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Bangalore 5 RER Construction Services...

         Only couple of years back, market for a Builder was booming. With recession, everything changed. Competition is created. People had choice. They had plenty of options. They could how bargain, and have lucrative deal for themselves. Builder's profits naturally dwindled. And for the first time, he started thinking about economizing, finding ways to save on construction cost. 

         With Multi Nationals coming in, it is no more amateurs market. Builders in bangalore 5 regions, with adequate financial support, with proven past record, capable of producing good quality work; delivering goods in promised time, will only survive. 

         Economy in construction could be achieved by reducing on wastages and pilferages, reducing on inventories, repeated uses of shuttering material, and saving heavily on construction time, through better management techniques, use of computer, information technology etc. 

         Wastage on site could be kept in check by not storing too much material on site. Proper way of storing materials is very important. Limited stock, leveled stock does help in reducing wastage of materials.

         Materials should be ordered, as and when required. Double (or repeated) handling of materials is to be avoided, as this increases breakage, and also adds to transport charges. Unloading of materials in planned manner and near to final working place saves on lead charges. Working out quantities of materials in advance, and having periodical check on the same, will signal management in good time, any attempt on pilferage. Builders have craze in ordering full quantity of materials, thinking that if the materials are available on site, then what they have to look after is arranging only labor in getting speedy completion of work. But that is not true. Many times specifications, amenities are to be changed on technical reasons and/or as required by the planning / sanctioning authority, or by client for that matter. 

         Materials, already ordered or brought on site, then are unnecessarily wasted. More materials dumped on site, also results in more wastage and pilferage of materials. To get quantity discounts, material rates could be negotiated on full quantities, with schedule of deliveries well defined. This will ensure that the materials are available when required, but payments are made only after deliveries are actually made on site. In business, funds are always short. Funds are often arranged on heavy interest. Blocking money in unwanted stocks is therefore foolish and unpardonable.

         Different ways should be found to save on technical grounds. Designing of shuttering materials and repeated use of the same will pay big dividends. Providing full beam from lintel to slab level, especially in residential buildings, will save lots of valuable time. Working on concrete mix-design and using M20 concrete (instead of MIS) will save cement, without any harm. Use of PPC Cement for Masonry and Plaster, will not only save in cost, it will also minimize wall (temperature) cracks, and resultant leakages and seepages. Where time is constraint, part use of steel fabricated member can come to help. While civil work progresses on site, fabricated members could get ready in workshop. From finished concrete, one can save cost of hacking and plastering, and also construction time. Standardization and Pre casting could bring in major saving in cost. 

         Construction time is saved. Finishing, like rendering and plastering, become redundant. Pre casting saves time and money. Besides, precast members invariably, look thin and elegant. Spot welding, of reinforcement, not only saves binding wire; it keeps reinforcement in proper place, thus giving better strength. Labor is no more cheap. Mechanization will definitely help in turning out large volumes of work in shortest possible time. 

         Systematic and planned manner of working will bring economy, as it will reduce rejections and / or repairs. In construction, it is now or never situation. Constant supervision is the mantra. It is very difficult and expensive, almost impossible to demolish and redo any work. Sometimes it is even not possible to carry out any major alterations. It is recommended to avoid trails and experiments, and to adopt only tried materials and methods.

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Bangalore 5 provides Real Estate Services

          Real estate is the cherished aim of many to have a shelter over their head. But jumping into action for purchase of property without proper calculation of his financial status for the next couple of years requiring expenditure on various counts could put such persons into financial strain upon investing in realestate. The property buyers firstly have to take into stock their financial position, present and the future keeping in mind the financial requirements for the next couple of years which would help them to know the likely budget for the real estate investment. This exercise would help them to search for asuitable property in a locality of their choice within their budget. Searchinga suitable property for purchase is not an easy task. Real Estate agents would come to your rescue in this regard.

          Before you purchase a home or make an investment you must consult legal or property advocate begin by knowing your investment capacity which includes your financial reserves and your capacity to borrow. You should let your real estate agent know some fundamental facts about your available savings, income and present debt so that he can refer you to the right lenders. The majority of these lenders are banks and housing finance companies.
          The ultimate selection of the right property has to be done by you. It is a time for increased excitement and emotion. You may be helped in the selection process by your real estate agent who provides objective know-how regarding every property. The first thing you will want to know is whether the property has the environment you desire for a home or investment, and the second is whether it will have resale value when you want to sell. Once you know for sure that the property is right for you the process begins of obtaining finance. Different financing choices can be understood with the help of your advocate and in pinpointing financial institutes with the ideal financial terms of payment.

