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CBR Aakruti Multistorey Apartments Located in Hoodi, Bangalore offered with 2BHK Apartments and 3BHK Apartments.

CBR Aakruti Multistorey Apartments Area Range 1125-1650 Sq.ft Located in Hoodi, Bangalore offered with 2BHK Apartments and 3BHK Apartments.


the CBR AAKRUTI lends itself beautiful to a life of peace and contented with nature's soothing touch in plentiful evidence everywhere.

CBR constructions brings you the touch of excellence from experienced builders whose whose business ethics are structured around customers needs.Every requirements of residents at this luxury apartments has been catered to , be it a central location,Superior infrastructure, quality amenities or features conforming to classy lifestyles.CBR Constructions welcomes you to a royal experience at CBR Aakruti
CBR constructions is a premier construction company in Bangalore,It has a singular vision of transforming the urban setting into next generation landscapes based on a solid foundation of innovation .Quality ,Eco -friendliness and value for money ,today CBR Construction projects are known to be the symbols of quality construction ,craftsmanship ,clear titles and value for money,Professional project management services and adherence to strict time schedules bringing out the best in every project .It has over a decade of experience in property development with 5 residential projects development so far many more are coming up in mere future
Delivering a pre - eminent lifestyle in the lap of comfort is CBR Construction top priority .A passion for excellence ,innovation ,futuristic designs ,motivated personnel and strategic locations in a nutshell,defines CBR Construction.


    Swimming Pool
    Male & Female Change Rooms
    Children Play Area
    Intercommunication System
    Jogging Track
    Community Hall
    Solar Heated Water
    Corridor with False Ceiling
    Well-lit Landscaped Garden
    Generator Back-up
    Rain Water Harvesting
    Shuttle Court

Additional Features

    Designed as per vaasthu principles
    Strategically located
    Generator back-up for all flats
    Refreshing ventilation
    Cricket Net
    Solar-heated water in toilet of master bedroom
    Fully loaded amenities

The trend of fixed working hours, a regular working place and monotonous routine has become the thing of the past.  Nowadays, the prime aim being efficient and fast completion of the projects on hand, it becomes immaterial from where the work is done. Though not in all centres, some private concerns has offered this option to its employees of working from their homes. Many people of different professions prefer to work from home these days. It is possible to maintain a professional decor at one's home. Though the wonderful concept might have its origin from western countries, it has become a common occurrence in India. Long before also we have witnessed the front verandah of the home invariably transformed into a shop or office from where one conducted one's day-to-day activities, while simultaneously enjoying the satisfaction and comfort of spending the working hours at Home.

Today working from home is not restricted to just one section of the business class. Anyone and every one of varieties of professions from the corporate employees to lawyers to teachers to tailors carry on their daily business from home. Therefore, it is of vital importance for homes with such working people, to have exclusive office areas so that their private domestic world does not clash with the special demands of professional lives.

Work  Area

If the own individual house or flat is being built, then one of the front corner rooms along with an attached bathroom could be assigned as the work zone. If the room has large windows it will cut down the cost of the electricity bills as the windows will let in natural light and air for most of the day.

The entrance door of this room can be fixed in the outer wall of the house or it could open into the verandah of the home for increased security.

If by chance there is no other option except to use the already existing premises, then the following few alterations could be made.


It is best to avoid expensive artefacts or articles that have sentimental value as décor items in office rooms as it could be very upsetting when they are damaged inadvertently by a stranger. The number of lucky charms pictures or idols of Gods or holy sages and sayings that are framed could be limited, so that it need not resemble a puja room. If the décor of the room adds to the functional value then it will appear more meaningful.

The furnishings of this room should be removed from the décor of the rest of the home in terms of the colors of the walls, the carpet, the furniture and curtains to give it that official look. For easy cleaning and regular maintenance in the long run it will be best to keep each of them simple and at the same time made up of sturdy material.

One of the walls of the room could be adorned with huge notice board on which the motto, inspirational pictures and sayings, copies of deadlines, reminders, notes or instructions to an assistant and a list of things that need to be attended to immediately, all could be displayed.

