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Pashmina Brookwoods Apartments for sale Located in Budigere, Bangalore available with 1BHK Apartments and 2BHK Apartments.

Pashmina Brookwoods Multistorey Apartments Area Range 500-678 Sq.ft, Located in Budigere, Bangalore available with 1BHK Apartments and 2BHK Apartments.

The pride and joy you get from owning your very own home is second to none. It is an achievement that brings satisfaction to you and your loved ones. Brookwoods is a residential space that knows what a feeling of joy, pride and freedom mean to you. It is re-defined value and smart living like never before.

From the well planned 1 BHK apartments with a spacious balcony to the various amenities on offer, Brookwoods is the perfect culmination of modern living and value. It gives you a practical, smart and happy lifestyle to look forward to. We believe it's not just about owning your own home, but having a luxury home that is emotionally connected to you.

To easy your commute and give you the utmost convenience, Brookwoods is situated on the booming corridor off Old Madras Road. This ensures you are never away from the major landmarks in Bangalore while giving you a complete lifestyle experience.

Now you can proudly say "My home, I own" as your dream turns into the joyful reality you always wanted. Welcome to Brookwoods!

Multipurpose hall
Cards rooms/Indoor games
Swimming Pool
Children’s play Area
Basket ball court
Leisure Pavilions
Jogging Track
Tree plaza with Yoga platform
Convenience store

The promoter regulation acts of various States attempted to deal with what could be considered as excesses by the real estate sector i.e., 
 (i) collecting huge amounts even prior to the approval of construction proposals,
(ii) creating a mortgage on the property before or after entering into an agreement of sale with third parties, without letting them know of the mortgage,
(iii) not delivering apartments in time,
(iv) changing approved plans midway,
(v) not transferring apartments to individual flat purchasers or to housing societies, with the fond hope that the FAR / FSI in the area would increase and they could benefit,
(vi) collecting huge maintenance fees and siphoning it off through inflated charges,
(vii) issuing misleading advertisements, etc. All these and other issues ought to be taken care of by the Law,and cannot be left to market forces, since the hard- earned lifetime savings of citizens are involved. Despite some States bringing laws, there is no denying that the Real Estate sector is still one of the most unregulated, in so far as relations between the developer / promoter / builder and the purchaser are concerned. As such, there is an imperative need for a model Real Estate ( Regulation and Development ) Act.

The Central Government had announced a Model Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, which was put up for discussion before it was brought before Parliament. It envisages regulatory and appellate.

Regulatory Authority

authorities to regulate, control and promote development by construction, sale, transfer and management of residential apartments. Though the model legislation is a welcome move to bring discipline to the sector, the proposed legislation is not binding on States, which have to enact separate legislation. The regulatory authority proposed is in addition to existing authorities under different local, planning, revenue and tax establishments. There are dozens of licenses and approvals to be obtained prior to starting development and, taking into consideration the way our systems work, the new proposed authorities would only delay approvals, add to the cost and create additional structures that would only set the clock back.

This is the era of liberalization. The proposed legislation will only take the real estate industry back to the license raj era. Creation of additional authorities has always led to more corruption. Exorbitant demands by authorities invariably lead to delays and cost escalation, ultimately borne by the purchaser. Power to such authorities has traditionally led to its misuse, and no system to deal with this menace has yet been discovered. Especially in the Real Estate sector, promoters ought to be made responsible and liable,so that the excesses complained of by the citizens and investors are taken care of by Law administered through Courts.

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Nithesh Palo Alto Villas for sale Located at Sarjapur Road, Bangalore available with 3BHK Villas and 4BHK Villas.

Nithesh Palo Alto Villas Area Range 2750 - 3950 Sq.ft Located at Sarjapur Road, Bangalore available with 3BHK Villas and 4BHK Villas.

Nitesh Estates offers the highest standards of quality and global lifestyle living with the concept of Villaments at Nitesh Palo Alto.  Situated on the IT Corridor of Sarjapur- Marathahalli Ring Road – this is an environment of scenic beauty.

