Friday, November 7, 2014

SKAV Akasa Multistorey Apartments Located in Richards Town, Bangalore offered with 2BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK Apartments.

SKAV Akasa Multistorey Apartments Area Range 1618-4995 Sq.ft, Located in Richards Town, Bangalore offered with 2BHK Apartments, 3BHK Apartments and 4BHK Apartments.

Simple. Elegant. Luxurious. Akasa is all this and more. It is the confluence of inspiring vision and designs, all merging into state-of-the-art living spaces. 

And it would not be surprising if you feel that every wall and every part of your home is build around your lifestyle. Because it is just meant to be that way.
Located on Davis Road, Richards Town, a prime residential area in Bangalore, Akasa embodies urban luxury in every sense of the word. And the fact that that all urban amenities are available in closer proximity makes it all the more better
100% power backup.
24-hour security.
Provision for solar.
CCTV security.


Bangalore is the fifth largest city and third most populous city in India, considered as one of the hot spot for real estate investment. It is called as the silicon valley of India which is situated in the state Karnataka. It is well known that the India’s leading Information Technology companies, many software companies, telecommunication industries; educational institutes etc are established here. Due to these facilities many developers are constructing their residential and commercial projects in Bangalore.

As the demand for residential and commercial property increases the property prices will also gradually increase because of the boom in IT sector. Bangalore is considered as the dream place for IT professionals’ and the growth of IT sector will boost the real estate market. As a result plenty of job opportunities are available here leading to migration of people to this city, thus the demand for residential property has become high. Fast developments are taking place in the infrastructure of the Bangalore. As a result real estate developers are building their new projects in different parts of the city. Most of the developments are taking place in areas like K R Puram, Sarjapur, Bannerghatta Road, J P Nagar, Marathahalli, Jayanagar and Kanakapura Road.

On analyzing the market trend Bangalore is one of the top real estate destination for commercial and industrial sectors. Today all are looking for a high standard of living and most of the people are looking to buy property in Bangalore. Thus the property market is growing in this city and this trend is likely to continue in near future.

Residential properties are available at different prices as per the needs of the people. Even though property prices have gone up the demand is not reduced. Today people are ready to buy properties even at high rates and have developers are focusing on constructing high and upper middle class projects with new trends and technologies.

One of the latest construction trends in the real estate market is green houses. Today many real estate builders are looking for creating new trends in their projects and the best example for this is the concept of green houses. When compared to other types of apartments the green houses are less expensive and more comfortable. Now both the builders and buyers are aware of the advantages of green houses and thus the demands for this type of houses are increasing day by day. For buyers this type of houses will help to save the energy consumption. In metros presently people are focusing to have a house with natural settings and many developers are constructing their projects as per the need of customers.

Green houses are extremely different from traditional houses. One of the advantages of green houses is that they are using the eco friendly materials and thus the cost of construction will become less. Due to the elegant style of the green houses all are getting attracted towards this trend. It offers comfortable look and feel to the home that is bringing nature very close to life.

An ideal green home is a combination of different methods and technologies, it can be both expensive and non expensive. According to the facilities needed it will become expensive. A green house includes the facilities like solar heaters, solar panels, rain water harvesting techniques and so on.

Real estate market is becoming very competitive therefore real estate investors are looking for different trends in the projects. Generally it is clear that investment in green houses is becoming more relevant in the present situation it provides benefits to both developers and buyers.
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