as a whole, that is one should consider, colour of the floor or carpet, walls, curtains and furniture. They together act on the sensory perception of the individual. The illusion of size and shape of a room can be manipulated by choosing a proper combination of colours for the walls and ceiling.

Colours can be used to express person's individuality. Also can be used to influence to certain extent the mood of a person. Earlier, we used to retire early because of the manual exertion (walking, drawing water from the well) during the course of the work. The advent of electricity and the advancement in lighting science now extends the day light hours beyond nightfall. The period of visual stimulation has expanded from 8 to 10 hours to 16 hours in cities. Therefore, a lot of research is being conducted on the effects of colour on human being. According to new research findings, colours have profound effect on our physiological and psychological selves. A study has established that even a blind person can sense colours and react accordingly. Dermo-optic vision or bio-introscopy as this vision is known, helps people recognize colours and shapes.

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Fortuna windflower Multistorey Apartments, Located in Sahakar Nagar, Bangalore offered with 2BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK Apartments.

Fortuna windflower Multistorey Apartments Area Range 1200-2500 Sq.ft, Located in Sahakar Nagar, Bangalore offered with 2BHK Apartments, 3BHK Apartments and 4BHK Apartments.


An on-going luxury Apartments project, located in Bangalore has meticulously designed spacious Apartments with all the modern amenities and good greenery which makes it a comfortable cosy home. We at FORTUNA PROJECTS are committed to offer the best quality in materials, fittings and finishes. We hope and strive to make our customers have a world class experience in fine living and fulfill their aspirations, not found elsewhere.



    Gymnasium with Steam bath room
    Multipurpose hall
    Billiards / Pool table
    Table Tennis
    Badminton Court
    Chess, Carrom


    Entrance Plaza
    Swimming pool / Toddler pool
    Tennis Court
    Basket Ball Court (Half court)
    Children's Play Area
    Jogging Track
    Landscaped Garden

FLAT PURCHASE-By Way Of Share Certificate Method

Co-operative Societies Acts of many states provide for formation of Housing Co- operative housing societies. Karnataka Co-operative Societies Act also permit the formation of Co-operative housing societies. These societies acquire the land; construct the flats, which are allotted to its members. The society allots shares to its members. Such societies need to be registered with registrar of Co-operative societies.

Members are of different category, the member, associate member, and nominal member. Individuals, Partnership firm, registered company, registered society local authority, State government, central government, public trust, any other corporate body registered under the relevant act, may become member of the co-operative housing society, subject to the rules governing the admission.

A minor can also become a member of Housing Society through his guardian; Certain states have put restriction of membership of family trust, Hindu undivided family.

There are different types of Co-operative housing societies.

1. A society purchases the land or takes on lease divide into several plots and allots to its members. The members construct houses, on such allotted lands. In such cases, the land is owned by the societies and the houses on plots to members. Such societies are caller Tenant ownership type housing societies.

2. Societies acquire land by sale or on lease and construct the buildings; flats are allotted to the members. In such cases, both the land and building are owned by the societies. These are called tenant Co-Partnership Co- operative housing societies.

3. Societies are also formed by the persons who purchase the flats from the builders, under agreement as per flats ownership acts of the respective states. In this case also, both the land and building belong to the society after the execution of conveyance by the builder in favor of the society. Such societies are called flat owners Co-operative housing society.

Flat owners co-operative societies issues shares to its members by which the members gets the right to live, reside and enjoy the flat.
Flat owners Co-operative society societies are of more common. These societies are very popular in Maharashtra  Gujarat, and West Bengal and not so common in Karnataka.

Flat owners Co-operative societies issues shares to its members by which the members gets to right to live, reside and enjoy the flat. It is to be remembered that the rights and interest of the member in the flat is limited only to reside and enjoy. Member can transfer only such right. He is not the absolute owner of the flat.

On sale of the flat, society transfers the shares to the names of the purchaser, on purchaser complying with the formalities. After the purchaser is admitted, the purchaser becomes a member of the society and acquires right to reside and enjoy, the flat.

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Mantri Courtyard Villas Located in Electronic City, Bangalore offered with 3BHK Villas and 4BHK Villas.

Mantri Courtyard Villas Area Range 1690-3495 Sq.ft Located in Electronic City, Bangalore offered with 3BHK Villas and 4BHK Villas.


