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Jasmine Terrace Multistorey Apartments Located in Yelahanka, Bangalore offered with 2BHK and 3BHK Apartments.

Jasmine Terrace Multistorey Apartments Area Range 940-1275 Sq.ft., Located in Yelahanka, Bangalore offered with 2BHK Apartments and 3BHK Apartments.


Finally, a home that makes you feel absolutely comfortable and secure. Welcome to Radiant Jasmine Terrace at Yelahanka, beautiful 196 apartments. Experience the snuggle of creature comforts – a swimming pool, a gym, a children’s play area, an indoor shuttle court and indoor games facilities will make you forget the pressures of your office.

Feel delighted like a child. The ambience and landscaped gardens will evoke a sense of awe. The quality of construction is as reassuring as mother’s love, so also the fixtures and specifications.

Yes! you can’t expect another home to replace Jasmine Terrace. 


Swimming Pool
Children’s Play Area
Multi-Purpose Hall
Indoor Games room
Steam/ Sauna/ Jacuzzi
Indoor Shuttle court

Tips for Buying a Flats and Properties

A flat means self-contained premises used or entitled to be used for the purpose of residence or office, showroom or shop or go down or for carrying on any other business and include garage or premises, which forms the part of the building and includes an apartment.

Difference between Built-up Area, Super Built-up Area and Carpet Area.

Carpet Area:

This is the area of the apartment/building, which does not include the area of the walls.

Built up Area:

This includes the area of the walls also.

Super Built-Up Area:

This includes the built-up areas along-with the area under common spaces such as the lobby, Lifts, stairs etc. This term is therefore only applicable in the case of multi-dwelling units.

The difference between carpet area and the built up area is very simple to understand. Normally the area available to spread carpet in the flat is considered as carpet area, whereas the space occupied by the walls is also considered in calculating built-up area. The space occupied by Gardens, Swimming Pool and other unoccupied space is also considered for calculating the super built up area. Normally the measurement is carried out considering 15% more for built up area and 30-40% more for super built-up area.

Measurement of plinth, carpet and rental areas of buildings.
The standard defines various important terms like plinth areas, carpet area, rental area, balcony, stair cover(mumty), a loft and porch. It stipulates that the areas of basement, floor without cladding (stilled floor), floors including top floor, which may be partly covered, mezzanine floor, and garage shall be measured separately.

For measurement of plinth area of the above categories, the various areas required to be included and those not to be included in the plinth area are clearly mentioned. From the plinth areas as worked out above, the carpet areas obtained by deducting the area of wall in accordance with the method given in the standard, which details the wall areas to be included and excluded.

The carpet area so obtained shall exclude the areas of portions like, Verandah, corridor and passage, entrance hall and porch staircase and stair cover (mumty), shaft and machine room for lift, bathroom and lavatory, kitchen and pantry, store, canteen, air-conditioning duct and plant room and shaft for sanitary piping in accordance with the provisions of the standard.

Apart from plinth and carpet areas, the standard also gives the method of measurement of rental areas for residential and non-residential buildings by adding certain areas to the carpet area.

It clearly mentions the areas to be included and excluded while working out the rental areas. It is recommended that the architects, engineers, government departments, contractors, builders, developers and promoters and all other concerned should adopt this Indian standard for uniform implementation of the standard method of measurement of areas of buildings, especially in the interest of common consumer.

Documents to be Verified Before Purchase of a Flat

Before you purchase a flat, you have to have a title and document search conducted by a competent advocate. You cannot do it yourself. It is a professional job to be done with professional expertise.

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