But it should be seen that the notice board does not look shabby or cluttered. Some interesting information, greeting cards sent by clients or partners or a funny joke or picture from time to time could be pinned up to attract the attention of even regular clients to the board.

If some space is available, a tiny notice board can be put up with necessary information like timings, nature of work carried out among other things.

If the room does not have in-built shelves, a couple of ready-made ones to stock the files, samples and records could be bought from the market. A water cooler or a filter in the room will take care of the thirst of the clients. If the room is large enough a single sofa or divan can be placed along with a coffee table besides housing an office table and a couple of chairs.  A flower vase with fresh flowers or some healthy indoor potted plants will add that lively green touch to the room.  A clock and calendar in the room can help in keeping track of time.

To have a perfect professional look it should be seen that the room is not cluttered with stocks or household items. The premises being small should always be kept clean.

All these arrangements will give the clients a feel of professional set up while at the same time giving the inmates of the home a sense of privacy and security. This will give job satisfaction, tension free atmosphere along with the Home comfort.

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Nitesh Cape Cod Multistorey Apartments Located in Marathahalli, Bangalore offered with 2BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK Apartments.

Nitesh Cape Cod Multistorey Apartments Area Range 1260-1685 Sq.ft Located in Marathahalli, Bangalore offered with 2BHK Apartments, 3BHK Apartments and 4BHK Apartments.


Here is the "WOW" Factor- Nitesh Cape Cod, modern & stylish green building located near Bellandur Junction on the Marathahalli -Sarjapur Outer Ring Road. Nitesh Cape Cod’s contemporary green premium condominiums have a modern, chic look with distinctive amenities that work hand in hand with the environment. The concept of "Outside Nature In" is gloriously reflected here with floor-to-ceiling windows, green walls, solar panels and PV cells. You can also enjoy here "Outside With Nature" concept with world-class exercise stations and rich landscaped gardens -to enjoy outdoor experience and environmental benefits. Here imagine your lifestyle will fly you in extreme style and comfort with your contribution to Mother Earth. Nitesh Cape Cod has achieved Gold Pre-Certification from Indian Green Building Council (IGBC) Green Homes Ratings.

Fitness Centre
Table Tennis
Badminton Court
Squash Court
Swimming Pool
Exclusive Lounge For Indoor Games
Entertainment Hall


Children Play Area
Jogging Track
World- Class Exercise Stations
Vaastu for Flats

Vaastu teaches us to align our dwellings to the tune of NATURE'S ENERGIES to derive maximum benefit out of them for our welfare and health. However it is not always possible to comply all the tenets of VAASTU at a time.  Therefore only broad aspects of VAASTU related to Apartments' plot of land, building and flats are summarized below.

Plot  of  Land :

(i)  Axii of plot X-X  and Y-Y should be parallel to magnetic axii East-West, North-South;
(ii)  Square shaped plot is the best;
(iii)  Rectangular shaped plot is good next to square shaped;
(iv)  Circular, oval shaped plot tilted by more than 22½” to the magnetic axis, hexagonal, wheel shaped, triangular, semi-circular, bow-shaped, parallelogram shaped, reverse - cart shaped, star shape, dholak shaped, trapezium shaped, hand fan shaped, beak shaped, tortoise shaped, plot having corner angles other than 90 degrees and also has all unequal four sides, trisul shaped, lion face shaped, egg shaped, L shaped plot having its North-West corner extended, plot having two opposite sites equal on East and West, South side larger than side on North, plot having East and West side parallel and sides on North and South Parallel are examples which are either weak or inauspicious. Such plots can be rectified to make them fit from VAASTU consideration. Cow faced plots with extension in North East corner are good for residential purpose.
(v) Slopes of the plot from North to South, West to East, South-West to North-East are good;
(vi)  If the plot has only one road on either North or East or West is good and if on South good for business.
(vii)  If the plot is having roads on two sides, then:

a) If roads are on North and East or on West and North it is good;