          You should complete the evaluation of the property before negotiation. There are several factors for negotiation which include price, financing, terms, date of possession and the inclusion or exclusion of repairs and interiors. However they are not limited to these. There should be a period of time for 
you to finish all the formalities in the purchase agreement.

          Your agent can help you to find a responsible, professional advocate depending on the area and property to give you written opinion on the title of the property. The ownership of property is indicated by title. There will be some limitations in the title to more properties such as easements for utilities. Some matters which cause problems at a later date can be resolved with the help of your advocate.

          If you want to get a fair price for your property, it is wise to utilize the services of areal estate agent who would help you to know the prevail- ing market conditions, availability of competing properties, the demand for the property in the locality, marketing strategies, etc. After this information, you may have a marketing plan of your own. In order to fetch higher price for your property, your agent may suggest some repairs and cosmetic work. 

          To increase the marketability of your property, it is necessary to expose your property to other real estate agents and the public which is carried out by your agent since in the real estate market throughout the country, more than 50 per cent of real estate dealings are conducted through chain actions. 

          The sale dealings may be concluded either by your agent or through other agents to whom the information regarding the sale of your property has reached. Thus, your real estate agent acts as a marketing coordinator and furnishes information about your property to other real estate agents through the media of marketing networks open houses for agents etc. When, where and how to advertise yourproperty sale could best be done with the help of the real estate agent. Most sales in real estate are through the contacts of the agent with earlier clients, referrals, family friends and personal contacts. Sometimes, newspaperadvertising of the sale of property leads to phone calls to the real estate agent's office or to the vendor.

          While advertising through media, care should be taken not to give an impression that the property under notification is a distress sale. Therefore, it may bc noted that if a property is overly exposed in any media, the buyer may get an impression that the vendor is distressed or desperate to sell his property and thereby the prospective purchasers would start bargaining.
In the matter of purchase and sale of immovable property, the point at issue is more or less the same negotiation process. Whichever proposal the buyer brings can be objectively evaluated with the help of your agent in a way that does not compromise your marketing position.

          This beginning agreement only starts a process of appraisal, inspection and financing. With an advocate's help your agent can assist you to write an agreement that is positive from all angles which is legally binding.
Every area has its own special customs for finalizing the sale deed. You can be guided through this process by your real estate agent.

          The paperwork needed is itself too much for some sellers. The agent can best help you objectively to resolve these property matters and take the transaction to closure ofsale deed.

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RER frank talk.. contact Selvakumar Advocate for legal clarifications

Acquisition Notifications of BDA have become secret documents since the public at larger have no access to them. Efforts made by the public to approach BDA authorities to collect information about the notifications by spending money and time are futile since the officials of BDA do not give any positive convincing reply to the queries raised by them. 

Recently, a public notice was issued by the BDA against the "Problems in property" web site, alleging that the BDA notifications put on this website are false and are not authentic. This was refuted and challenged by Mr. Arunachalam owner of the web site in the Press Meet held in Bangalore 5 Press Club. At the Press Meet, Mr. Arunachalam had asked BDA to notify all their notifications in their website. But, the BDA Commissioner, holding a responsible public office, bluntly questioned the authority of Mr.Arunachalam requiring the BDA to display the notifications on the website. 

If any good suggestion is given by the general public, it is the duty of the BDA Commissioner to consider it positively though implementation of the same would depend upon its feasibility. 

In the instant situation, the suggestion given Mr. Arunachalam was very useful and in public interest and therefore, acceptance by the B.D.A. Commissioner of the suggestion to notify in their website all acquisition notifications would not only save the public at large from miscreants but also bring laurels to BDA regarding their transparency.

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search all bangalore 5 region properties on banglaore

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In the recent times, Bangalore has witnessed rapid growth in the field of real estate and various other developmental activities. With the advent of lnformation Technology and Bio-technology people have started migrating to Bangalore 5

But unfortunately, Government has failed to take any initiative to overcome scarcity of shelter and meet the needs of the people, irrespective of their economic class, which has resulted in steep hike in the market value of the properties in and around Bangalore 5 regions. 