These premium villaments provide exquisite space planning, well thought through interiors and large expanse of landscaped gardens coupled with close proximity to Shopping Centers, Schools and Health Care facilities; making it one of the most sought after places to live in Bangalore.

At Nitesh Palo Alto, wi-fi connectivity and high-technology automation systems awaits you to bring in the true Silicon Valley lifestyle.

Swim and relax in the secluded garden like setting designed by one of the world’s best landscape designers. Ample Car Parking for Home Owners along with parking for visitors with a Concierge Desk and asset managed by Nitesh Estates - making Nitesh Palo Alto a ‘global development’.


Swimming Pool with Deck& Change Rooms
Childrens Play area with Basket ball court
Jogging Track
Toddlers Pool
Multi function Lawn Area

Indian Real Estate has been defined as wary for the last few months and may continue to do so for the next few months. It is easy to maintain that the global recessionary has had a hand in this and point fingers on the Government's ineptitude to bring about a change similar to the promises of the American President Barack Obama.
The RBI's monetary policy in tandem with the economic stimuli in December 2008 and early January 2009 was aiming for liquidity in the market to wipe damp consumer sentiments. However, blame it on petty politics or the over-cautions approach of financial institutions or the ham-fisted decisions in risk management of entrepreneurs and businessmen; it seems that the economic atyachar may continue.

Government policies appropriately injected

The fact of the matter is that policies by the Government and the RBI were not accepted in spirit. The Indian Institute of Plagiarism, a disease which has spread from Bollywood to money matters saw Indian giants seeking further help from the Government. In a letter dated the 5th of February 2009 to the Maharashtra Chief Minister Ashok Rao Chavan from the Maharashtra Chamber of Rousing Industry (MCRI), it requested a ‘Stimulus Package for Real Estate second demanding taxcuts and reduction of FSI rates. MCRI satirically had heldan exhibition for affordable housing in Mumbai which was quoted “a success”. Itis hard to refurbish success with hidden sordid agendas.

Interest Rates slashed, Financial Institutions clawed

The RBI’s move in reduction of interest rates was to facilitate home loan rates. SBI, like a supreme opportunist, announced a reduction of home loans to 8%. Other factors that were underplayed was the money margin, the loan-to-value rate increased drastically and also Credit Information Bureau (India) Limited (CIBIL), its illegitimate offspring tightened its noose to curtail mass borrowers through strict regulations on borrowers. This would ensure that the loans are not disbursed as per the for titude of the stimulus packages or the RBI’s interest rates redu only for new
ction. It is important to note that the special discounted rates are applicable customers and for a limited period, after which prevailing rates will be applicable. SBI's offer of 8% is only applicable for only one year and is valid up to May 2009. HDFC's special rate of 9.75% for a Rs 20 lakh loan with a 20 year tenure will be offered only up to the end of February 2009, beyond which prevailing rates will apply.

The length of time for which these lower rates can be availed of may be insufficient to make a decision on buying property, and therefore may not translate into transactions.

HDFC marks the move by SBI as a 'gimmick'. SBI retorted that the move was to kick start demand in the market and was primarily meant for existing customers. With SBI and RDFC fighting like a soon-to-be- divorced couple, the in-consequent worry is what about their destructive son, CIBIL.

The Government role

The Interim Budget also received a lot of criticism which the acting finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee said was for the "aamaadmi". This can only be assumed to the overwhelming advantage rural India has had in shaping poll outcomes. 

A laissez-faire economy talks about a minimum government intervention. Debates falred when, in 1969, 14 banks were nationalized by Prime Minister Mrs. Indira Gandhi. We have come a long way from the clutches of national bankruptcy in 1991 when the Finance Minister and the current Prime Minister Manmohan Singh broke the shackles of Socialism and let the economy loose towards Privatization. It has been a tedious journey since then and today adequate freedoms are promised by the state to private sectors. But then it's a system of checks and balances that avoids extremist philosophies like Anarcho- Capitalism or Market Anarchism. The Government has done its best to 'stimulate' the economy but if private sectors, like the one of Real Estate, need greater levels offoreplay then it may as well give up or chose ground breaking innovative avenues.