b) Other combinations of two roads is comparatively weak;
(viii)   If the plot is having roads on three sides, then they are generally weak;
(ix) If the plot is having roads on four sides, then it is the best.
(x)    If any T-Junction road is situated on any one or on other sides of the plot, it is weak;
xi)    If a road is by side of a plot and ends at the end of the plot it is good;
(xii) If the road dead ends on one side of the plot, it is not good.
(xiii) In case of rectangular plots, the frontage along the road should be less than the depth of plot.  Depth of plot better not to exceed than two times of the frontage width.
(xiv) Extension of corner of plot in North East or reduction of corner in North-West or South-East is good.  Extension of other corners are not desirable.
(xv) If the plot is sandwiched between two plots, it should be avoided;
(xvi) If there are rivers, drains, lakes etc., in the East or in the North it is auspicious;
(xvii) If there are tall trees, hillocks, building, mount of earth on the West or in the South it is auspicious.
(xviii) Colour of soil should be white, red or yellow;
(xix) One should avoid plots having fossil, big boulders, termite infection and of earth having pungent smell. Thorny bushes on the plot are indication of bad plot;
(xx) There should not be any ditch on the South of a Plot;
(xxi) Uneven ground having a mount of earth in center should be leveled to have regular slope higher from the West to the East or from South to North or from South-West to North-East direction;

Apartments  Building  as  a  Whole

(a)    During Construction

i) Excavation of foundation compound wall shall start from South-East corner to South-West corner, while construction shall start from South-West corner to South-East corner;
ii)    Terrace shall be given slope from the West to the East and from the South to North;
iii)    All walls of shops shall be 9” thick and shops shall be located in Western  or Southern Zone”;
iv)    Construction work should not be done at night.

b)    During Planning

(i) Building should be located in such a way that width of the open space in the North is more than the width of open space in the South and the width of open space in the East is more than open space in the West.
(ii) The proportion of width of plot to the width of the building should be the same as length of the plot to the length of the building.
(iii) In case of square plots, rectangular building should have longer sides facing the East and the West;
(iv) In case of rectangular plots square building can be constructed;
(v) The depth of the building should not be more than twice its width or minimum equal to its width;
(vi) If any vertical part extension of a building is proposed in future, the vertical part extension should be in South or West of the floor;
(vii) In case of roof with one slope the West should be higher than the East and the South should be higher than the North;
(viii) Central portion of the building should be open to sky;
(ix) Staircase should not be located in the central portion;
(x)  Staircase should be provided in the South or West portion of the building.
(xi) While climbing the stairs at start, one should face South or West;
(xii) While climbing steps, one should turn clockwise. Number of risers should be odd numbers.
(xiii) Bore well and drinking water sump shall be in the North East.
(xiv) Generator, electrical meter room and transformer should be in the South-East;
(xv) Vehicular parking should be preferably in the North and the East;
(xvi) Water storage tank on terrace at elevated level shall be in the West or in the South-West.
(xvii) Compound wall height on the South and West should be higher than the height of compound wall on North & East;
(xviii) Gate in compound wall should not be in the South;
(xix) Septic tank should not be in the South, South-East, South West or North East corner;