The Promoters !Builders and Land Owners are taking advantage of this situation by charging exorbitant rates for the lands. At this juncture, the only remedy available for the Government is to initiate the formation of Satellite Cities either by the Government alone or joint venture with the private builders or even encouraging in the private Builders to form on their own. 

However, one welcome move by the Government towards the raise in the market value is that the Stamp Duty has been decreased by V2 %. 

Nevertheless, obligation lies on the Government to control the market value of the property so that people, aspiring to own a dream house in Bangalore could become reality. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bangalore 5 RER frank talk

         The financial year 2002-03 is drawing closer and the budget sessions of the centre and state are called. Many in central and state financial ministry may be sharpening their knives of interpreting and analytical skills of various statutes, and surveys to extract the pound of flesh from the tax payer. 

         Budget sessions have become nightmares to the common man and they await it with bated breath. Common man has become philosophical and finds solace in 'Karma' theory. He knows he will be taxed. Any concession, exemptions are meant only for a few. Incentives to savings are gradually withdrawn, but he is least concerned, as he seldom has money to save after meeting his basic needs. 

         Taxation is indispensable which funds the government and also the development activities of the nation. But what are required to be examined are the extent of taxation, the burden one could bear and widening the tax net. If these parameters are met, one would voluntarily pay the tax. 

         It is often declared that the taxation in our country is much below the global standards, and efforts are on to match it to global level. But it is conveniently ignored, that our per capita income has not yet reached global levels, after which only taxation arises. But our governments are putting a cart before the horse. 

         Property sector is always been a whipping boy. Though certain barriers, like permission from appropriate authority, income tax clearance certificates are removed, much needs to be done. Benefit of indexation may be extended to entire capital gains irrespective of the period, with the option available to people to deposit the capital gains in any private, public or co-operative banks. 

         Department of Stamps and Registration is earning good revenue to the State and ranked second. The Government should modernize the department to suit the public needs, and to make it people friendly. 

         The State Government should address the difficulties in conversion of land and also the regularisation of constructions on the outskirts of the cities. 

         State government should reduce the stamp duty on purchase of properties and extend rebate to all bangalore 5 properties. If the property sector is free, it would accelerate the growth of other sectors and the entire economy.

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RER frank talk on Vaastu

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Vaastu is German Copyright

After 'neem' and 'turmeric', now it is the turn of 'Vaastu' which is a
registered trademark in Germany. 

According to WTO regime, you cannot use the word "Vaastu" in any commercial venture once it is registered. One German Vaastu scholar, Marcus Schmieke, who started an institute named "Vaastu Academy" in Hirschgrund, was taken to court where he apologized for using this word and changed the word "Vaastu" to "Vasati" to teach Vastushastra to German students.
"Vasati" means Vishnu (Va) and Lakshmi (sati). He has linked Vaastu with 10 Indian incarnations of Lord Vishnu. For instance, Lord Rama, who was Surya-
vanshi, has been linked with northwest, relating with Moon.

Lord Buddha's direction is north and Lord Varaha for southwest. Parsuram stands for southeast, Kurma avatar represents west. Lord Kalki represents the
center "brahmasthan" and Lord Va- run a represents northeast and Lord Narasimha is associated with South. The statues of these avataras represent qualities of different directions.

Mr. Marcus has constructed a small temple in Germany having all 14 10 statues of Indian gods for the purpose of teaching Vaastu to 3000 students in UK, Crotia and Hungary. Mr. Marcus, who is carrying on whole-time research on Vaastu, found in a two-year study that majority of women suffering from breast cancer had their bedrooms in southeast and toilets in the northeast. He is con- structing 140 flats in Hannover in Germany according to Vaastu
principles. Indian Vaastu expert Ashwine Bansal has also studied 13 cases of cancer in which the patients had their toilets in the northeast.

Mr. Marcus in collaboration with Mr. Bansal has written a research book on Vaastu origin of Feng Shui giving new dimensions and principles to the Chinese version of Vaastu. Apart from German, this book is being
published in 10 major languages in the world.

Both Mr. Marcus and Mr. Bansal are developing software on Vedic astrology linked with Vastu- shastra to be sold in international market under a joint venture agreement signed recently. This software would give a calendar
for an individual for the whole year to grade the 365 days in four categories like excellent, best, better and good days. It would also give analysis of an
individual's personality.

