Monday, July 15, 2013

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 DS-MAX SIGMA NEST an inspiring project from DS-Max Properties Pvt Ltd. DS MAX SIGMA NEST property located in Electronic City Bangalore available with 2BHK and 3BHK Apartments of Extended amenities and used good quality Specifications. 
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         Demolition of buildings in Bangalore by BOA has become very common, earlier it was sensational news for media and of late it is just like any other news. 

          Reasons for demolition are many, sometimes forged documents, manipulated entries. But more often want of compliance with the procedures, approvals from the authorities mostly because of ignorance and not intentional.

         No doubt ignorance of law is not an excuse, but the law making and enforcing authorities have a duty to see that the laws are drafted in simple language, without any ambiguity and laws are given wide publicity and percolate to the level of common man. At present the enacted laws are published in state Gazette and are available only in Government offices, access to which is not easy. Further, procedures and systems are not transparent. Citizens who approach the Government offices for any information are mostly shunned. The scenario is Bangalore is more confusing. Even more experienced consultants are confused of the jurisdiction of various operating agencies like BMp, BOA and BMROA. Personnel at city Municipal Council, Village Panchayats are ignorant of the prevailing laws, often approve the plans, issue certificates, though it does not fall under their jurisdiction. Properties are assessed and khatha certificates are issued and owners are changed. After decades, BOA wakes up to find some fault and ends up demolishing the property.

         Why not a single window system be followed, where 'all the relevant information is available for public and to approve the building plans and issue certificate. Such agency may forward the applications to concerned agencies, obtain information, approvals, certificates and deliver the same to the applicants. BOA owes this to the citizens of Bangalore.

DS-MAX Seldons project from DS MAX Properties located in R.T. Nagar Bangalore available with 2BHK and 3BHK Apartment. Click here to Know more about Ds-max Seldons....

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