(c)    Interior Planning for Flats

i)    The kitchen should be on the South-East corner of flat;
ii)  The cooking platform should not touch the East and the South walls and should be few inches away from the wall;
iii)    Store should be in the South East corner of flat;
iv)    While cooking, face should be towards the East.
v)    Colour of kitchen should be yellow, Orange, Rose, Chockloate or Red;
vi)    Bath room should be in the South-East corner in the East direction;
vii) Wash basin shall be in the North-East, in the North or in the East;
viii) Heater, Switch Board and all other electrical appliances should be in South-East direction;
ix)    Mirror and door of bath room should be in the North or the East;
x)    A toilet cum bath should be in the West or North-West;
xi)    While using toilet, face should be in the North;
xii) Toilets shall never be in the Centre, North-East, South East, and the South-West corners;
xiii) Marble tiles should not be used in toilets;
xiv) Pujaghar should be in the East, North or North-East corner
xv) Pujaghar should not be in the bed room;
xvi) Idol should face the East or the West direction;
xvii) Toilets should never be above or below Puja room;
xviii) Kitchen should not be located above or below toilet;
xix) Living room or drawing room should be in the East or in the North.
xx) T.V. should be in the South East corner;
xxi) Cooler should be kept in the West;
xxii) Compared to the South side rooms, the North side rooms should be bigger in size;
xxiii) Master bed room should be in South-West corner and children bed room should be in North West corner;
xxiv) Study room should be in the West leaving the North-West and South-West corners free;
xxv) One should study in study room facing the East or the North
xxvi) Dining room should be in the West side. While taking food one should not face south;
xxvii) There should be no arches in the dining room;
xxviii) Safe door should open in the direction of the North or the East;
xxix) Store room should be in the North-West corner;
xxx) Balconies should be in the East or the North side;
xxxi) Basement in the East, North or North-East corner is beneficial;
xxxii) Porch with downward slope towards North is good;
xxxiii) Any obstruction like pole or column, tree, temple, well, road, staircase and lift well in front of the entrance gate is not desirable within twice the height of entrance door;
xxxiv) Kitchen should never be in front of entrance door;
xxxv) Toilet or poojaghar should not be located below stairs;
xxxvi) Door should always be placed upright and its concerns should always be square;
xxxvii) Total number of doors, windows and ventilators in each floor should be in even numbers and should not end with zero i.e. 10, 20, 30 etc.
xxxviii) Entrance door size should be bigger than other doors;
xxxix) Threshold must be provided for entrance door;
xl)    Rooms should be square or rectangular and should never be triangular or of irregular shape;
xli) Don't sleep, study or work at a location where beam is located above.

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Sanjana Sahara Multistorey Apartments Located in Hongasandra, Bangalore offered with 2BHK Apartments and 3BHK Apartments.

Sanjana Sahara Multistorey Apartments Area Range 1060 - 1321 Sq.ft Located in Hongasandra, Bangalore offered with 2BHK Apartments and 3BHK Apartments.


SAHARA is a place where you can spend with family, the happiest moments of your entire life. Its important that you choose a home you are comfortable with and we fulfills all your needs in “SANJANA SAHARA”.

SANJANA SAHARA” is in South Bangalore. The Garden City is becoming the first choice of many elite people from India and Abroad, as a place to make their future and a home.

“SANJANA SAHARA” is situated at Hongasandra, Mico Layout, Off Hosur Main Road, just 5 kms before Electronic city a major technology hub in Bangalore, where peace & tranquility reign amidst  beautiful environs...

Sanjana Sahara is located close to schools, hospitals, companies, restaurants, shopping  malls etc.,

    Intercom & Internet Facility
    24 Hrs.Power Backup
    24 hrs Security

One of the most flourishing industries in India today is the real estate industry. The number of builders and developers who offer special features to attract prospective buyers as the demand for residential and commercial property is increasing day by day. The Builders/Developers' role in this industry is very important.  Naturally there is mismatch between the promises made and what actually delivered, which is the rising cause for the consumers, i.e., buyers, dissatisfaction and grievances.

The Consumer Courts plays an important role in redressing the grievances of the Buyers / Consumers who have suffered in the hands of the Builders / Developers.

In cases where the builders make false promises to the flat purchasers and do not comply with their statutory obligations, the allottee has an option to file a criminal case in a criminal Court for cheating, breach of contract, not responding the grievance and delivery of poor quality construction against the builder along with the consumer complaint to be filed in consumer forum.,. The allottee can issue a statutory notice to the builder. In case the builder does not respond to the notice, parties have a right to approach the Criminal Court.  A police complaint can be filed after the issue of notice and then a criminal complaint can be filed before the Metropolitan Magistrate. The complainant should bring out irregularities committed by the builders while executing the constructions of the building.

Following are the general complaints/grievances of the buyers, apart from some specific complaints:

1. Sub standard work:

The Builders / Developers, in the competitive market, throw number of promises, discounts and lucrative description of the property at the time of booking for a property by a prospective buyer.

¢    In one of its judgment the Supreme Court of India has held that if a builder uses sub-standard material in construction of a building or makes false and misleading representations about the condition of the house then it is denial of the facility or benefit of which a consumer is entitled to claim value. 

