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Deccan Arcade 2 Apartments for sale Located at Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bangalore available with 2BHK and 3BHK Apartments.

Deccan Arcade 2 Multistorey Apartments Area Range 945 - 1440 Sq.ft, Located at Rajarajeshwari Nagar, Bangalore available with 2BHK Apartments and 3BHK Apartments.


After the success of Deccan Arcade-1, Deccan Group now spreads the smiles even further with DECCAN ARCADE-ii. Consisting of 108 apartments, it is built, like its predecessor, with the unique concept of ‘no-common walls’. A 4 ft space separates each apartment on two sides with more than 15 ft open space at the rear and 13 ft corridor in front, incorporating all the advantages of an independent home into an apartment.

How does the ‘no-common walls’ concept benefit residents?
Privacy : The extra space ensures total privacy to all owners.
Light & Ventilation : The generous space left all around ensures free flow of air & sample natural light within each apartment and in common areas, an absolute necessity for healthy living.
More space, more freedom of movement: Unlike apartments, that make you feel claustrophobic, the Deccan Arcade apartments give you complete freedom due to their openness.

Ideal Location : Located close to Mysore Road, Deccan Arcade-2 is situated in the midst of the serene surroundings of Raja Rajeshwari Nagar, a safe distance from Bangalore’s chaotic traffic but within easy reach of bus-stop, market places, school & colleges, playgrounds, temple and health facilities.
The wonder of Design : Each apartment is planned for functionality, comfort& safety.


Club House with Indoor Games 
Swimming pool
Well equipped Gym
Jogging Track
Intercom Facility
Children's Play Area
Party Hall
Power Back-up
Round the clock Security

In a Democratic Country, welfare of the poor, depressed, have-nets is one of the concerns of the Government. To mitigate the suffering of such people government often grants land, so that they cultivate the land and earn their livelihood and imposes restriction on transfer of such granted land for certain period to ensure that the desired welfare objectives are not defeated. Members of Scheduled Castes and Schedule Tribes are the most exploited.

As discussed many times the sale and purchase of agricultural land in Karnataka has various restrictions. Government of Karnataka has put more severe restrictions on transfer of lands granted to Schedule Castes and Schedule Tribes. The relevant legislation is 'The Karnataka Schedule Castes and Scheduled Tribes (prohibition of transfer of certain lands) Act' 1978 and Rules 1979 This is a social agrarian legislation to empower the down trodden and also prevent their exploitation. This act has overriding effect and takes control of all granted lands, irrespective of law under which they were granted be it under Karnataka Land Reforms Act, Karnataka Land Revenue Act, Mysore Land revenue Code, or those of erstwhile provinces like Bombay, Coorg, Hyderabad, Madras and prohibits transfer of such lands without the permission of the Government. This Act has come into force from 01.07.1979. However, the Act covers lands granted even before the commencement of the Act.

Granted land, is any land granted by the Government of Karnataka to the person belonging to any of the Schedule Castes or Schedule Tribes.

Tit!Act r61ttbltSl not only sale but also any type of transfer of land, withoutprior pqmissi of tit government.

It also includes lands granted to such persons under any relevant law in force for time being pertaining to agrarian reforms, land ceiling abolition, of Inams except those relating to hereditary offices or rights, that is the lands granted under hereditary offices like thoti, Neeruganti etc., which are not covered under this act.

The Presidential orders 1950, under articles 341 and 342 of the Constitution of India have proclaimed the state-wise list of Schedule Castes and Schedule Tribes. The list has relevance to the State in which the members of the community reside. A caste categorized as Schedule Caste in one State may not be so in another State. Persons who do not follow the religion of Hindu, Sikh, Buddhists, are not deemed as members of scheduled castes.

The Act prohibits not only sale but also any type of transfer of land, without prior permission of the government. The word transfer as used in this act encompasses sale, gift, exchange, mortgage, lease or any other similar transaction. It prohibits the mortgage whether with or without possession. It includes creation of charge, or an agreement to sell, exchange, mortgage. But partition among family members and disposition by will are not covered. Transfer of granted land to another member of Schedule caste or tribe is a violation of this Act.

Section 4 of this Act is more crucial and important. It spells out that transfer of any land granted before commencement of the Act or after, in contravention of terms of grant is null and void, which means such transfer is inoperative. The transferee will not get legally valid title or interest right to such property. Further, it clearly mandates that any transfer of granted land needs prior permission of Government. Permission of the Government is also necessary for sale of the land in execution of any decree or order of  a civil court or any authority. This makes it very clear that any transfer of granted land even after complying with terms of grant needs the prior permission of Government. Even entering into agreement to sell needs prior permission of the Government.

The land might have been granted free of cost, or at reduced price (up set price). Reduced price means the price based on land revenue and not market price. In many cases, the grantee that is the person to whom the land was granted will be asked to pay price equal to land revenue of some years. It has been held in one case that prohibition of non- transfer of land can be imposed only in case of lands granted free of cost or reduced (up set) price. Land granted on receipt of market price is sale and not grant. But it is advisable to obtain permission from the Government for purchase of any type of grant land from members of Schedule Castes and Schedule Tribes.

The land is granted to the members of Schedule Castes and Tribes with certain conditions like

1. The grantee shall not transfer the land for a period of 15 years from the date of taking possession.

2. The land should be brought under cultivation within three years from taking possession.

3. The grantee shall cultivate the land personally.

4. The land shall be used for the purposes for which it was granted and any change of use requires prior
     permission of the Government.

5. The grantee shall plant within a period of one year one tree for every ten guntas or 10 trees for one hectare.

The land may be granted not only for agricultural purpose but also for constructing residential accommodation with restrictions on transfer. Though the restrictions on transfer of the granted land are 15 years, the government may permit the transfer after a lapse of five years depending upon the circumstances and the needs of the grantee. The procedures for grant of lands are governed by Karnataka Land grant Rules 1969. Transfer of any type of lands granted to the members Scheduled Castel Tribe requires prior permission of the government.

As stated earlier the transferee will not get any legally valid title, interest, right in such property. Further the Government, represented by the Assistant Commissioner, after an inquiry may take possession of such land; by evicting the persons who are in possession of land.

However sufficient opportunity will be provided to the transferee to present his version of the case. After taking the possession of such transferred grant land the Government restores the land to the original grantee or his legal heirs. If it is practically not possible to restore such land to the rantee or legal heirs, the land will vest with government free of all encumbrances. The Government may grant such land to any other member of Schedule Caste or Schedule Tribe eligible for grant. If the enquiring authority finds that the transfer of land has not violated any provisions of the Karnataka Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribes Act 1978, orders will be passed accordingly.

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