Mr. Bansal, who has studied the Indian Parliament House along with other seven Par- liament buildings in other countries, is jointly researching German Parliament building with Mr. Marcus. The German Parliament began three years back in the newly renovated building on the erstwhile old parliament structure destroyed in World War II in Berlin. It suffers from serious Vaastu "doshas" as its sitting arrangement is semi-circular.

Germany was not only divided after the World War but is still suffering
from political instability even after unification.

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RER frank talk about New Government - New hopes

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New Government - New hopes

After a dramatic turn of events, the 20 month old Coalition Government of Congress-I and JD (S) lead by Dharam Singh had to bite the dust on 28th of Jan due to a coup headed by
none other than Kumaraswamy of JD (S)who aligned with BJP and staked the claim to form the government.

It is now confirmed that the new Government will come into effect from Feb 3,2006, with Kumaraswamy as CM and Yediyurappa of BJP as Deputy CM with equal stakes for both the party in the ministry. Every time a new Government comes, lot of expectations arise and one hopes that the new ministry would take into account all the persistent and perennial problems of the state and provide solution to a certain extent if not solving them completely.

The previous Government did little to solve the problems of Bangalore, leave alone the state. It can be recalled that many ambitious projects of the city like Metro Rail, International Airport, BMIC, Fly-Overs, formation of new layouts and registrations, roads maintenance works took a severe beating owing to a lot of infighting and red tape.

Further, there was a constant war of words between the IT Captains and the people in power which lead to many MNC's to think about the logic behind investing in the city. We can conclude that the previous Government's regime could not produce any good result and it was failed machinery.

Now with a new Government assuming office, as usual hopes are rekindled among the people. The new Government should keep in mind that a lot is at stake and the people are very upset with the previous government and should try to capitalize on this aspect and do some good to the state and the city.

All the projects that are going on a snail's pace or waiting for the nod, - should be taken up on a war footing and completed with in a very short span of time.

The new Bangalore Government should learn from the mistakes of the past government and should leave no stone unturned to bring the administrative machinery back to the track in all respects. By doing so, they can look forward for a longer tenure of power and also a healthy coalition.

Project Summary:-

Project name: Lotus Palace
Type of appartments:Apartment
Area range built up:1120 sqft - 1605 sqft
Price starting from:5,555 per sqft
Location:Sarjapur Road, Bangalore
Bed room:2BHK,3BHK flats

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2BHK & 3BHK Residential Apartments for sale off Sarjapur Road, Bangalore at Lotus Palace build by First Futuristic Group.
Amenities like lift,power back up,security,car park ,rain water harvesting ,club,gym,vastu compliant,swimming pool etc.,


After a long legal wrangle, the ambitious project of BDA,. 'Arkavathi Layout' was given a green signal by the Karnataka High Court declaring that the BDA is empowered to take up developmental schemes in Bangalore Metropolitan Area.

But at the same time, a division bench of the High court has asked the authority to consider afresh the grievances of the landowners who had petitioned the court questioning the acquisition of their lands on various grounds including allegations of discrimination while de-notifying other similarly situated lands and other issues.

The landowners have been asked to file their pleas in one month, while the BDA has been asked to dispose them expeditiously. Lot of people who were under undue tension has heaved a sigh of relief. It is to be noted here that many of the landowner's are not properly paid on par with the existing rates due to poor planning and acquiring policy. An acre costing about 1.5 - 2 crores was paid a paltry 12-20 lakhs thereby causing huge losses to the landowners.

Take the case of other three layouts formed by BDA of late viz. Anjanapura, BSK 6th stage, and Visveswaraiah Layout. The land owners were paid decently by the BDA and there was not much dissent among them even though there were stray cases of under payment.

The layouts were formed 'at a fast pace and allotment too was done briskly. People started believing in BDA again and many got their dream fulfilled by getting a site at Bangalore. Cut to the present, a lot of work needs to done in the above layouts as far as civic amenities are concerned. These layouts were formed a couple of years back and until now the work is on a snail's pace. One only hopes that Arkavathi layout's civic works gets expedited at the earliest.