Introducing Mantri Courtyard, Row villas with a private green space that fills joy in your life. Get back to a home with a private outdoor space, a space that fills you up with happiness, a space where you can recharge, refresh and rebalance yourself. Find that space at Mantri Courtyard and rediscover the joy of living.

Project USPs

Private courtyard with every home
Large well equipped clubhouse 
Serene residential row villas    
Area starting from to 157 to 324.69
(1690 sq.ft to 3495 sq.ft)   
2 parking slots with each home 
Prices starting from र 1.08cr onwards


Outdoor Amenities

Swimming pool - multifunctional pool including a bubble pool, an activity pool and a toddlers pool Outdoor party area Landscape gardens Children's play area Tennis court       
Indoor Amenities / Clubhouse

A luxurious 15,650 sq.ft (1453.93 Clubhouse A well-equipped Health Club with air conditioning Gymnasium Steam room (Separate for Ladies and Gents) Sauna room (Separate for Ladies and Gents) Massage room (Separate for Ladies and Gents) Squash court Table Tennis Pool Table TV room/ Mini Theatre Karaoke Room, Dance/Aerobics floor with Music System Tele-Medicine Centre and Health Room Convenience Store Banquet Hall Chess/Carrom and other indoor Games Library/Reading Room

The trend for the high rise buildings in Bangalore started during late eighties when the builders from Bombay launched building projects in Bangalore. The attraction was rapid growth of Bangalore between 1971-81 which was the highest in Asia in addition to the salubrious climate, beauty, (this is almost lost today) cheaper land, and higher F.A.R. permissible compared to Bombay and the hospitable citizens of Bangalore. Rahejas, Ranka, embassy, mittal, Bhaktavar are some of the builders who started their activities in Bangalore during that time.

Local entrepreneurs also started building activity like: Prestige, India Builders and others. Their intention was to make most of the situation.
Due to enormous potential for building activity, hundreds of apartments and considerable number of commercial complexes had come up in Bangalore. Apartment living was new to Bangalore. Those who lived in flats were mostly outsiders. Local people even now like to have independent houses.
To enable regulation of apartments, the following two acts were passed in Karnataka on the lines of Mumbai acts: l.Karnataka ownership Act, 1972. 2. Karnataka Ownership flats (Regulation of the Promotion of construction, sale management and transfer) Act, 1972.

Even now majority of the apartment dwellers are not aware of these acts, and rules issued under these acts, which came into force from 2.04.1975. No one is following these ACTS.
In Bangalore the Co-operative Housing Societies or the Owners Associations are being followed, the choice being left to the group of buyers of flats.
Most of the Co-operative societies were registered under the Co- operative Societies Act.

Associations are registered under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act, 1960. In Mumbai, a group of persons form a housing society, mobilize funds, purchase land, build apartment, live in the apartment and maintain the building. Where as in Bangalore, builders build the apartment sell the flats during construction and later.

The buyers form apartment Housing Society / Owners association for only maintenance purposes. The builders register the flats in favour of the buyers. Later transaction is between the owner of the flat and the subsequent buyer. The seller relinquishes his membership in the Society/ Association and the buyers become a member of the Society/Association.
Bye laws:

After registration, the Apartment Society frames its byelaws and gets it approved from the Co-operative Department or under society act. The byelaws should be in accordance with the Act and provisions. The byelaws provide for election of Committee and office bearers for management of the society Elections to the Committee in case of housing Co-op Society are conducted by the Returning Officer appointed by the Co-operative Department as per procedure. In the case of Association or Society, the General Body elects the office bearers. 

Byelaws provides for membership, General Body Meeting, Special General Body Meeting. Committee, powers of the committee, accounts & audit and in general management of the Housing Society or Association. The Department of Co-operative approves the Byelaws and returns to the Society for following the provisions. In case of an Association, the Registrar of Societies along with the Memorandum approves Rules and Regulations of the Owners Association.

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Sowparnika Purple Rose Multistorey Apartments Located in Hoskote, Bangalore offered with 2BHK and 3BHK Apartments.

Sowparnika Purple Rose Multistorey Apartments Area Range 929-1365 Sq.ft, Located in Hoskote, Bangalore offered with 2BHK Apartments and 3BHK Apartments.

