Thursday, May 8, 2014

Mythreyi Naimisha Apartments for sale in Wilson garden, Bangalore available with 1BHK, 2BHK and 3BHK Apartments.

Mythreyi Naimisha Multistorey Apartments Area Range 732 - 1715 sq.ft., Located in Wilson garden, Bangalore available with 1BHK Apartments, 2BHK Apartments and 3BHK Apartments

An itinerary like this in such limited time might sound like a dream in traffic congested Bangalore but wake up to the realty at Mythreyi Naimisha. Located near Wilson Garden with close proximity to Koramangala, Jayanagar, Brigade Road etc, Mythreyi Naimisha leverages the many advantages of being close to the city - be it connectivity, quality education, health care or shopping and entertainment.  Mythreyi Naimisha is spread across an area of nearly 40,000 sq.ft. spread over ground plus four floors, it offers 81 flats in combinations of 2 and 3 bedroom apartments.  True to Mythreyi group's vision of a 'home for everyone,' Mythreyi Naimisha is an excellently located value-for-money product.


Club house with Indoor games
Adult Swimming Pool
Toddlers pool
Walk ways
Designer hard & soft landscape features
Cascading waterfalls
Kids play area
Jogging track/Walking track

Reap the Property Investment Fruits in Bangalore

After economic recovery, the days now appear to be favourable for capital investments like investment on property buying. The developers who have invested huge sums are likely to offer the developed properties to the prospective buyers, providing all possible facilities. The competition among the developers will be quite beneficial to some extent to the customers who have been waiting for investing funds in real estate.

As on today, it is said, a large number of fully developed properties are available for disposal in the property market. It seems to be true if we go through the advertisements appearing in newspapers, magazines, hoardings, TV Channels etc. relating to property market. Apart from media publicity, if one takes a stroll in the city, one would find 'to let', 'flats available on rent' etc. on newly built residential spaces, as well as on ready commercial buildings. Some developers are offering sites of various dimensions, ready villas, flats in apartment buildings all around the city outskirts, with all possible concessions. However, it is not known for certain as to how many flats and commercial units are vacant as of now as there is no agency to collect such information. But one thing seems to be true is that a large number offlats and commercial units are vacant and available for immediate occupation.

With the availability of large Keshav V. Morab number of ready units both in residential and commercial segments, there is a good amount of competition, resulting in offering concessions and benefits to the prospective buyers. The benefits like club houses, swimming pools, gardens, schools, shopping complex, markets, play grounds, Tennis - Badminton courts etc., are commonly advertised by most of the property developers depending on the size of the project developed by them. Another aspect commonly noticed is that the. property developers are now indicating the various approvals obtained from the concerned authorities. In addition the customers are helped to obtain financial assistance from various banks and financial institutions. The developers are showcasing their projects through Property Melas organised by various agencies and their own associations at regular intervals. All these actions help the buyers to choose the property for investment.

It is a known fact that of all the investment options, the best is real estate for investment for the simple reason that the property market will not go downside because the demand position is ever increasing. Also the property value always gets appreciated over a period of time. So far as residential units are concerned, there would never be any downtrend in property values. Appreciation in
value is phenomenal.

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