Tuesday, October 1, 2013

RER frank talk on Bangalore International Airport...

Bangalore International Airport

The Bangalore International Airport at Devenahalli is scheduled to be made functional in April 2008 and the concerned authorities are confident of meeting the dead line. Development and completion of the airport is not the end in itself. The airport should have proper and useable connectivity from the Bangalore City. Lest, the airport would be an ornamental one. 

With the available infrastructural facilities in Bangalore, one may ask 'how long will it take to reach the airport from the heart of the city'. It is hoped that on a busy office day, it could take two hours from Electronic city and from other end of the town it could be over three hours. The next question would be whether one could certainly reach the new air port on schedule if he maintains this time frame. The answer could be uncertain since there is unmanageable vehicular traffic on the roads of Bangalore and there are several crossings and signal stoppages. 

The existing Bellary Road from Bangalore to Devanahalli and beyond is being converted into a six line passage. Work is progressing in stretches. On an analysis of the speed at which road works at different places  leading to Devanahalli Airport are progressing and the fact that the  proposal of providing mono rail facility from city to International  Airport is still at the initial stage, it would be wise and sensible if the  existing Bangalore Airport near HAL is put to use till the road or  rail connectivity to Devanahalli Airport is complete in all respects.  

Government in power may not hurry up in the matter since any  hurried decision would put the people into unforeseen difficulties as  has been experienced by them due to failure of the BBMP to provide underpass near Cauvery theatre within 72 hours as proudly  announced by them. Lest, the complaints of air passengers missing  their flights from Bangalore would be heard very frequently.  

As far as handling the air traffic is concerned, it is proposed that the  airport will handle five million passengers per annum initially and  later on the capacity would be increased to forty million  passengers per annum. 

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