Saturday, July 27, 2013

Real estate Reporters frank talk on Tsunami

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       What a tragic end to the year 2004. The devastating tsunami tidal waves have destroyed the south east coastal line of India, apart from other south east coastal countries like Indonesia, Thailand. Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala have borne the brunt of deluge. Tsunami waves move at a speed of 400-500 miles per hour. 

         The estimated death toll is increasing day by day, but the actual numbers may more than what is reported. Number of people untraced. deaths not reported are many more. 

         Apart deaths, many have lost their homes, savings, many have become orphans, destitute. 

         The Country, which boasts of many scientific achievements, launching of satellites has no system of pre-warning of tsunami waves. Though Tsunami warning system is available, our country did not install the system reportedly for want of funds, which could have saved thousands of lives, assets worth crores of rupees, and many crores to be spent on rehabilitation. At least it is the time to go for such system in collaboration with other countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Thailand, and Indonesia. Coastal regulation/rules have to be revised. 

         We the countrymen have a duty to respond to the call, contribute generously to approved rehabilitation funds, participate in relief programmes. We shall celebrate the New Year in low key avoid pomp and show and even consider spending a minute in silence praying for the brothers and sisters who lost in the tragedy and those survivors left behind.

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