¢    In cases where the end product delivered to the buyer is of substandard in quality, the buyer has the remedy to file a consumer complaint in the Consumer forum against the Builder / Developer for deficiency in services. In such cases the consumer forums have ordered the builders to remove the defects and also pay compensation to the allottee. The allottee also has an option to file a civil suit against the builder claiming damages for breach of obligations.

2. Construction without approvals:

¢    The consumer forums have held that where the plot has been sold by the authorities / Builders without taking proper approval of the layout plans and as a result of which the possession could not be delivered to the prospective allottee, such an act on the part of the builder amounts to deficiency in service. 

¢    In case where the builder constructed the property without the required approvals from the authorities, the allottee / buyer can file a consumer complaint against the builder for deficiency in service. He can also file a civil suit against the builder for refund of the amount. In such cases the allottee can also approach the regulatory authority that was to issue the required approval which can statutorily force the builder to obtain the approval.

¢    In such case, subsequent to allotment of the plots, the Supreme Court had banned the construction activity in five km radius of Badkhal Lake and since the complainants' plot fell within the said Supreme Court directions and the Commission directed the builder / developer to refund the amount along with interest, holding that the complainants / allottees were entitled to compensation.

3. Construction on illegally acquired land:

¢    In cases where the construction has been made on illegally acquired land, the buyer / allottee can approach the consumer forum or the civil court for his grievance redressal. In such cases the allottee can either claim the refund of the amount invested by him in the property or he can ask for an alternate accommodation by the same builder.

¢    The Supreme Court has held that even the advertisements inviting applications for allotment without having title to the land was deceptive and unfair trade practice of the builders. 

4. Fraud in booking:

¢    In cases of fraud in booking, the buyer/allottee can file a complaint against the builder in the consumer forum or file a civil suit in civil court. In case of fraud, the allottee can also file a criminal complaint before the police. 

¢    Note:

¢    The Supreme Court has held that the name of the applicant not being considered at the time of the draw notwithstanding that the applicant had fulfilled all the requirements of the advertisement was held to be a deficiency in service,  as such, an applicant had a right for consideration of his application along with similarly situated persons and if at the appropriate time his name had been considered and allotted a plot, he would have been able to raise construction thereon with the resources at his disposal.

¢    It was held that by unduly and unlawfully denying him the opportunity of allotment, a reasonable and just compensation was required to be fixed and paid. 

¢    It was also held that a period of 9 months to a year is justifiable period to return the application fee without any interest, but if it can be demonstrated that the delay on the part of the Authorities in refunding the application fee was unreasonable, the courts have awarded interest notwithstanding that the brochure inviting the applications clearly provided that no interest would be paid by the Development Authorities. 

5. Change of land use, layout plan and structures without the approval of the buyer:

¢    If the builder wants to undertake additional construction, which is not part of the layout plan shown to flat buyer at the time of executing the purchase agreement he must obtain the consent of the buyer. In cases of the builder/developer makes changes in the use of land or in the layout plan and the structures with respect to the one given in the agreement, the buyer must send a legal notice to the builder and if he does not respond to the same the allottee can file a complaint against the builder in the consumer forum or file a civil suit in a civil court. 

¢    The buyer can also file a complaint before the Competition Commission of India if he is able to show that the builder is a dominant entity in the market and is misusing his position to the detriment of the allottee by unilaterally altering the layout plan or structures of the building.

6. Hidden charges:

¢    If the allottee is overburdened by the excessive hidden charges in the Buyer Builder agreement, the buyer can file a civil suit in a civil court. 

¢    The allottee can also file a complaint before the Competition Commission of India if he is able to show that the builder is a dominant entity in the market and is misusing his position to the detriment of the allottee by unilaterally imposing exorbitant hidden charges.

7. Enhanced external development charges:

¢    If the builder demands enhanced development charges from the allottees, the allottee can file a civil suit in a civil court. 

8. Cancellation of booking / project:

¢    After receiving the booking amount, if the builder cancels the booking, the allottee can send him a legal notice regarding the same and in case the no solution comes out or the builder does not respond to the notice, then the  allottee can file a consumer complaint against him for refund for his booking amount. 

