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          Real estate is the cherished aim of many to have a shelter over their head. But jumping into action for purchase of property without proper calculation of his financial status for the next couple of years requiring expenditure on various counts could put such persons into financial strain upon investing in realestate. The property buyers firstly have to take into stock their financial position, present and the future keeping in mind the financial requirements for the next couple of years which would help them to know the likely budget for the real estate investment. This exercise would help them to search for asuitable property in a locality of their choice within their budget. Searchinga suitable property for purchase is not an easy task. Real Estate agents would come to your rescue in this regard.

          Before you purchase a home or make an investment you must consult legal or property advocate begin by knowing your investment capacity which includes your financial reserves and your capacity to borrow. You should let your real estate agent know some fundamental facts about your available savings, income and present debt so that he can refer you to the right lenders. The majority of these lenders are banks and housing finance companies.
          The ultimate selection of the right property has to be done by you. It is a time for increased excitement and emotion. You may be helped in the selection process by your real estate agent who provides objective know-how regarding every property. The first thing you will want to know is whether the property has the environment you desire for a home or investment, and the second is whether it will have resale value when you want to sell. Once you know for sure that the property is right for you the process begins of obtaining finance. Different financing choices can be understood with the help of your advocate and in pinpointing financial institutes with the ideal financial terms of payment.

          You should complete the evaluation of the property before negotiation. There are several factors for negotiation which include price, financing, terms, date of possession and the inclusion or exclusion of repairs and interiors. However they are not limited to these. There should be a period of time for 
you to finish all the formalities in the purchase agreement.

          Your agent can help you to find a responsible, professional advocate depending on the area and property to give you written opinion on the title of the property. The ownership of property is indicated by title. There will be some limitations in the title to more properties such as easements for utilities. Some matters which cause problems at a later date can be resolved with the help of your advocate.

          If you want to get a fair price for your property, it is wise to utilize the services of areal estate agent who would help you to know the prevail- ing market conditions, availability of competing properties, the demand for the property in the locality, marketing strategies, etc. After this information, you may have a marketing plan of your own. In order to fetch higher price for your property, your agent may suggest some repairs and cosmetic work. 

          To increase the marketability of your property, it is necessary to expose your property to other real estate agents and the public which is carried out by your agent since in the real estate market throughout the country, more than 50 per cent of real estate dealings are conducted through chain actions. 

          The sale dealings may be concluded either by your agent or through other agents to whom the information regarding the sale of your property has reached. Thus, your real estate agent acts as a marketing coordinator and furnishes information about your property to other real estate agents through the media of marketing networks open houses for agents etc. When, where and how to advertise yourproperty sale could best be done with the help of the real estate agent. Most sales in real estate are through the contacts of the agent with earlier clients, referrals, family friends and personal contacts. Sometimes, newspaperadvertising of the sale of property leads to phone calls to the real estate agent's office or to the vendor.

          While advertising through media, care should be taken not to give an impression that the property under notification is a distress sale. Therefore, it may bc noted that if a property is overly exposed in any media, the buyer may get an impression that the vendor is distressed or desperate to sell his property and thereby the prospective purchasers would start bargaining.
In the matter of purchase and sale of immovable property, the point at issue is more or less the same negotiation process. Whichever proposal the buyer brings can be objectively evaluated with the help of your agent in a way that does not compromise your marketing position.

          This beginning agreement only starts a process of appraisal, inspection and financing. With an advocate's help your agent can assist you to write an agreement that is positive from all angles which is legally binding.
Every area has its own special customs for finalizing the sale deed. You can be guided through this process by your real estate agent.

          The paperwork needed is itself too much for some sellers. The agent can best help you objectively to resolve these property matters and take the transaction to closure ofsale deed.

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