Sowparnika Purple Rose is a marvelous project that blooms in the vicinity of rose gardens. It's a dream being realized for working professionals who love to live admist greenery enjoying pollution free environment. Elevated design offers most scenic views around. No compromise on luxury and comfort when they savour the joy of living in an affordable home.

Sowparnika Purple Rose spreads on 2.09acres comprising of 369 apartments imposed on 4elegantly designed towers constructed on high ethical standards. Beautifully crafted 2 & 3BHK apartments stand on Basement + Stilt + 9floors with amenities in and around these towers.

Aster, Begonia, Mabella & Sunshine towers stands independent of each other housing in the health & entertainment facilities, landscaped gardens, convenience, security & Safety system for all the residents.

The options of the sizes for these 2 & 3BHK units are vast where you can choose in from 24 differerent plans

Swimming Pool, Childrens play area
Garden / Landscape area
Club House
fully Equipped Gymanasium
Table Tennis
Snooker / Billiards
Game Room
Convenience Store
Medical Store
Sunscreen Shades Protect Home Interiors

When warming up of the Globe has become the threatering reality to the inhabitants of the world, it 1S natural to come across various other follow-up ill effects or possible adverse impacts on mankind. Though large scale effects of universal magnitude are impossible to be arrested, some harmful influences could be warded off by following certain other scientifically proved measures or precautions.

Ultraviolet radiation from the Sun is one such harmful emanation. Human skin has to be guarded against it. Many recommended creams promise to protect the skin from the harsh rays of the Sun. Our Homes also do need protection against it. People have become aware of this. It damages the interiors. Sunlight's ultraviolet rays could prove to be destructive inside the house in many ways. They not only fade furniture and carpets but also affect upholstery and drapery fabrics. The ultraviolet rays make fabrics fade fast and fibres weak, reducing their lifespan. They make the wooden furniture unevenly coloured and brittle. Paintings and art work lose their original colours due to the impact of ultraviolet rays. They make the carpets lose their original sheen, looking dull and lifeless .

Even the fresh flowers in vases wilt in no time. All of them need special protection against ultraviolet rays of the Sun. This increasing consciousness is felt in modem homes that are generally designed featuring large expanses of windows and glass doors to let in more natural light.

Just as sunscreen lotions protect the skin, the sunscreens work for the window coverings. The right window covering can block up to 99 per cent of ultraviolet rays. They are available in a wide range of colours and fabrics. For every decorating style we choose, there are countless options available, that it is no less an arduous task than choosing the right sunscreen with the right SPF to
suit the skin type. The higher a product's ultraviolet blockage rating, the better a home's interior is protected from ultraviolet rays.

Sunscreen shades generally come in two layers with tilted vanes in-between. The degree to which vanes are tilted determines the amount oflight that seeps in. While a slight tilt offers a softened view of the outside, still filtering out the bad rays. Complete closure offers 99 per cent protection against the ill-effects of ultraviolet rays.

Sunscreen shades are perfect window treatment options when a room has too much exposure to the sun's rays. Number of home owners are following the trend of using sunscreen shades for window dressing. People have realized the advantage of using sunscreens for the windows. Installing a window covering with a high ultraviolet blockage rating can save home owners thousands over the years by protecting both furniture and furnishings.

Sunscreen shades come with different sun blocking properties. These are easy to manage and are almost maintenance- free. The most they require is to be dusted and washed occasionally. The ease of maintenance, and its simple elegance had made these shades extremely popular.

In addition to their main function of keeping out the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays they help in other various beneficial ways. When sunscreens are used for our windows it effects a reduction in cost of air-conditioning. The reason is that sunscreens are believed to reflect up to 70 per cent of the sun's rays during summer, keeping the inside of our homes naturally cool. They also reduce the glare of the Sun. Sunscreens are useful not only in summer but also during winter. For they are helpful in retaining almost 25 per cent of the inside heat in winter, keeping us warm to a certain extent. They cut energy costs and increase the lifespan of furniture and furnishings.

If persons at home want to watch a movie, the sunscreens are most helpful in creating a suitable ambience. A few sunscreens offer complete light blockage through the fabric making the room perfect for movie watching.

