Thursday, October 17, 2013

RER frank talk on Bangalore city Traffic problems...

City Traffic Problems 

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The Bangalore city has been plagued by the problem of traffic congestion which has a direct bearing on the living conditions of the people and growth of business and in addition it acts as a major contributor to air pollution in the city

The reasons for traffic congestion would include bad conditions of roads, poor traffic management and dearth of proper infrastructure such as flyovers and to a certain extent few indisciplined drivers. 

Bad conditions of roads such as narrow roads, potholes on the roads, badly laid roads and median would cause hurdle in the free and smooth movement of vehicles leading to traffic jam. Poor traffic management i.e. uncoordinated traffic lights, inability to enforce lane or speed discipline, inability to divert traffic to alternative roads to ease traffic jam on a particular road would in no small measure add to the problems of traffic congestion. 

Insufficient infrastructure such as inadequate flyovers, pedestrian underpass, badly designed traffic junctions also contribute to the traffic problems ofthe city. It is needless to say that the people at large and the industrialists and the business people in particular are fed up with the traffic problems of the city. It would be a great service to the citizens of the town if the Government in power and the authorities at the helm of affairs would sit together and find a coordinated solution to the problem. 

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In so tackling the problem, the Government can seek views and guidance of the resident welfare associations and such other knowledgeable individuals before finally arriving at the solution. Expeditious completion of Metro Rail and Mono rail projects would also help in redressing the traffic problems of the city. 
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