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Regal Prelude Apartments, Located in KR Puram, Bangalore This project having 2BHK and 3BHK Apartments.

Regal Prelude Multistorey Apartments Area Range 1330 - 1790 Sq.ft, Located in KR Puram, Bangalore This project having 2BHK Apartments and 3BHK Apartments.


Regal Prelude is a development consisting of seventy two 2BHK and 3BHK luxury residences in Krishnarajapuram (K R Puram), a burgeoning suburb of Bangalore. K R Puram is also considered among the hottest property hubs according to "Knight Frank's list of top ten Indian destinations to invest in".

The location offers excellent connectivity to the Bangalore International Airport, Whitefield and Indiranagar.

The project is situated right opposite the picturesque Yelemallappa kere (lake) offering excellent views to north facing residences.

The family friendly design incorporates a swimming pool, community hall, gymnasium, children’s play area and jogging path.

Swimming Pool
Community Hall
Children’s Play Area
Jogging / Walking Path
Rainwater Harvesting
Sewage Treatment Plant
Water Softener
Separate Drivers' and Maids' Washrooms

Use of latest Technologies In trendy Buildings

The Indian economy is on the upward path and construction is one amongst the sectors wherever the brisk activity was occurring simply before the economic recession.  Besides public infrastructure there's many action on the means wherever new residential, commercial, industrial and institutional building complexes area unit beneath construction.

Traditionally builders have had to wear down several vendors and agencies for the coordination of various aspects and technologies and therefore the buildings and infrastructure then might have contend simply a peripheral half however it isn't any longer therefore. the standard areas of focus are material, quality, aesthetics, biotechnology and then on.   The property developers area unit currently important to productivity, performance and potency of any organization.  

It is  not shocking that nowadays buildings don't seem to be checked out as brick and mortar edifices however as important feature in up the structure productivity and to boost parameters like comfort, efficiency, productivity etc. the advance of those factors through varied innovations can endlessly result in trends within the sector with company sector doing its best to spice up aggressiveness, productivity and property functioning. The recent legislation for FDI within the construction sector can improve standards of construction  to a larger extent.

Today  majority of the workplace buildings area unit stippled to create sensible|an honest|a decent} work surroundings through good atmosphere, facilities for recreation like gyms, sports etc.  Nothing is simply too a lot of for firms to try and do for maximising the output from individuals, their human resources. aside from giving comfy and contributing surroundings, buildings area unit being created per ‘resource efficiency’ for main parameters like power and water consumption not solely from an ad purpose of read however conjointly from the purpose of read of preserving the resources and therefore the surroundings. 1/2 the energy utilized in a building is devoted to form artificial indoor climate for  cooling, ventilation and lighting. there's a  continual focus  on creating ‘per person consumption of power’ as very little as doable through technology and best practices. the main focus is on alternative of apparatus, like chillers, motors, drives etc, exploitation part conditions where doable, partaking energy and house economical product, putting in place detector base ‘light’ management, partaking refined Building Management Systems (BMS)  to supervise key parameters like temperature and light-weight.  It wants a reliable power provide, correct lighting, comfort cooling, dirt free space and security which is able to contribute towards creating a semiconductive surroundings for work.

Things like atmosphere, comfort and knowledge area unit used to draw purchasers by exploitation air con, lighting, music, style and layout and a few advanced options. there's an integration of security, safety and fireplace protection to grant elaborate and incorporated building management systems.

Another sector within which the half contend by building systems is often growing is leisure, recreation and diversion. outlets have evolved into malls, multiplexes have sprung up from theatres and sports complexes and fitness centres area unit coming up in metros everywhere the land.

In several cases the ever-changing half contend by buildings are often seen. for instance, in IT and Biotech Parks, R&D centres, decision centres, etc these developments  have come back up in no time.  Such service driven businesses within which the productivity of the organization is closely connected with the productivity of the individuals and their habitation area unit bobbing up.
The life of a building begins from the stage of style, goes on to construction, operation, upkeep, renovation and within the finish either results in utilise or demolition. individuals seldom understand that ‘initial building costs’ solely compose around 2 per cent of the complete lifecycle expense of a property.     The operations and maintenance compose another six per cent of the value of a building’s life cycle and therefore the remaining ninety two per cent is due to prices related to individuals.