'Devil' opens firing the furnace

This leads on to practices employed by developers. When demand falls, prices drop too. This particular theory has not squirmed through the ears of developers.

"When flats are more expensive, the drop will be sharper than where the flats are cheaper. .. correction is bound to come." HDFC Chairman Deepak Parekh told reporters recently. With speculativetransactions leading to hyper inflated prices and massive land banks waiting tobe seeded, developers are holding on to their prices. In 2007, prices in Thane were offered at Rs 3,000 per sq ft., and the prices are still at Rs 3,000 per sq ft. Fabricated market prices by builders are negating the  natural route of pricing. Al though there have been reports that property rates are now dipping in some quarters but the transition has not been as appropriate as expected.

ForeignInvestment leeway

Furthermore, the Government has exercised its leniency towards foreign investment as well. Foreign investors who have less than 50% stake in an Indian company are treated as domestic equity thus limiting the definition of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). This widens the horizons for non-Indian investors but also keep a vigilant glance in terms of its characterization. There has been denigration on some quarters that this may lead to exposure of the Indian economy to the global recessionary trends. But this neglects that foreign investors who have the capital to invest but cannot do so in Europe or Obama's America have India as a savior. It is a symbiotic relationship.

Revivalstill on the cards

The realty sector has proved the most sensitive to the prevailing economic crisis. Last month, the Realty index declined by more than a quarter. DLF and Unitech, prominent developers, exemplified the damage. Developers who last year bid for and won highly lucrative land deals are now struggling to service installment payments. Notable examples of this are the BBTP bid of Rs. 530 million per acre for a 95 acre prime commercial plot in Nodia, NCR.

Rajeev Talwar, Group Executive Director at DLF, from an interview with CNBC, was of the belief that Realty equilibrium may reach as early as mid-2009. Cynics may deem this as too optimistic. The 'wait-and-watch' policy has waited quite a lot ignoring Government packages and ensuing slumps. Commercial Real Estate may salvage the ongoing recessionary trend when consumerism wakes upagain. 

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Narayana Aries Apartments for sale Located in Jakkur, Bangalore available with 2BHK and 3BHK Apartments.

Narayana Aries Multistorey Apartments Area Range 1197 - 1450 Sq.ft, Located in Jakkur, Bangalore available with 2BHK Apartments and 3BHK Apartments


To an abode that speaks of absolute luxury. Situated at Jakkur, Aries offers its residents a unique opportunity of being in the city of Bangalore, yet away from all the pollution, the traffic, the hustle and bustle of the main city. Aries has been planned to give you the best pristine conditions, the city can offer, with 182, exclusively designed luxury apartments.

Club House
Swimming Pool
Outdoor Children’s Play Area
Ample Basement & Stilt Floor Car Parking
Landscaped Garden


surrounded by popular Arkavathi layout, Yelahanka, Sahakarnagar

Educational Institutions
Vidyanikethan School, Sindhi School & College, Presidency College,  Kensri School, Indira Gandhi National Open University, Karnataka Education Society, KLE Education Institution, Vidhyashilp Academy, Canadian International School, University of Agricultural Sciences, various other reputed schools and colleges around.

Important Main Roads
Outer Ring Road, Bellary Road, 

Columbia Asia, Baptist, Ramaiah Memorial

Tech Parks
Kirloskar Tech Park, Manyatha Tech Park

Other Pointers
Jakkur Flying Club, Hebbal Lake, Lake view from higher floors, Lumbini Garden

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Hoysala Infantry Towers Apartments Located in Sanjay nagar, Bangalore available with 2BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK Apartments.

Hoysala Infantry Towers Multistorey Apartments Area Range 975-3040 Sq.ft, Located in Sanjay nagar, Bangalore available with 2BHK Apartments, 3BHK Apartments and 4BHK Apartments.