Nowadays interior designers are very much after sunscreen shades. They are custom-made to the extent of matching the upholstery to the sunscreen shade of ones choice to accent ones decor. Some of their varieties are Venetian, roller, vertical, duette and silhouette blinds.

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Jasmine Terrace Multistorey Apartments Located in Yelahanka, Bangalore offered with 2BHK and 3BHK Apartments.

Jasmine Terrace Multistorey Apartments Area Range 940-1275 Sq.ft., Located in Yelahanka, Bangalore offered with 2BHK Apartments and 3BHK Apartments.


Finally, a home that makes you feel absolutely comfortable and secure. Welcome to Radiant Jasmine Terrace at Yelahanka, beautiful 196 apartments. Experience the snuggle of creature comforts – a swimming pool, a gym, a children’s play area, an indoor shuttle court and indoor games facilities will make you forget the pressures of your office.

Feel delighted like a child. The ambience and landscaped gardens will evoke a sense of awe. The quality of construction is as reassuring as mother’s love, so also the fixtures and specifications.

Yes! you can’t expect another home to replace Jasmine Terrace. 


Swimming Pool
Children’s Play Area
Multi-Purpose Hall
Indoor Games room
Steam/ Sauna/ Jacuzzi
Indoor Shuttle court

Tips for Buying a Flats and Properties

A flat means self-contained premises used or entitled to be used for the purpose of residence or office, showroom or shop or go down or for carrying on any other business and include garage or premises, which forms the part of the building and includes an apartment.

Difference between Built-up Area, Super Built-up Area and Carpet Area.

Carpet Area:

This is the area of the apartment/building, which does not include the area of the walls.

Built up Area:

This includes the area of the walls also.

Super Built-Up Area:

This includes the built-up areas along-with the area under common spaces such as the lobby, Lifts, stairs etc. This term is therefore only applicable in the case of multi-dwelling units.

The difference between carpet area and the built up area is very simple to understand. Normally the area available to spread carpet in the flat is considered as carpet area, whereas the space occupied by the walls is also considered in calculating built-up area. The space occupied by Gardens, Swimming Pool and other unoccupied space is also considered for calculating the super built up area. Normally the measurement is carried out considering 15% more for built up area and 30-40% more for super built-up area.

Measurement of plinth, carpet and rental areas of buildings.
The standard defines various important terms like plinth areas, carpet area, rental area, balcony, stair cover(mumty), a loft and porch. It stipulates that the areas of basement, floor without cladding (stilled floor), floors including top floor, which may be partly covered, mezzanine floor, and garage shall be measured separately.

For measurement of plinth area of the above categories, the various areas required to be included and those not to be included in the plinth area are clearly mentioned. From the plinth areas as worked out above, the carpet areas obtained by deducting the area of wall in accordance with the method given in the standard, which details the wall areas to be included and excluded.

The carpet area so obtained shall exclude the areas of portions like, Verandah, corridor and passage, entrance hall and porch staircase and stair cover (mumty), shaft and machine room for lift, bathroom and lavatory, kitchen and pantry, store, canteen, air-conditioning duct and plant room and shaft for sanitary piping in accordance with the provisions of the standard.

Apart from plinth and carpet areas, the standard also gives the method of measurement of rental areas for residential and non-residential buildings by adding certain areas to the carpet area.

It clearly mentions the areas to be included and excluded while working out the rental areas. It is recommended that the architects, engineers, government departments, contractors, builders, developers and promoters and all other concerned should adopt this Indian standard for uniform implementation of the standard method of measurement of areas of buildings, especially in the interest of common consumer.

Documents to be Verified Before Purchase of a Flat

Before you purchase a flat, you have to have a title and document search conducted by a competent advocate. You cannot do it yourself. It is a professional job to be done with professional expertise.

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Vedant Vihas Multistorey Apartments Located off Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore offered with 2BHK and 3BHK Apartments.

Vedant Vihas Multistorey Apartments Area Range 1180-1630 Sq.ft, Located off Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore offered with 2BHK Apartments and 3BHK Apartments.

Vedant Vihas” is constructed over a sprawling 1 acre . It is a B+G+4 storied apartment complex consisting of 70 units. As if the breathing view was not enough, the development includes a multipurpose hall, generator backup, a children's play area and more, coupled with all modern amenities that make it a home that's quite literally a dream. We learn to take some of the comforts for granted and gradually get used to the many luxuries experienced along the way.