There area unit larger demands in housing and residential complexes in style, aesthetic, comfort, lighting, energy potency and security. creative engineering and style, a lot of economical product, supplemental solutions for electrics, heat and light-weight, communications, etc for progressively advanced management and management systems for buildings area unit needed. The design conjointly counts for the performance and potency like heat load reduction, glazing, and house saving style and natural ventilation and lighting. 

An integrated approach to produce a ‘single window’ giving platform for adoption and maintenance of  electrical installations, fireplace protection, building automation and operation, maintenance and plus management services would be of nice facilitate to customers.

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Glendale Apartments Located off Kanakapura Road, Bangalore This project having 2BHK and 3BHK Apartments.

Glendale Multistorey Apartments Area Range 1131 - 1943 Sq.ft, Located off Kanakapura Road, Bangalore This project having 2BHK Apartments and 3BHK Apartments.


From concept to design to execution, work-flow and living areas have been thoughtfully integrated in order to provide you the maximum amount of space, air and light. All units are so discreet that you feel you're living in an independent villa.

Being able to twirl around without grazing your elbows, pretending to play hop-scotch in the living room, discreetly playing ball with your kids are luxuries that are near forgotten in today's world.

Welcome to your own space. Designed to perfection. Welcome to Rainbow Kishore Glendale.

Located on Kanakapura Road and kissed by lots of natural light, these spacious apartments are built for people who are focused, independent and enjoy privacy. 


Multipurpose hall
Well Equipped Indoor Gym
Outdoor Gym
Table Tennis
Indoor Games

In Thane a builder has been directed by the district forum, to pay Rs.1 laky compensation for failing to transfer the property within the name of a co-operative society and acquire the conveyance deed tired its favour.
whereas passing the order, Thane District shopper Disputes Redressal Forum, explicit  that Anubhav Builders, have committed deficiency in services towards the society and injustice to its members
Thane District shopper Disputes Redressal Forum, in its order passed last week, explicit  that Anubhav Builders, committed deficiency in services towards the society and injustice to its members, by not following the provisions of the geographical region possession of Flats Act (MOFA) 1963.
In Charai space of Thane town, the Jai-Shital Cooperative Housing Society had filed a grievance that inspite of recurrent reminders, the builder had did not transfer the property within the society's name. The builder conjointly failed to get the conveyance deed tired its favour. The society was troubled to urge it in serious trouble the last fifteen years however the builder was ignoring their request.
Builder's defence:

The builder sophisticated the court that the grievance is time barred and conjointly some a lot of buildings were placed on a similar plot. The builder argued that it had been troublesome to try and do sub-divide of the properties, transfer solely the aforesaid plot in question and requested for dismissal of the grievance. 

The forum laid-off the plea of the builder. It determined that the agreement explicit  that the transfer be established, however conjointly it had been obligatory per MOFA that the land ought to be transferred to the patrons. 

During the proceedings before the forum, it conjointly came to lightweight that the builder had sold  a part of the land to a different developer, a reality that wasn't disclosed to the complainants. when hearing the arguments of each the parties, forum president Umesh Jhawalikar and member ND Kadam finished that the builder  has prevented the unsound building from being developed by not transferring the property within the name of the society and obtaining the conveyance deed.

The forum determined that it's clear from the perspective of the builder that he has done injustice to the complainants and conjointly prevented the event of the unsound building. The forum directed the builder to finish the formalities inside 3 months from the date of order failing that he can have to be compelled to pay a penalty of Rs.1000/- per day until the order is com plied with. additionally, the forum has directed the respondent to pay a compensation of Rs.1Lakh towards the prices and different expenses inside 3 months. just in case of failure the builder has been directed to an extra penalty of Rs.2 lakhs to the petitioner society. 

The civic body during a landmark call, has dominated that it's the responsibility of the builder to produce parking zone to the patrons. The civic body, has asked a Kandivli society to grant parking zone to a flat owner despite the fact that he has not purchased the slot from the builder.

The civic body relied on the little-known section thirty six of the event management rules. The section states that it's obligatory for the builder to produce parking areas looking on the dimensions of the flats. for instance, in Mumbai, 2 parking slots have to be compelled to be made for a flat having a locality of over one,000 sq. feet.

at the present the builders ar mercantilism the parking areas at steep costs to gullible patrons. specialists say implementation of the order would curb illegal  mercantilism of parking areas by the builders. AN advocate and professional on housing societies matters has aforesaid, this order can create voters notice the builder is answerable for providing parking zone if the flat is of an explicit space. Hence, obtainer|the customer|the client} needn't buy the area.