Hoysala Infantry Towers is a fitting tribute to the neighborhood, which is home to the elite of the city. It consists of only luxury apartments with G+23 floors, on a land measuring 45,000 Sq ft. Considering the profile of prospective inhabitants of the enclave, only spacious 2, 3 and 4 BHK units have been designed, with great emphasis on the functional aspects, which really matter in the day to day life. Finished with premium specifications, these apartments are in the range of 975, 1499 and 3040 Sq ft.

Infantry Towers is situated on Sanjay Nagar main road, right next to Vaibhav Theater. The locality boasts of outlets like Pizza Hut, Coffee Day, Barista, Food World, schools, colleges, hospitals etc. and has an easy access to highways and city roads. Infantry Towers is en route to the new Bangalore International Airport.
Modern fire fighting arrangements provided.
EPABX system with intercom facility.
Landscaped gardens.
Internet broadband connection/ Wi-Fi.
Solar lighting for common areas.
Smart card entry
Swimming pool & kids pool.
Club house with health club, Multipurpose hall.

Karnataka Registration Rules 1965 has formulated procedure for attendance of the registering officer at Private residence. The relevant rules are detailed in chapter 10 and under Rule Nos. 56 to 32. Any application for attendance at private residence shall be in writing and has to be signed by the person who requests the attendance at his residence shall be in writing and has to be signed by the person who requests the attendance at his residence.

Such letter may be presented by any person to the registering officer. The request has to be complied with as early as possible. If such attendance at private residence disturbs the regular routine of the office or requires closure of office and if the case does not fall under section 31 of the Indian Registration Act, a commission may be issued, which means another person other than the registering officer may be requested to attend the private residence and complete the registration formalities.

The attendance of sub-registrar at private residence or issuing commission has to be reported to the registrar within 24 hours. The Sub-registrar shall not proceed out of his sub district for this purpose, but registrar may attend the private residence situated in his district though it may not be situated within the sub district under his immediate charge.

The commissioner appointed to attend the private residence will give evidence and the registering officer will examine the commissioner personally in his office connected with discharge of his commission and voluntary nature of admission of execution.

During the course of attendance if the registering authority has to record the admission or execution of persons not exempted from personal appearance in respect of the same document executed by a person exempted from personal appearance, the registering authority may comply with the request provided attendance fee is levied.

Section 88 of the Act refers to documents, which are executed by Government officers or certain public functionaries who are exempted from personal appearance. Any officer of the government, any administrator general, official trustee or official assignee, the sheriff, receiver or registrar of High Court, any holder of such other Court, any holder of such other public office as is notified in the official Gazette of the State government are exempt from personal appearance or through their agents in connection with registration of any instrument executed by them or any document executed in their favour in their official capacity. They are also exempted from signing the document for admitting the execution as required under section 58 of the Act.

When documents are forwarded by government officer with a covering letter stating that documents executed by him be registered, the covering letter will be sufficient to satisfy the genuineness of the signature of the executants. If such document is presented by a private party, who is also a party to the document, the  registering authority will satisfy as to the genuineness of the signature by a brief enquiry. The fact of exemption from personal appearance and presentation of the document by covering letter will be endorsed.

Certain category of documents like copies or orders, certificates and instruments need not be presented for registration but may be sent to the registering office for filing as per section 89 of the Act. In the following cases, copies have to be forwarded to the Jurisdictional registering officer under whose jurisdiction the immovable property in question is situated:

(A) Every officer granting a loan under Land Improvement Loans Act 1883. Every court granting a certificate of sale of immovable property under Civil Procedure Code, 1908.

(B) In case of loans under Land Improvement Loans Act 1883, details of the land to be granted as collateral security.

(C) Every officer granting loan under Agriculturists Loan Act 1884 has to forward, a copy of the document whereby the immovable property is mortgaged to secure repayment of the loan and a copy of such order.

(D) Every Revenue officer, who grants a certificate of sale to the purchase of immovable property sold in public auction.