The project is located on hulimavu main road, off Bannerghatta main road in Bangalore South also leads towards Electronic City and the BMIC NICE corridor.
Luxury and creativity

Luxury which is blended with creativity and reason turns to be a joy, not only for the present, but for a long time. Great thought has gone into utilization and management of the facilities – we have a roaster of amenities for you to indulge day in and day out. A Club house with indoor games, Hobby Zones, Community hall and Gym etc. Children Play Area, Family sit-outs, and elderly people lounge and park with sit-outs to enjoy the fresh air.

The security is manned by two entrance and exit gates with CCTV surveillance and intercom facility to each flat. The basement parking is seamless with easy passage with appropriate ventilation.

It’s not all : Scientifically designed subsoil drainage system is in place for basement; absolute coherence with the approved plan; with less common walls; a huge service lift for heavy duty, and a fire extinguisher for emergency…all these are some of the features that make this project the best in its class.

The bedrooms are ample, the kitchens are spacious, the amenities are aplenty, and the life within raises  in one of the most elegant areas of the city.


Center Open to Sky Courtyard
• Multipurpose Hall
• Gymnasium
• Club House
• Half Basket Ball Court
• Children’s Play Area
• Senior Citizen Park
• Family Sit Outs
• Covered Car Parking
• Exquisite Landscape
• BWSSB Water Supply
• Generator Power Backup
• Organic Waste Converter
• Rain Water Harvesting
• Round the Clock Security
• CCTV Camera Surveillance at the Entrance
• Intercom Facility

Construction Tips for Narrow Sites

Your site has a narrow frontage, but good depth. Designing a residence on such a plot undoubtedly poses a host of problems. Particularly in terms of circulation of natural lighting and ventilation.

Nevertheless, it’s the kind of challenge any creative designer seeks. At the outset, imagine what happens if the site is situated in a continuous building zone. Isn’t the natural light and ventilation blocked out from either sides of the plot?.

Apart from the basic ventilation and lighting, the building also must have some aesthetic character to it. So how does one go about achieving this? 

It is easy to give up considering the constraints the site poses. But if one’s intention is to achieve quality space rather than letting the built-up space occupy the entire space, then some interesting solutions are possible.
Let us go through a few important points to be considered in dealing with the narrow sites:

-> Leave good frontage. Do not start the building right on the street.

-> If one is forced to start on the street line because of the space constraints, provide car porch or entrance lobby immediately. This will act as a buffer zone between the main building and the street in terms of privacy, noise and dust pollution to a certain extent.

-> Do not put up any structure above the ground floor space close to the street. Leave it as a terrace or have a sloped roof. This will help to maintain the scale of the building, especially when the streets are narrow.

-> Do not provide balconies close to the street. This will give a feeling of a street house. Exclusivity will be lost in the process.

-> Try to leave at least 3 ft. on one side of the building. It will help not only to improve the lighting and ventilation, but also provide better circulation and direct access to service area at the back.

-> Side open space also will help to provide the service lines like sanitary, plumbing, rainwater harvesting and cable properly.

-> Instead of small OTS (open to sky) areas, provide sufficient sizes of multiple courtyards.

-> Multiple smaller courtyards provide an excellent natural ventilation system to keep the inner temperature reduced considerably.

-> Multiple smaller courtyards are ideal and flexible in terms of present culture and lifestyle compared to a large single courtyard of olden days.

-> These courtyards will act not only as an the extension of the adjacent rooms, but also serve as a multi-purpose space.

-> Grilles or concrete/stone/wood will help to make the courtyard secure.

-> Inner courtyards bring lots of diffused light cutting down harsh sunlight. One can enjoy soft and even sunlight throughout the house.

-> Inner smaller courtyards could help to avoid monotonous feeling of corridors that link the various units of the house.

-> Create volumetric link between ground and first floor. This will open up the tightness and linearity of the internal space.

-> Many air vents at the roof will help the hot air to escape, thus reducing the inner temperature considerably.

-> Having covered terraces, opening towards the courtyards will make the house look spacious and open. Covered open terraces are also excellent multi-purpose areas.

