Thursday, August 1, 2013

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         Arkavathi layout Single Judge Bench of Karnataka High court has quashed the acquisition proceedings of Arkavathi layout. For the proposed layout, 2750 acres of land was acquired to form 28600 residential sites, 50 civic amenity sites and 150 commercial sites. The acquired land covered 16 villages. 

         Court has found many lacunae in procedure followed and some of the provisions of BDA Act, not in conformity with the Constitution of India and other Acts. Though applicants are disappointed, many of them are not genuine end users without a roof over their heads, but real estate consultants, middlemen, who make fast buck by selling the allotted sites. 

         The track record of BDA in complying the orders of the Courts is not good often acting as authoritative, LAW unto itself. ignoring the legitimate grievances of poor, non influential but bending over back to please moneyed influential and people with political connections. In fact, the common man in need of shelter had lost confidence in BDA. 

         The Karnataka Government has preferred to go an Appeal. But it should take the Judgement in true spirit, rectify the loopholes pointed out and make the BDA an institution in providing the houses for needy, which is a social cause

         BDA should concentrate only on providing houses, devoted to a single cause, and not in other activities like, infrastructure development

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