The registering officer will file the copies of such orders, certificates, and instruments in book No.1. the concerned officers need not appear in person at registration office.

State Government has made rules as to the mode of making copies and manner of filing copies.

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Deccan Arcade 2 Apartments for sale Located at Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bangalore available with 2BHK and 3BHK Apartments.

Deccan Arcade 2 Multistorey Apartments Area Range 945 - 1440 Sq.ft, Located at Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bangalore available with 2BHK Apartments and 3BHK Apartments.


After the success of Deccan Arcade-1, Deccan Group now spreads the smiles even further with DECCAN ARCADE-ii. Consisting of 108 apartments, it is built, like its predecessor, with the unique concept of ‘no-common walls’. A 4 ft space separates each apartment on two sides with more than 15 ft open space at the rear and 13 ft corridor in front, incorporating all the advantages of an independent home into an apartment.

How does the ‘no-common walls’ concept benefit residents?
Privacy : The extra space ensures total privacy to all owners.
Light & Ventilation : The generous space left all around ensures free flow of air & sample natural light within each apartment and in common areas, an absolute necessity for healthy living.
More space, more freedom of movement: Unlike apartments, that make you feel claustrophobic, the Deccan Arcade apartments give you complete freedom due to their openness.

Ideal Location : Located close to Mysore Road, Deccan Arcade-2 is situated in the midst of the serene surroundings of Raja Rajeshwari Nagar, a safe distance from Bangalore’s chaotic traffic but within easy reach of bus-stop, market places, school & colleges, playgrounds, temple and health facilities.
The wonder of Design : Each apartment is planned for functionality, comfort& safety.


Club House with Indoor Games 
Swimming pool
Well equipped Gym
Jogging Track
Intercom Facility
Children's Play Area
Party Hall
Power Back-up
Round the clock Security

In a Democratic Country, welfare of the poor, depressed, have-nets is one of the concerns of the Government. To mitigate the suffering of such people government often grants land, so that they cultivate the land and earn their livelihood and imposes restriction on transfer of such granted land for certain period to ensure that the desired welfare objectives are not defeated. Members of Scheduled Castes and Schedule Tribes are the most exploited.

As discussed many times the sale and purchase of agricultural land in Karnataka has various restrictions. Government of Karnataka has put more severe restrictions on transfer of lands granted to Schedule Castes and Schedule Tribes. The relevant legislation is 'The Karnataka Schedule Castes and Scheduled Tribes (prohibition of transfer of certain lands) Act' 1978 and Rules 1979 This is a social agrarian legislation to empower the down trodden and also prevent their exploitation. This act has overriding effect and takes control of all granted lands, irrespective of law under which they were granted be it under Karnataka Land Reforms Act, Karnataka Land Revenue Act, Mysore Land revenue Code, or those of erstwhile provinces like Bombay, Coorg, Hyderabad, Madras and prohibits transfer of such lands without the permission of the Government. This Act has come into force from 01.07.1979. However, the Act covers lands granted even before the commencement of the Act.

Granted land, is any land granted by the Government of Karnataka to the person belonging to any of the Schedule Castes or Schedule Tribes.

Tit!Act r61ttbltSl not only sale but also any type of transfer of land, withoutprior pqmissi of tit government.

It also includes lands granted to such persons under any relevant law in force for time being pertaining to agrarian reforms, land ceiling abolition, of Inams except those relating to hereditary offices or rights, that is the lands granted under hereditary offices like thoti, Neeruganti etc., which are not covered under this act.

The Presidential orders 1950, under articles 341 and 342 of the Constitution of India have proclaimed the state-wise list of Schedule Castes and Schedule Tribes. The list has relevance to the State in which the members of the community reside. A caste categorized as Schedule Caste in one State may not be so in another State. Persons who do not follow the religion of Hindu, Sikh, Buddhists, are not deemed as members of scheduled castes.