After a four year battle between Goregaon resident Sunil Ahya and Gokul Nagri society, the civic body passed the order on Dec thirty, 2013. Ahya whereas getting a two-bedroom flat in Kandivli’s Gokul Nagri society had refused to shop for a parking slot. In turn, the society refused to allot him parking zone. Later it had been realised by Ahya that the builder had submitted plans that showed he was given a parking slot, however created completely different allotments to the patrons.

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Nisarga Gateway Multistorey Apartments for sale Located in Electronic City, Bangalore 2BHK Apartments.

Nisarga Gateway Multistorey Apartments Area Range 729 - 978 Sq.ft, Located in  Electronic City, Bangalore 2BHK Apartments.

A conveniently planned apartment complex with modern amenities and delightful extras that meets the needs of your unique lifestyle. With great environs and also a lucrative investment opportunity in India’s fastest growing Economy . Surrounded by reputed educational institutions, world renowned IT companies and Health care Services. The project is loaded with hi-end facilities of a 3 star comforts.


Swimming Pool
Indoor Games
Party Hall
Children's Play Area
3 Elevator
Car Wash Area
Sewage Treatment Plant
24 Hour Security

Before beginning any work, typically the method of improvement occupies the priority. Similarly, before beginning construction, the development web site ought to be completely cleansed and ready for construction. this is often known as purging of the location from evil effects.
This method needs a well experienced  Mason, WHO is as necessary as an Engineer. an inexperienced Mason together with his unskillfulness could mar the fortunes of the Residents of the projected house. several Masons have correct understanding of Vaastu, led to by generations of expertise.
The Masons, ought to possess correct tools to mark the directions and to live the location. Their necessary tools, try square to repair correct corners, intermediate directions, and cord to make sure perpendicular accuracy of the walls, ought to be used with diligence. constant tools ought to be used till the development is completed, otherwise, there could also be variations in areas of the rooms and place in between parallel walls.

Marking directions:

First, the Mason ought to establish all the eight directions properly, that is followed by improvement and preparation of plot. The directions, South, West and South West should be elevated than East, North and North East. Any pits, shallow places, wells in weak or unfavourable positions ought to be stuffed up. The surface of the location ought to be leveled with raise within the directions of South, West and SouthWest.  Avoid sites with anthills.  Leveling and reforming, raising within the web site should be done before beginning construction, however not once, to avoid evil effects of Vaastu.

A well or borewell should be mamma in North East, East or North once the muse is set and its water should be used for construction solely. At least, a sump should be set in any of those directions. the development materials such as; bricks, tiles, wood, steel, stones, lime in North, East or NorthEast shouldn't be keep within the aforementioned places; instead we will use South, West or South West for storing them.

Starting of work: 

Work ought to make sure that the excavation starts from NorthEast and yield towards North West. Repeat constant method from NorthEast to SouthEast and from NorthWest to SouthWest. This method ought to finish by excavating the Southern aspect from SouthEast to SouthWest. the muse work should begin from SouthWest to SouthEast, SouthWest to NorthWest; SouthEast to NorthEast and finish from NorthWest to NorthEast. Similar method is needed for wall constructions. significantly, at the tip of any day, the walls on Southern and Western sides ought to be more than the walls of North and japanese sides. The temperature within the neighborhood determines the peak of walls; like high ceiling if the temperature is high and low ceiling if temperature is low.


Pillars ought to be sq. or cylindrical in form however pillars in SouthEast should be fixed-income sq. in form. Main entrance shouldn't face the sting of any wall, pillar or compound wall. Likewise, there shouldn't be any tree, well, sump or pit ahead of the most door.
The NorthEast corner of the outer walls, compound wall ought to ne'er be rounded off, whereas it's allowable in alternative corners. it's higher to not have arches of semi-circular form on gates set on japanese and Northern sides, however such semi-circular arches are allowable on gates set in South and West.