¢    The allottee can also file a civil/Criminal case against the builder. 

9. Forfeiture of amount:

Insertion of a penalty clause which is biased in favour of builder/developer is also one of the unfair practices committed by the builders. In most of the cases, the agreement contains a penalty clause in which the buyer is charged a penalty @ 18% for delayed payments in the purchase of a flat, when the builder delays the delivery of the same flat, the rate at which the builder pays is only about @ 1 to 2 % showing an unfairly loaded contract. Precautions to be taken by a prospective buyer

¢    The terms and conditions of the agreement entered into between the builder and the allottee determines the refund of the booking amount. If the agreement contains an expert clause that the builder has right to forfeit certain percent of the booking amount, then there is no legal recourse. But if the agreement does not contain any such clause then the allottee can issue a legal notice to the builder. 

¢    The allottee can also approach a consumer forum in case the cancellation is on account of the delay caused by the builder in the completion of the project. The National Commission has held that if the request for refund is made by the allottee on the ground that there has been a considerable long delay in development or handing over of the possession of the plots, then the allottee can approach the consumer along with 18 per cent interest.

10. Delay in delivering possession:

Non-delivery of possession on time is one of the major areas of conflict between the developers and the buyers. There are numerous cases where builders have taken more than the required time to finish projects while leaving home buyers to suffer financial loss. Whatsoever be the reason, the delay in completion of the project has a direct impact on the buyer. The buyer has to pay the EMIs of the bank and also the rent for his current residence. The financial loss and mental agony that the buyer has to face cannot be compensated except by giving him the physical possession of his house. The Supreme Court has held that when possession of the property is not given within the stipulated period, the delay is denial of service. Such disputes or claims are not with respect to immovable property but 'deficiency in rendering of service' of a particular standard, quality or grade. 

       In case of delay in delivery of possession by the builder, the legal options that are available to the allottee / buyer is:

¢    to file a consumer complaint or file a civil suit against the builder for the refund of amount paid to the builder and the interest thereon.

¢    file a complaint before the Competition commission of India if the builder is a dominant entity in the market and using his dominant position to the detriment of the buyer.

¢    Note:

¢    A person who applies for allotment of a building site, or flat constructed by the development authority or entered into an agreement with a builder or contractor is a potential user and the nature of construction is covered in the expression service of any description. 

¢    The Court also held that the compensation awarded by the consumer courts in such cases should serve the dual purpose of recompensing the individual while simultaneously bringing about a qualitative change in the attitude of service providers towards consumers.

¢    In another case the Supreme Court has held that in a specific case, where it is found that the delay was culpable and there is no contributory negligence by the allottee resulting in harassment / injury, both mental and physical, the forum / commission would not be precluded from making an award in excess of 12% per annum.

¢    National Consumer Commission has also held that the buyer is entitled to a refund of the entire money with reasonable interest, and any deduction by the builder is unjustified. 

11. Creation of third party interests:

¢    Where a builder creates a third party interest in the flat allotted to a person, the allottee / buyer can serve a legal notice to the builder and in case there is no response from the builder the allottee / buyer  can file a consumer complaint against the builder or can file a civil case. The allottee / buyer can also file a criminal complaint against the builder for cheating and fraud.

12. Not providing completion certificate:

¢    In case the builder has not received the completion certificate from the concerned authority, the allottee / buyer can file a RTI application with the SPIO of the local Municipality demanding the copies of all the documents submitted for seeking approval of the concerned authorities and can file the required NOCs with the concerned authority and can obtain the completion certificate himself.

¢    If the builder has obtained the completion certificate and not willing to give it to the allottee, then he can file a consumer complaint or file a civil suit against the builder.

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HL Villas Villa Located off Kanakapura Road, Bangalore offered with 2BHK Villas, 3BHK Villas and 4BHK Villas.

HL Villas Villa Area Range 1200-3600 Sq.ft Located off Kanakapura Road, Bangalore offered with 2BHK Villas, 3BHK Villas and 4BHK Villas.