The Govt could take a cue from the private developers who think and act fast and ensure a speedy process to finish the formation and allow the site owners to build their dream house. The concerned authorities should gear up at once and finish the remaining civil works in all the layouts.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Real Estate Reporter (RER) frank talk on IT Sector

2BHK and 3BHK Apartments are available in Tumkur Road Bangalore from Mahaveer Cedar. Mahaveer Cedar is the new project of Reddy Structures Pvt Ltd.

IT, ITES, BPO have made the Bangalore globally famous which has earned the name silicon city. To day the Bangalore is the most preferred destination of many software and multinational companies.

IT, ITES, BPO has contributed much to the growth, development on the city, creation of jobs, increasing the standard of living. Many sectors like real estate, transport, etc are immensely benefited by these sectors. Though many other cities are vying with Bangalore to attract these sectors, the facilities, talent available in Bangalore have made them to remain and expand here. The support extended by Government like tax concessions, land allotment has also made these sectors to prefer Bangalore. Further the Bangalore is a cosmopolitan city without frequent communal or ethnic disturbance.

Of late certain section of people are denigrating these important sectors that they have not contributed to the growth of the city, are not providing the jobs to the locals and as land grabbers. This is far from truth and is only a political gimmick to grab votes. Some are interested in creating vote banks in every field even at the cost of development and economy.

There are various State Governments eager to seize any opportunity to attract IT, ITES and BPO sectors. If this vilification continues, these sectors may move to other neighbouring states, which would definitely retard the development of city and ruin economy. Political interference should not be allowed at the cost of development, growth of economy.

Mahaveer Fortune is the new project of Reddys structures pvt ltd.Mahaveer Fortune located on Magadi Road, Bangalore. Mahaveer Fortune project available with 2BHK and 3BHK Apartments. 

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RER frank talk on Regularisation of unauthorised layout

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        Deputy Chief 'Minister and Revenue Minister of Karnataka has indicated that the Government is seriously seized of problems, hardships caused to the public on account of prohibition of transfer of some properties. It is proposed to regularise such properties on payment of fine and to allow registration

        This is a welcome move as mostly the end-users who have invested substantial amounts are the victims and the actual perpetrators have escaped by selling the unauthorised properties to the innocent, who have to pay fine to regularise properties

        The Government should not allow any unauthorised layouts/constructions, further to its April notification, should empower the planning authorities to initiate action against violators and immediately demolish such structures and give wide publicity to unauthorised layouts. 

        Government should not spare the officials of CMC, Regestration Department Village Panchayats, who have exceeded their powers in approving the layouts, building plans and they should also be punished. If not the situation may recur. 

        The planning authorities like BDA, BMRDA should be adequately staffed and advised to be more vigilant and proactive. Common people should be made aware of the role of Village panchayats, CMC, Corporations and Urban development authorities. 

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Realestate Property Reporter (RPR) frank talk on Revision of Guidance- value

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Revision of Guidance- value

         It was just a year back, when the guidance value of properties under registration district of Bangalore was revised, precisely from 2nd of August 2004.

         The rates were increased many times of the previous guidance value at certain places with no relevance to market value. The increase in the guidance value has contributed to the property price rise.

         Karnataka Government has set in another process of revision of guideline values, which was said to have published in Gazette on 27 July 2005, inviting objections and the final date for such objections has expired on August.

         Such notifications need wide publicity like publications in local news papers and at other public places where common public have free access and publication in Gazette would serve no purpose though it may satisfy the prescribed procedure. The Government publication like Gazette would be very difficult to access. It is the purpose behind the procedure and not the procedure itself which is important. The Government has kept the public in dark about the revision of guidance value.

         The revision as per the reports are too high at certain areas, and aim is to fill the government coffers, which has suffered on account of ban on registration of transfer of certain properties. No doubt the property rates in Bangalore would find another steep rise, which at present itself are not affordable by common man. This too frequent revision of guidance value would fuel the price rise, creating a vicious circle, owners and government competing with each other. The Government should adopt a policy of fine balancing between social commitments
and avoiding under valuation of properties.

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Registration Woes People in peril

The recent notification by the Govt of Karnataka with regard to the ban on the registration of selected properties has created a big stir among the masses. The decision has evoked severe flak from all the quarters. It is surprising to note that the ban applies even to the registration of gifts, exchange, mortgage, .Lease and others. Ultimately, it is the common man who has to bear the burnt.

