Thursday, May 1, 2014

DS MAX SKYSCAPE Apartments for sale Located in Ramapura, Bangalore available with 3BHK Apartments.

DS MAX SKYSCAPE Multistorey Apartments Area Range 1935 - 2250 sq.ft., Located in Ramapura, Bangalore available with 3BHK Apartments.


DS-MAX SKYSCAPE may easily be regarded as one of the most prestigious and innovative projects DS-MAX Properties has launched till date. This is the beginning of the new era which will redefine the complete outlook of the brand. With this exclusive project, the company debuts into high-rise residential developments which is yet another addition to its diverse portfolio. 

DS-MAX SKYSCAPE falls under the category of ‘SKYLISH HOMES’, which is inspired by ‘Heights’ and defined by ‘Style’. When your home is so enticingly gorgeous and delightfully comforting, you won’t want to leave your home. 

In here, the very essence of living is detailed to perfection to give you a superior living experience. It’s more than just fulfilling the housing needs; it is a commitment that will last a lifetime. DS-MAX SKYSCAPE is an exuberant display of cherished urban living with best-in-class modern facilities and technologically advanced features thoughtfully chosen to elevate contemporary lifestyle to a higher level. The premium dwelling resides in Rampura, which is one of the fastest growing and flourishing locations in Bangalore. Enjoy the imposing view of fresh greenery and birds chirping from your private balcony. Gratify your indulgences of comfort living at DS-MAX SKYSCAPE.

Swimming Pool
Hanging Gardens
Indoor Games Rooms(c)               
Kids’ Play Pool
Club House
Landscape Garden
Jogging Track               
Reflexology Path
Open Seating Plaza
Skating Rink               
Boundary Plantation
CCTV Cameras

There seems to be no signs for the end of miseries faced by the common man in realizing his dreams of owning a permanent shelter for him and his family.

Though there seems to be an increase in desire for purchase of a house and adequate suppliers of the product in the field, yet the realty sector in our state in general and in Bangalore, in particular, is not matching so-to-say the players in realty sector are bogged down due to subdued phase.

Adding fuel to the fire, the Karnataka Government in its recently announced budget have proposed to fix the stamp duty rates at 6% on the value of the property proposed to be developed, and estimated value of the development on joint venture agreement. This is to be borne by the Developers/Builders when they enter into joint development agreement with the owners of the property. At present, the charges for registering the joint development agreement is maximum of Rs.1,50,000/- i.e. maximum irrespective of the value of the property slated to be developed. The proposed fixation of rates, eventually the Government has found ways to increase its Revenue income, but the ultimate sufferer who has to bear the burden is none other than the common man who desire to own his dream home. The effect of the stamp duty will increase the flat cost directly 7% immediately.

The common man's essential need is food, dress and shelter. Every person is dreaming of his own house. The Government increasing the stamp duty, indirect taxes, cost of escalation where the middle class and upper middle class people the dream home will become an Oasis in their life. The Government while bearing in mind that there is a need to give an up-lift to the players in realty sector vis-a-vis should realize that there is an imperative need to ensure that the common man who aspire to own his dream home will not drop his idea itself, fearing the burden of bearing these increase in costs of stamp duty and registration at middle-level, which ultimately fall on none other than the buyer.

Since there is every likelihood that any further increase in cost would not only batter the sentiment of prospective buyers but also that there is a threat they may stay away from purchase of house itself, we firmly hope that the Government would consider to re- visit this aspect and make necessary corrective steps before going for implementation, in the larger interest of public.

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