-> Combination of both overlapping of spaces and corridor links will create very interesting interlink between the units.

-> Do not think building every space available in the site will enhance the usage and value of the house. In the long run, the benefit out of smaller quality space is incomparable with large inconvenient dingy space.

-> Be it a small apartment, or building at the narrow site, or huge palatial bungalow or informal farm-house, go for the ‘quality’ space definitely not quantity.

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SNN Raj Neeladri Multistorey Apartments Located in Electronic City, Bangalore offered with 2BHK and 3BHK Apartments.

SNN Raj Neeladri Multistorey Apartments Area Range 1130-1550 Sq.ft, Located in Electronic City, Bangalore offered with 2BHK Apartments and 3BHK Apartments.


Start living in SNN Raj Neeladri, the new milestone from SNN Builders and Nishant Homes. It is located at Neeladri Road, Electronic city Phase 1 where you actually can 'Hop to Work'. A grand entrance lobby with fewer quality apartments and fully loaded amenities, SNN Raj Neeladri is sure to make you and your family smile all through your life.

Swimming Pool
Health Club
Indoor Games
Landscaped Garden
Childern Play Area
Half Court Basketball
Club House with Steam and Massage
Water Treatment


The IT sector in India has changed the commercial and social scenario here. The emergence of the real estate sector has grown enormously in the recent times particularly in the commercial sector. As the commercial real estate has grown tremendously and it has led to growth in a city or city location as retail, residential and hospitality projects are planned around commercial areas around the country. Human resource availability, quality of the project, political stability, location, infrastructure of the city and operational costs are some of the factors which are important for the end user. Real estate is kept as one of the key category by the companies as it belongs to the high cost category.

Human resource planning, financial planning and operational factors are all associated with it. The company has to consider several factors such as physical proximity to social infrastructure like housing, digital connectivity, energy factors, better designs and service specifications while choosing a location. The selection of the development depends on the quality of the project.  Quality consists of basic construction quality, design efficiencies, infrastructure like power load and car parking, effective use of IT in running the project, saving in energy and the delivery of the project. The qualitative and quantitative analysis determines the suitability, acceptability and feasibility of a project. Apart from the pricing a number of other factors have also to be objectively analyzed.

The quality and delivery of the project is affected by cost cutting which results due to rising cost. The costs of construction ranges from between Rs. 2250 – 2500 per sq ft to Rs 3000 per sq ft. Time for completion vary according to the project. The delivery of the project also varies due to other factors like availability of labor, plant and machinery plus various statutory approvals. Deciding upon the location is one of the main factors for a company that is trying to enlarge or start its operation. The markets in the peripheral areas of the city have become more prominent as the central and suburban regions in tier 1 cities face lower supply. Tier 2 and 3 cities are becoming the alternate destinations for commercial activity as the operational costs is comparatively low in those cities.
The cost of land in the periphery areas are much lower compared to sites closer to or in the heart of the city.  Hence the regions in the periphery of around 75km from the centre of metros are more affordable for real estate option than the central or suburban ones. Whitefield and Outer Ring Road in Bangalore, Madhapur in Hyderabad and Old Mahabalipuram Road in Chennai are the areas where some activities are taking place. Expanding in the peripheral region also has some demerits such as high costs of transportation, lack of suitable infrastructure and unwillingness of employees to work there.

Huge developments are taking place in the peripheral areas as most of the new developing projects are coming up in those areas such as residential townships, shopping malls and other kinds of social infrastructure. Peripheral locations are usually preferred by large companies as they can bring together their facilities in the form of a campus and thereby create their own environment. Integrated townships that are scheduled to be set up in these locations, such as Bidadi in Bangalore and Chennai’s Mahindra World City are expected to influence the real estate market in a remarkable manner in future.

There are several factors due to which small cities are considered such as cost benefit and availability of talent. Some of the cost benefits are lesser cost of real estate, lower cost of living, anchor tenant opportunities and less transportation costs. They are also supported and boosted by the government to reduce the pressure from metropolitan cities where infrastructure is inadequate and they offer free land and incentives to them. Smaller cities are having fresh talent pool. But they also have to face large scale issues like connectivity to main cities, entertainment areas and cultural problems, quality of transportation, roads and high quality infrastructure. City selection is not only the important part of the location selection as the corporate requirements also have other specifications that need to be fulfilled.