Only the BDA properties, BDA approved layouts and selected few are possible for registration. All the other properties, which exist under the CMC, Village Panchayats and others, have invited the wroth of the Government.

It is true that many unauthorised layouts were formed getting the concurrence of Village Panchayats resulting in a large scale violation of the rules. As per the rules, either BDA or BMRDA or BMTC are the only authorised bodies to accord permission to form a new layout. All the rules were flouted and many high-rise buildings were constructed without proper permission.

The Government banned the registration of the properties which comes under CMC's and Village Panchayats. It would definitely
go a long way to check unruly development of the city and also
put an end to the land sharks and exploiters who were making
merry. But at the other end of the spectrum, those who have paid huge amount of money for a property are in grave danger of losing either the property or the money or even both. Their money would never come back and at the same time there is no written guarantee about their property. Many might have paid the amount even without a sale agreement or a receipt, which may prove vulnerable for them. Their hard earned money is gone for a nought. They have also paid heavy stamp duty fees.
It is sincerely felt that there is no point in troubling the innocent
person for no fault from his side. The people who are in trouble
with this wrangle mainly belong to either lower middle class or
lower class."

The government should revert back its decision and regularise all the registrations already done by imposing suitable penalty, which they would gladly accept. A separate set of guidelines in this regard should be published, which will benefit huge chunk of the worried citizens.

In future, the Government should keep a tab on any unauthorised layout or construction and deal with the persons concerned in a rather ruthless way.

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Monday, August 5, 2013

Real Estate Reporters frank talk on Prohibition of Registration

2 BHK & 3 BHK Flats available in Sonnenahalli Village, Hoodi, Bangalore at Sumadhuras Srinivasam. Sumadhuras Srinivasam project build by Sumadhura Constructions. Click here to search more projects on

       Government of Karnataka by its notification dated 23rd April 2005, has prohibited the registration of certain properties as opposed to public policy. Agricultural lands which are not converted to non-agricultural purpose, but sold as residential sites, properties in unapproved layouts, agricultural property sold disguised as "Gramathana" sites are the properties, registration of which are declared as opposed to public policy. It is not just registration of sale, but registration of gift, exchange, mortgage, agreement to sell, lease, assignment or otherwise transfer of properties listed above are prohibited.

       There is nothing in new in the notification, but middlemen, land grabbers, were circumventing the procedures in connivance with Government officials, which had reached alarming propositions leading to disorder and chaotic development of cities.

       It is complacency of planning authorities like BDA, BMRDA, who ignored the formation of unapproved layouts, which has led to this situation. No doubt those planning agencies do not have infrastructure, to supervise the vast areas falling under their Jurisdiction and also to approve layout plans within stipulated time. City municipal councils, though not within their powers, approved layouts and village panchayats issued Form No's. 9, 10 even for sites in revenue lands.

       As large number of properties in revenue sites unapproved layouts have come up where the public have invested substantial amounts, the government should regularise them with some penalty and should not allow such situations to recur.

       Many registration authorities are refusing the registration of properties which are not barred and are exploiting innocent public. Government should caution such authorities, and issue clear instructions.

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Bangalore properties available on

         Arkavathi layout Single Judge Bench of Karnataka High court has quashed the acquisition proceedings of Arkavathi layout. For the proposed layout, 2750 acres of land was acquired to form 28600 residential sites, 50 civic amenity sites and 150 commercial sites. The acquired land covered 16 villages. 

         Court has found many lacunae in procedure followed and some of the provisions of BDA Act, not in conformity with the Constitution of India and other Acts. Though applicants are disappointed, many of them are not genuine end users without a roof over their heads, but real estate consultants, middlemen, who make fast buck by selling the allotted sites. 

         The track record of BDA in complying the orders of the Courts is not good often acting as authoritative, LAW unto itself. ignoring the legitimate grievances of poor, non influential but bending over back to please moneyed influential and people with political connections. In fact, the common man in need of shelter had lost confidence in BDA. 

         The Karnataka Government has preferred to go an Appeal. But it should take the Judgement in true spirit, rectify the loopholes pointed out and make the BDA an institution in providing the houses for needy, which is a social cause

         BDA should concentrate only on providing houses, devoted to a single cause, and not in other activities like, infrastructure development

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