Friday, October 25, 2013

RER frank talk on Bangalore 5 regions Infrastructure


City of Bangalore has been growing by leaps and bounds so also the demand for civic amenities by the residents. The demand of the residents for civic amenities are not met successfully in spite of best efforts by the concerned municipal and planning authorities making the problem gigantic. No emphasis is needed to explain the problems faced by the residents of Bangalore - whether be it in traffic management or power supply or water supply or public transport or medical care or housing for poor, we can hear lot of grievances from the people and the Government's failure to redress them.

Then what is the solution? 
Solutions may be many. But, in my view, development of full fledged townships in and around Bangalore could be a solution to ease out the pressure on the already over populated city of Bangalore.As a first step in this direction, the Government should speedily develop road and rail infrastructure from city centres to the satellite townships and provide cheap, efficient and quick transport facilities to these areas so thatthe people could settle down there easing out pressure on the central areas.

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Government may take cue that people residing in Tumkur but employed in Bangalore do make daily trips from Tumkur to Bangalore and vice versa. This is possible because of good transport facilities available in this sector.Good motorable roads and comfortable road and rail transport systems coupled with other infrastructural facilities for development of schools and colleges, hospitals, play grounds, parks, creches, market centres, entertainment halls, small and medium industries and commercial establishments would motivate people to settle down in the satellite townships. This in turn would ease out thepressure on the available infrastructural facilities in Bangalore, which is found to be far from sufficiency.

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