Monday, August 26, 2013

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Acquisition Notifications of BDA have become secret documents since the public at larger have no access to them. Efforts made by the public to approach BDA authorities to collect information about the notifications by spending money and time are futile since the officials of BDA do not give any positive convincing reply to the queries raised by them. 

Recently, a public notice was issued by the BDA against the "Problems in property" web site, alleging that the BDA notifications put on this website are false and are not authentic. This was refuted and challenged by Mr. Arunachalam owner of the web site in the Press Meet held in Bangalore 5 Press Club. At the Press Meet, Mr. Arunachalam had asked BDA to notify all their notifications in their website. But, the BDA Commissioner, holding a responsible public office, bluntly questioned the authority of Mr.Arunachalam requiring the BDA to display the notifications on the website. 

If any good suggestion is given by the general public, it is the duty of the BDA Commissioner to consider it positively though implementation of the same would depend upon its feasibility. 

In the instant situation, the suggestion given Mr. Arunachalam was very useful and in public interest and therefore, acceptance by the B.D.A. Commissioner of the suggestion to notify in their website all acquisition notifications would not only save the public at large from miscreants but also bring laurels to BDA regarding their transparency.

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