Thursday, October 3, 2013

RER frank talk on Civic Problems in Bangalore

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The Bangalore City Corporation limit has been extended during the year 2007 to cover the entire urbanizable area of the CDP 2015. All the seven municipal areas and one town municipal area in Kengeri are brought under the City Corporation, now called as the "Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike" [BBMP]. With this expansion, the responsibility of BBMP and other civic authorities has increased manifold. Similarly, the problems and grievances of the people also have gone up. To earn name and fame these civic bodies have to tackle these problems in a scientific way with much speed. 

The problems generally faced by the city dwellers which are frequently debated in press and electronic media would mainly concern the traffic congestion, slow vehicular movement, higher lane! and rental value and. inadequate infrastructure in the city in comparison with the facilities available in the neighbouring States. It is no doubt that the BBMP and other civic authorities are striving hard to tackle these problems to the extent possible within the available means of resources, but not very successfully. This should not deter them from continuing their actions. 

There is another problem if not tackled well in time may reach an alarming proposition. The problem concerns providing of adequate potable water to the people. Today's water requirement in the city is several times more than what it was a few years ago and this would go up further in the days to come. 


The cause for higher consumption of water in the city could be due to the high influx of people in search of employment, business and profession for permanent settlement in Bangalore, increase in construction activities in and around Bangalore, depletion of underground water, scant rain fall due to uprooting of old and deep rooted trees for expansion of roads and for construction of buildings, drying of existing lakes, preventing seepage of rain water to water beds due to tarring/cementing of roads. 

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Since the problem concerning water scarcity cannot be tackled through short term planning, the need to formulate a long term and ever lasting solution is necessary. Therefore, the concerned authorities of Government and their civic bodies such as BBMP, BWSSB, Horticultural Department etc., in co-ordination with each other, may chalk out a comprehensive water supply plan well in advance so that the Bangaloreans may not face any potable water scarcity in the days to come. 


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