The Act prohibits not only sale but also any type of transfer of land, without prior permission of the government. The word transfer as used in this act encompasses sale, gift, exchange, mortgage, lease or any other similar transaction. It prohibits the mortgage whether with or without possession. It includes creation of charge, or an agreement to sell, exchange, mortgage. But partition among family members and disposition by will are not covered. Transfer of granted land to another member of Schedule caste or tribe is a violation of this Act.

Section 4 of this Act is more crucial and important. It spells out that transfer of any land granted before commencement of the Act or after, in contravention of terms of grant is null and void, which means such transfer is inoperative. The transferee will not get legally valid title or interest right to such property. Further, it clearly mandates that any transfer of granted land needs prior permission of Government. Permission of the Government is also necessary for sale of the land in execution of any decree or order of  a civil court or any authority. This makes it very clear that any transfer of granted land even after complying with terms of grant needs the prior permission of Government. Even entering into agreement to sell needs prior permission of the Government.

The land might have been granted free of cost, or at reduced price (up set price). Reduced price means the price based on land revenue and not market price. In many cases, the grantee that is the person to whom the land was granted will be asked to pay price equal to land revenue of some years. It has been held in one case that prohibition of non- transfer of land can be imposed only in case of lands granted free of cost or reduced (up set) price. Land granted on receipt of market price is sale and not grant. But it is advisable to obtain permission from the Government for purchase of any type of grant land from members of Schedule Castes and Schedule Tribes.

The land is granted to the members of Schedule Castes and Tribes with certain conditions like

1. The grantee shall not transfer the land for a period of 15 years from the date of taking possession.

2. The land should be brought under cultivation within three years from taking possession.

3. The grantee shall cultivate the land personally.

4. The land shall be used for the purposes for which it was granted and any change of use requires prior
     permission of the Government.

5. The grantee shall plant within a period of one year one tree for every ten guntas or 10 trees for one hectare.

The land may be granted not only for agricultural purpose but also for constructing residential accommodation with restrictions on transfer. Though the restrictions on transfer of the granted land are 15 years, the government may permit the transfer after a lapse of five years depending upon the circumstances and the needs of the grantee. The procedures for grant of lands are governed by Karnataka Land grant Rules 1969. Transfer of any type of lands granted to the members Scheduled Castel Tribe requires prior permission of the government.

As stated earlier the transferee will not get any legally valid title, interest, right in such property. Further the Government, represented by the Assistant Commissioner, after an inquiry may take possession of such land; by evicting the persons who are in possession of land.

However sufficient opportunity will be provided to the transferee to present his version of the case. After taking the possession of such transferred grant land the Government restores the land to the original grantee or his legal heirs. If it is practically not possible to restore such land to the rantee or legal heirs, the land will vest with government free of all encumbrances. The Government may grant such land to any other member of Schedule Caste or Schedule Tribe eligible for grant. If the enquiring authority finds that the transfer of land has not violated any provisions of the Karnataka Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribes Act 1978, orders will be passed accordingly.

Bangalore properties like Apartments / Villas / Plots / Independent Houses ....

Real Estate Properties are available in Bangalore City.......
Bannerghatta Road

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ARATT Premier Apartments for sale Located at Whitefield, Bangalore available with 2BHK and 3BHK Apartments.

ARATT Premier Multistorey Apartments Area Range 950-1600 Sq.ft, Located at  Whitefield, Bangalore available with 2BHK Apartments and 3BHK Apartments.


Aratt Premier, ITPL Whitefield

Aratt Premier - Elevation

No. of Flats :  184

Range of sqft :  950 to 1600

2 / 3  BHK :  2 & 3

We are happy to inform you that the our project “Aratt Premier” has been approved by BBMP.

The Premier Aratt is thoughtfully designed to offer you convenience,console and living space.They are designed to please aesthetically,environmentally and financially.

These vertical gardens are a sight to behold. Needless to say, luxury is a hygiene factor here. Ideally located in Whitefield with the best of convenience in driving distance.