HL Villas measure up to your picture of the perfect home in every aspect of the existence. The project enjoys a splendid location with an upcoming Metro Rail and many educational and social institutions in its vicinity. Moreover, it is spread out on an elevated piece of land to give you a picturesque sky view for those over-whelming moments in life. Homeland Builders & Developers have turned your dream of owning a villa at realistic rates in Bangalore into reality with launch of HL Villas.

HL Villas measure up to your picture of the perfect home in every aspect of the existence. The project enjoys a splendid location with an upcoming Metro Rail and many educational and social institutions in its vicinity. Moreover, it is spread out on an elevated piece of land to give you a picturesque sky view for those over-whelming moments in life. Homeland Builders & Developers have turned your dream of owning a villa at realistic rates in Bangalore into reality with launch of HL Villas. Now, you can own a luxurious duplex villa at splendid location surrounded by picturesque surrounding, right next to Dirt Mania (where you can enjoy some dirt biking too!), and several educational institutions & upcoming hospitals. Say goodbye to all those who tell you that it's not possible to buy a villa for less than a crore, and book yours at just Rs 70lakhs* onwards. 

HL Villa Amenities

    Fully Gated Community surrounded by compound Wall with single entry.
    Electricity through under ground cabling.
    Overhead Tank - 24hrs water supply.
    Asphalted road with footpath and tree guard.
    Park and Children play area
    30000 sq ft Clubhouse with Gym
    swimming pool & Kids pool
    Meditation Hall & Multipurpose Hall
    Indoor & Outdoor Games

Club house

Work or play, everything's on hand Whatever your mood, whether you want to chill out with a cocktail or find a quiet space to work on that important document, our Clubhouses have a space to suit. And above all lush green environment ,clean, and pollution free surroundings. With lot of add-ons like, swimming pool, kids pool, indoor and outdoor games etc….
Q and A on Property matters

I had signed as a witness to a Will of my friend, who expired recently. His legal heirs have approached the Court and I have been summoned as a witness. I really do not know the contents of the Will, but has seen my friend affixing his signature. Please advise what is my role?

-    Sivaram, Seshadripuram

The witness need not know the contents of the document, Will. There is no need for him to read the text of any document. A witness only witnesses that the parties to the document have signed the documents in his presence. In the Court you may have to testify to this fact.

We are two brothers. Each of us own one site of 30X40 measurements, which are adjacent. All the documents are separate. Even Khatha’s are separate. But, we want to have a common building on both sites with multiple floors. How we have to proceed?

-    Jayanthi, Ulsuru

You have to approach the local municipality for a clubbed Common Khatha in joint names. After receipt of Khatha in joint names, you may submit the plan for common building on both sites to Municipal Authorities.

I have purchased a flat in a recently constructed apartment at Kanakapura Road. The area comes under the jurisdiction of BDA. All the Owners have agreed to form an Association. There is some doubt, where the Association is to be registered, Registrar of Firms or Registrar of Co-operative Society. Some Owners mention that the Association has to be registered with the Sub-Registrar. We seek your guidance?

-    Krishna, Kanakapura Road

You have informed that, the flat is purchased in an apartment building, which is governed by the Karnataka Apartment Ownership Act 1972. As per Section 13 of said Act, Declarations, Deeds of Apartments, floor plans are to be registered under Registration Act 1908. Accordingly to the Owner’s Association, it may be registered with the Jurisdictional Sub-Registrar unless there are compelling reasons not to do so alternatively and it can be registered under the Society Acts for the purpose stated in the Act along with the maintenance of the building.

My father owns a property in Bangalore. It consists of ground floor only; we are two brothers and one sister. Property in question stands in the name of my father, which is self-acquired. I have been granted a home loan to construct the first floor; my sister and brother have given no objection letter to construct the first floor. Later on my brother wants to construct the second floor. But, my father has refused to give no objection letter or even cede our proportionate share in the property. Please advice how to overcome this problem?

-    Mahesh, Chamrajpet

You have stated that, the property is self-acquired by your father, so he has the absolute ownership title, interest. He can deal with the property, as he likes. Question of proportionate share to you arises, only on his expiry without making any Will. If he makes any Will, property will devolve according to the Will. Neither you nor your brother has any right over the property at present. The very idea of constructing additional floor on the property of your father and finding fault with him is wrong. If your father agrees, he may gift undivided share on the land to both of the brothers to enable you to construct floors. Please also examine whether building Bylaws permit additional floors. It is advisable to settle such family matters amicably.

