Friday, October 4, 2013

RER frank talk on Air pollution in bangalore 5 regions...

Air pollution in Bangalore is increasing at an alarming speed in comparison.with the other metropolitan cities. Reasons for this are many. There is a tremendous increase in the strength of population and movement of vehicles for commercial and construction activities. The purchasing power of young technocrats working in IT and  ITES organizations has gone up considerably. It has become the order of  the day that every LT. and ITES employee prefers to have a four wheeler vehicle in addition to a two wheeler vehicle. 

The I. T. MNC organizations as a matter of pride and convenience provide hired or owned CAB and other vehicle services for their staff. The shifting in of the family members of the technocrats and other job seekers who flung into city for employment add up further pressure on the housing, schooling, transport and other civic amenities of Bangalore. Further, Bangalore is most sought after destination for investment in real estate not only by the people who reside within the country but also who reside abroad. Thus, the influx of people to Bangalore is on the steep rise. To cater to the needs of the increased population and organizations a large number of buildings such as malls, commercial complexes, farm houses and residential apartment buildings are mushrooming in and around the city

For movement of men and material required for these construction, commercial and other activities, different types of vehicles move on the roads. The daily movement of these vehicles is so high that the existing roads of Bangalore are over crowded and we see slow movement of vehicles and traffic jams in almost all the roads not only during peak and office hours but even at late night hours. With the increase in the strength of vehicles, slow movement of these vehicles on the roads and frequent traffic jams_and cutting of existing deep rooted trees on the road sides for widening of roads, the air pollution has reached an alarming proportion. It has now become an Herculean task to move on the roads of Bangalore and bear the vehicular pollution. 

Though the Government is making an all out effort to redress this civic problem, the achievement of their efforts could be termed as dismal since these problems cannot be solved by the Government alone, but requires involvement of people at large. Therefore, all the concerned authorities and agencies may come together and draw up a master plan for the orderly development of the city, reduce air pollution, increase reenery on the road sides to save the people of the city from health hazards due to air pollution. 

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