Saturday, October 5, 2013

RER frank talk on Vehicular Pollution in bangalore...

Vehicular pollution is one ofthe modern-day evils that have come along with rapid urbanization, exponential growth in economic development and consumption habits in the whole world, and to lie more specific, in our city of Bangalore. These have caused tremendous increase in road transportation and vehicular traffic. 

Uncontrolled growth of both commercial and residential activities at traffic junctions in the city have given rise to more people being exposed to vehicular emissions. As motor vehicles and population are concentrated within the confines of urban Bangalore, it has given rise to a serious air pollution problem. Emissions are discharged directly into the breathing zone by vehicles creating this problem because of high number of vehicles causing traffic congestion and the amount of pollutants they emit causes several adverse effects. More than 70% of the air pollution in Bangalore is because of automobile exhaust emissions. 

A poor public transport system has led to the rapid growth in vehicles jostling for space on Bangalore's roads. As disposable incomes have increased and there are many innovative hire-purchase schemes offered by financial institutions this has led to the expansion of the automobile business by leaps and bounds. Bangalore has the highest number of two-wheelers which is more than 15 .42Iakh. This has led to many accidents on the City's roads. Perhaps the only advantage in all this ironically, is that the increasing number of vehicles has brought in plenty of revenue for the State in terms of road taxes and cesses.

 Several steps have been taken by various civic authorities to reduce vehicular pollution such as encouraging motorists to switch to LPG from petrol, educating road users on the effects of using adulterated fuel, synchronization of traffic signals and taking action against vehicles that flout pollution norms. The authorities have unfortunately become lax in their check on vehicles particularly government buses and vehicles which emit more pollutants and should be checked more stringently. 

A practical suggestion would be to do something about improving the parking situation by providing more parking lots at commercial and residential areas. As some countries have introduced vertical parking through high-rise parking lots it might be a good idea to introduce high-rise parking lots in Bangalore too. We hope that all citizens will become a part ofthe drive to ride the city of pollution and traffic congestion problems caused by excess vehicles. 

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