I would like to state that I bought a site in BSK VI stage. I am desired to know more about the area and the progress that is being taken place. By what time the area will be fully developed to proceed on constructing a house? What are the documents other than Sale Deed, Khatha, tax paid receipt required to avail loan from the Banks? Is Encumbrance Certificate to be made if the allotment is made by the BDA directly?

-    Devaraju, Kalasipalya 

You have not informed how you got the site, whether by allotment from BDA or by direct purchase, Banks require title document, which establishes the ownership of Borrowers. In case of direct purchase, apart from your Sale Deed, Khatha Certificate and tax paid receipts in your name, the title documents and revenue documents of the property establishing the right, title, interests of the person who sold the property to you are required. It is necessary to trace how the Seller acquired the property and its origin atleast for forty years. In case of the property is allotted by BDA, the allotment letter, Possession Certificate, amount paid receipts are required in addition to Sale Deed, Khatha and tax paid receipts. Encumbrance Certificates atleast for 13 years or from the date of allotment is essential for any type of property. If you are going for construction, approved plan is also required. Though this column is not for forecasting the future development of any area, the area in which your site is situated may develop within a couple of years.

A year back I purchased a house in Jayanagar. I had paid the Stamp Duty and Registration as calculated by the Sub-Registrar. The Khatha is changed to my name and I have paid the upto date property tax. But, recently I have received a notice from Department of Stamps and Registration (under valuation) stating that the house is undervalued in the Sale Deed, and has demanded me to pay further Stamp Duty. I have paid the Stamp Duty as determined by the Sub-Registrar. Then how the department can issue a notice?

-    Sandeep, Hasaghatta

The Stamp Duty on conveyance of immovable property is based on the market value of the property/guidance value. If the market value is less than the guidance value, Stamp Duty has to be paid on the basis of guidance value. If the market value is more than the guidance value, the Stamp Duty is payable on market value. Though you have paid the duty as calculated by the Sub-Registrar, the Deputy Commissioner may within two years from the date of Registration, call any instrument for examination, and if found undervalued, may determine the correct market value and call the party to pay the difference amount. If you have sufficient evidence to show, that value of the property is disclosed is correct market value, you may contest the notice duly supported by documentary evidence. You may also pay the difference amount as demanded and get document endorsed.

Is it safe to buy properties from the Vendors other than BDA or reputed Builders?

-    Vasanth, Thirumanahalli

Properties allotted by the BDA are the best option to purchase. For purchase of property other than this source, requires examination of various documents such as Mother Deed, Khatha Extract, and Khatha Certificate, Encumbrance Certificate etc., to find out whether the Vendor has a valid and marketable title. It is advised to consult an experienced Advocate, who is well-versed in property documents scrutiny before the finalisation of the deal.

I live in a two bed room apartment. The building has two bed room apartments and three bed room apartments. Please state as to whether the common expenses are to be shared equally or it is to be apportioned according to the flat size?
-    Balaji, Hosekote  

Sharing of common expenses is governed by the Bylaws framed by the Apartment Owners Association and generally, it is apportioned amongst the flat Owners in proportion to the super built up area occupied by them. It is calculated at a particular sum per sq.feet.

Before purchasing a property is it necessary to give a Public Notice in a newspaper?

-    Mrs. Gayathri, Cox Town

While scrutinizing the documents of the property, an eminent Advocate well versed in property matters, even though can trace ninety percent title may not sometimes be able to trace encumbrances like prior agreement, simple mortgage, court litigation etc., with respect to the property. Therefore, to safeguard the interest of the Purchaser, it is advisable to give a Public Notice in a leading local newspaper before purchasing the property. It is not binding on any clamant to answer to such notice. However, if any bonafide claimants are there, they will inform about their right, title and interest in the property with documentary proof. Also such notice will inform the public at large that the Purchaser is a genuine buyer of the property.