The project area is 1.6 acres with G+ 9 floors having 184 exclusive units comprising of both 3 bhk and 2 bhk with in the range of 950 to 1600 sq ft.

The Premier Aratt gives an unmatched carpet area of 78% , offering the most usable space.

Amenities like Infinity Pool , indoor badminton court with wooden flooring , club house , fully equipped gymnasium , children playing area, beautiful landscape will please your needs.


Practice Tennis Court/Shuttle court on the top floor.
Infinity Pool on the top floor.
Fully Equipped Gym.
Party Hall.
Children’s play area.
Jogging Track.
Power Back-Up.
Barbeque Corner
Snooker Table
Indoor Games: cards, carom, chess
Table Tennis
Squash Court.

As apartments are shrinking in size, the size of the rooms are getting smaller. If we clutter up the interior with objects of less utility or no utility, then it not only makes the room suffocating but also makes the place to look smaller. Therefore, it is necessary to design interiors in such a way that the limited space is made use of to the maximum extent so that the available space not only looks adequate but also has free movement of men and material. In an apartment, it is essential that the interior should have dual qualities of being efficient and good to look at.

Before under taking the interior design of a building, the designer should consider some basic factor such as the needs of the user, living style and habits, his profession, his likes and dislikes. The interiors should disclose the personality and life style of the user. According to the needs one can have ornate, minimalist or theme based décor.  After deciding the kind of décor one has to have, the storage requirements should be worked out to get the optional use of the space without it being cluttered.

All rooms are not designed for the maximum utility and sometimes rooms are small in size having too many doors and windows.  Some of their shapes too are odd which bring down the utility space.  There may be very many pathways and openings that placing furniture is not possible without blocking free movement.

Very often there are no separate walls in the living room to place a television or a displace cabinet. A glass screen can be kept where there is no clear wall in the living room.

The glass screen not only acts as a wall but also creates a private space in the room. For an artistic appearance an artificial bamboo screen behind the glass can be placed or the glass itself can be an ornate piece. The glass screen give an open feel to the room in comparison to the wooden parties. Feasibility of placing the television or a display cabinet can be considered here. You can displace small objects of art on the space on the television cabinet.

For a small living room mirrors can be placed in the right sports to create an illusion of spaciousness.  This has to be done carefully without giving the place the lock of a showroom by placing too many mirrors.

Many times people leave their footwear at the entrance of the living room which ruins the atmosphere.  This problem can be solved by placing a shoe rack there. You can make it look like a displace cabinet by using the top to display items. In the small gap between the cabinet and floor a few pairs of shoes can be pushed out to sight.

It may not be feasible to down size sofas when moving to a smaller room but one can restructure existing cabinets and beds to  fit in to the new dimensions. It is preferable to convert the old furniture making it suitable for the new house since most of the furniture available in the market, sofas in particular, are not made in proportion to the present dimensions of apartments, but they have been made keeping in mind the comfort of the user. The furniture that is fitted in to the rooms will have to be reduced to the required size and shaped according to the room size. It is disastrous to try and fit an odd sized or large piece of furniture in to a narrow room as it will surely seem to be unsuited and will occupy too much space.

The master bed room should have enough storage space as well as a dresser and place to move about. As bedrooms are shrinking in size there should be maximum storage capacity in the wardrobes. The unused storage can be kept on top. You can place the mirror next to the wardrobe and cosmetics can be stored on the side of the wardrobe. Glass on the wardrobes makes the room look upon and more spacious.

If the bed happens to be near the wardrobe and there is little space for a side table you can make the wardrobe into two parts and the lower part which is at the same level as the bed can be made into a tabletop with drawers being placed below. The empty space above the bed can have innovative shelves to look like an ornamental piece.

The bottom part of the cots can have large drawers for keeping linen and other things. It will be necessary to size down the cots to fit the room size. Bed and wardrobe will not be appropriate.