Real Estate Properties are available in Bangalore City.......

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Jampa Delight Multistorey Apartments Located off Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore offered with 2BHK and 3BHK Apartments.

Jampa Delight Multistorey Apartments Area Range 1075-1385 Sq.ft, Located off Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore offered with 2BHK Apartments and 3BHK Apartments.


At Jampa Constructions, we offer our clients amazingly designed Luxurious Flat at Jampa Delight. These Jampa Delight flats are having all the facilities that like spacious rooms, awesome surroundings, club house, garden and a wide parking space. Also, the interior of these Spacious Flats are designed excellently by our experts ensuring proper utilization of the places. 

In addition, our firm has also taken care of the proper lighting and other things to give them an astonishing finish. We have recruited a strong background of highly experienced professionals in order to cater to the ever growing needs and requirements of our clients.

Proficient personnel in our team maintain a healthy communication with our clients regarding their specific requirements that assists in understanding and satisfying their queries. 

Being supported by a team of professional expertise, we are able to provide proper promotion with the help of diverse communication channels. The services can be provided to our prestigious clients, based across the nation at competitive market prices. All these services are highly praised by our clients for their reliability and effectiveness.   

Real estate market is producing a booming effect in India. Most of the developers turn their attention to the residential property market because the demand is going high; some of them are DLF, Omaxe, Unitech and Ansal group. Developers are constructing their projects with best quality and modern facilities like health centers, swimming pools, recreational centers, gardens, landscapes and so on. Due to the scope of getting more income a large number of developers are emerging to this sector, so there is a competition in this field. As a result all are focusing to construct their projects with best quality materials in modern style.

As the demand for residential and commercial property increase tremendously only a limited number of ready stocks are available with developers. The demands for the urban properties in India are increasing due to the growth in the IT sector. In India the growth of residential property market changed a lot and Guragon is the best example for that. In the past years Guragon was a small city without any development but now it has became one of the important city of India known as the millennium city.

Due to the changes occurring in the infrastructure Guragon is considered as the shopper’s paradise. Famous shopping malls with international brands like McDonalds, Levis, Nokia, Nike and Tommy Hilfiger are present there. Not only the infrastructure development but the growth in the information technology also helped to change the face of commercial properties in India.

In upcoming cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai the residential and commercial property prices are going high as the real estate market is growing. One of the disadvantages that occur due to the growth of real estate is more availability of affordable to middle class houses and weaker sections. Most of the developers are concentrating and developing projects for high end users.

In future for the middle class it is very difficult to buy house at affordable price. Not only for buying but the rental value of the property is also going high. Property experts say that it is better to buy house than renting a house because the rental value is almost equal to the installments of loan. The developers must also give importance for developing affordable housing projects for middle class and economically weaker sections of the society.

Property experts say that this is the best time to invest in properties in India. India is a developing country and in the last few years sudden growth has occurred in the property market. Major cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai etc the property prices are out of range of common man due to the fast developments occurring in the every field. Various projects like shopping malls, office complexes and residential apartments are emerging in different parts of the country.

Residential properties are available in different rates according to the location and facilities. Today many websites are available on real estate that contains the information about the property, about upcoming and future projects. This websites will help the customers to know more about the property and it helps to take better decision. Due to high demand for residential property large numbers of developers have emerged with new facilities and technologies in their projects with rates ranging from low to high.

Investment in property market provides profit with in a short period of time. Growth occurs in the every field of property including residential, commercial and industrial projects. As every one knows real estate offers profits and today many are in this business. Real estate industry is related to other fields like banks, financing companies, constructing companies etc.  Any changes occurring in the real estate industry will affect these fields also.

On analyzing it is clear that the price of Indian properties in major cities is going high. Today as the world is developing the people are looking for high standard lifestyle and they are willing to buy property at huge price in order to fulfill their wish. Huge developments are occurring in the major cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and Hyderabad as the IT and software related companies are emerging in different parts of these cities.

World class quality shopping malls, complexes and multiplexes are coming up in these major cities. After the development of big cities developers are turning their attention towards small cities in order to make the property market stable.

Real Estate Properties are available in Bangalore City.......