Tuesday, July 23, 2013

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              We have had hung assembly. Now we have a hung government, a hastily cobbled coalition, which has more to cuddle power than governance. 

              Nothing has moved since the announcement of elections. There was caretaker government for weeks after elections, then a cabinet of just Chief and Deputy Chief Ministers more engrossed in distributing, sharing important portfolios. At last a semblance of cabinet came into existence through many portfolios yet to be allotted. The Chief Minister, who is addled with many portfolios, had his table piled up with voluminous letters of former Prime Minister and Chief Minister, accusing each other. The government is deeply concerned in mollifying the powers behind than governing the state. 

              The CET chaos, the BDA blunder, Uma Bharathi muddle; the government is racing towards cul-de-sac. I I 

              The much-publicised flyovers which are unfinished have become money guzzlers and traffic nuisance. Arkavathy Layout, a dream of many home aspirants has been shelved. With no clear cut instructions on Betterment tax, the City Municipal Councils surrounding the city have become powerless, leading to unauthorised constructions, layouts. Virtually, there is no development in any area, many projects started by the previous regime, remain unfinished, Nobody finds government or governance in the state. 

              The middlemen, commission agents are having a field day. The coalition seems to be a mix of oil and water. Common man is left in a lurch. 

              The partners in coalition should realize their responsibility to the people, coalesce, and give at-least an average governance, or allow the people to have another say.

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