There should be provision for free movement in the children's rooms and at the same time enough storage space for the requirements of growing children. The size and the furnishing of the room should depend on the age and gender of the children using such room; bunks beds are the best and an additional bed with wheels can be kept below the bunk bed for the guest. The space above the working table can be used to accommodate play area with steps leading to it. These steps can have storage space. The study table, ward robe and bed should be pushed in to the corners to give enough room for the children to play.

In the dining section the table that the best for its size should be accommodated. After placing the dining table there should be ample space for movement. A few choice artifacts should be displayed in the crockery cabinet.  It can be made in to two and the middle could serve as a table top.

You can design the kitchen to make the most use in the limited area.  Space between the cabinets and the kitchen counters can be used to keep gadgets, spoons etc. Space above the fridge can be used for storage. You may place an open wash area in the dining which can be changed in to a storage space along with the washbasin. You can build around the wash area and put a stainless steel or glass basin. You can have the unit at different levels.

If there is an open kitchen adjacent to the dining it will give the appearance of being open and the living room will look more spacious.  This will however limit the capacity to keep cabinets. It is a challenge to work around to make the rooms space efficient, aesthetically pleasing and free of clutter.

Quite often, there is a mistaken notion that for interiors to look fabulous and arresting, they need necessarily to reflect an expensive décor. Thus, the myriad options available to exercise your creativity and at the same time have a tight rein on the purse are often overlooked.  Creative décor elements wrought out of simple structures, renovated furniture, innovative arrangements and simple, yet unique representations of art are considered more as budget options.

To begin, with, your house does not have to sport expensive furniture made of leather or carved teak embellished with silk cushion to appear exotic. Your living room can have simple cane seating flanked by plenty of greenery and artistic creations that are unique but not too expensive.

Here the budge look can be overcome by having the cane furniture custom-made to lend the difference. Using bright colours and prints on cushions adds to this. The walls too could sport different colours and texture to make a statement. Thus, a bright colour or texture paint can be used on one of the walls to act as a highlight.  Curtains in equally cheerful colours and prints would complement this.

If inexpensive fabrics are used for curtains, care should be taken to ensure that they have a good fall as curtains, since a bad fall can ruin the décor. If budget permits, it is a good idea to use silk as high light amidst affordable cotton once while designing cushion and throws for the seating arrangements.

The rugs used can be synthetic or bright cotton. Durries, where the prints and colours are chosen effectively, enhance the décor.  However, while choosing the colours and prints, care should be taken to choose those that blend well.   Random choice of colours and prints can clash and ultimately ruin the décor.

It is also a good idea to renovate old furniture where some can be broken down and redesigned while others just need a coat of varnish.  Old furniture has the advantage of lending on expensive antique look some of them can also be innovatively used. For instance old wooden benches serve as excellent divans.

Similarly, large wooden boxes used earlier can be bunched together to create excellent seating arrangements. An artistic throw and cushions would totally transform the boxes that can be masked as a single seat or bunched up as a divan.

Again, floor cushions and plain cotton mattresses too can be used to create a cozy living room. Here, the need for furniture is ruled out. The entire seating arrangement is brought to the floor with the covers and cushions lending colour and art to the décor. The absence of furniture can be covered by having plenty of unique artifacts placed at floor level with a couple of large pieces placed in strategic locations to act as focal points in the room. Bringing in plenty of greenery and placing an expensive silk carpet in between draw attention away from the lack of furniture.

Similarly, the artifacts displayed too need not be expensive.  Exhibitions and some small shops house extraordinary pieces of art some of which prove to be more exotic than one picked up from up market showrooms. Some of these, in metal, an old brass piece, or even terracotta, when blended right can appear stunning.

Similarly, instead of going in for original artwork which is unaffordable, prints can be used but these should be caste in a silk background in elegant frames to offset the print look. Using brass planters for greenery is a good option as it lends an expensive touch to the décor. Bonsai cacti and other miniature plants in attractive terracotta pots can add to the green selection.

Artificial plants and flowers, though they mean less maintenance, are best avoided as their artificial nature will give an ordinary look robbing  the  décor  of  the desired feel.

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