Tuesday, August 6, 2013

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Registration Woes People in peril

The recent notification by the Govt of Karnataka with regard to the ban on the registration of selected properties has created a big stir among the masses. The decision has evoked severe flak from all the quarters. It is surprising to note that the ban applies even to the registration of gifts, exchange, mortgage, .Lease and others. Ultimately, it is the common man who has to bear the burnt.

Only the BDA properties, BDA approved layouts and selected few are possible for registration. All the other properties, which exist under the CMC, Village Panchayats and others, have invited the wroth of the Government.

It is true that many unauthorised layouts were formed getting the concurrence of Village Panchayats resulting in a large scale violation of the rules. As per the rules, either BDA or BMRDA or BMTC are the only authorised bodies to accord permission to form a new layout. All the rules were flouted and many high-rise buildings were constructed without proper permission.

The Government banned the registration of the properties which comes under CMC's and Village Panchayats. It would definitely
go a long way to check unruly development of the city and also
put an end to the land sharks and exploiters who were making
merry. But at the other end of the spectrum, those who have paid huge amount of money for a property are in grave danger of losing either the property or the money or even both. Their money would never come back and at the same time there is no written guarantee about their property. Many might have paid the amount even without a sale agreement or a receipt, which may prove vulnerable for them. Their hard earned money is gone for a nought. They have also paid heavy stamp duty fees.
It is sincerely felt that there is no point in troubling the innocent
person for no fault from his side. The people who are in trouble
with this wrangle mainly belong to either lower middle class or
lower class."

The government should revert back its decision and regularise all the registrations already done by imposing suitable penalty, which they would gladly accept. A separate set of guidelines in this regard should be published, which will benefit huge chunk of the worried citizens.

In future, the Government should keep a tab on any unauthorised layout or construction and deal with the persons concerned in a rather ruthless way.

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