The flooring of the house ought to be set thus on facilitate the flow of water from SouthWest to NorthEast. the amount of doors ought to step by step persist reducing from South to North and West to East. the ground level of the rooms in SouthWest must always be higher as compared to alternative rooms within the house and it ought to be lowest at NorthEast. The flooring ought to be sturdy and firm avoiding any shallow sound.
If one is leveling unspecified house, they'll begin it from NorthEast and store reusable things in Southern or Western components of the location, since the work if ranging from South or West brings pathological state to senior male and feminine members of the house.

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Riviera Multistorey Apartments for sale Located in Thanisandra, Bangalore This Project having 2BHK 3BHK Apartments.

Riviera Multistorey Apartments Area Range 1250 - 1744 Sq.ft, Located in Thanisandra, Bangalore This Project having 2BHK Apartments and 3BHK  Apartments.

Conceived as living space for those who will not settle for mediocrity, RIVIERA is an apartment complex that lives up to the high standards you set yourself. Located off the airport link Road at Thanisandra, it offers you convenience while providing the calm ambiance that you desire for your family and yourself. Close proximity to the Bastist Hospital. reputed educational institutions such as Bangalore International School, Concord International School and Christ College, as well renowned companies such as Philips and Fidelity at Manyata Tech Park, make there exclusive 2 and 3 bedroom apartments ideal not only for living but from the investment angles as well.
Built to exacting standards, RIVIERA is packed with all that you expect from a modern residential complex. and yet while you enjoy a priming lifestyle, the cost of home here is affordable, Thus making it a home you can derive value from today and for year to come

since the recent past, folks are progressively conceded regarding Vaastu within the purchase of land, be it a website, a house, a flat, industrial or industrial house. The promoters even have taken the cue and currently proclaim that each block and each flat has been designed by them as per Vaastu principles in spite of that direction they face!

A bourgeois should pander to the customer's style and also the latest craze should be accommodated. However, several of the consumers square measure from middle and upper crust and educated. Yet, they appear to be less involved regarding the pollution or living off from nature. one in all my relatives needed to shop for some house close to Bangalore's Anandrao Circle for business purpose. He was making an attempt to seek out out a block, that conforms to Vaastu. we have a tendency to told him Anandrao Circle is one in all the foremost impure areas of the town, with relevance air quality, noise and dirt.

As he was progressing to pay a minimum of eight to ten hours in his workplace he may a well realize an area at a number of the higher surroundings if location from the business purpose of read isn't that necessary. luckily, he took our recommendation. There was another, an expensive person, WHO needed to shop for a flat in prestigious residential block within the busy section of Chowdiah  road. we have a tendency to told him that the situation he has chosen is worst for living purpose. He and his family, and maybe the generation next need to stomach health hazards. we have a tendency to told him of our expertise of living in Curzon Road flat in Asian country|national capital} that is incredibly on the subject of India Gate however simply a metric linear unit down wind from Rajghat thermal powerhouse. All the members of my family had metabolism hassle as long as we have a tendency to lived there. additionally, we have a tendency to had to wipe off thick black soot that will accumulate on each sill, shelf and comers. however he went ahead, bought the flat and currently he's whining. we've got a couple of relatives WHO live next to residential district rail passageway in Bombay.

If you visit them and need to talk to them, you've got to shout as a result of they need lost the facility of hearing soft spoken words. With the prospects of accelerating pollution of each kind people who have a need for healthy operating and living, WHO have cash to buy flats or build homes, ought to prepare a listing for choice of the positioning and a blue print for providing themselves with inexperienced house. Realtors can even examine . development from this angle as a result of they acquire massive tracts of land, develop and sell them. There may well be a growing profitable market during this phase. One might take lessons from the organically big food market, that currently commands premium in West and in a number of our metros.

We are neither proponents nor opponents of Vaastu. If some stressed minds realize solace in homes designed on Vaastu principle allow them to have their method as a result of finally they're the paymasters. however in Vaastu Shastra, like altogether our sacred books, nuggets of truth are buried in heaps of exaggeration and superstitious notion. it's a bit like a normal man WHO once reading Sanskrit literature conceives Ravana as a person with ten heads. Why the sage selected to form Ravana thus grotesquely?

Whether it had been a poetic liberty of stressing not thus smart mental attributes of the person may well be understood by a couple of students. Our views regarding the planning of a development are that 'it ought to try and integrate the maximum amount of nature within the development as doable. A building ought to be able to breathe and spare air and lightweight ought to filter in. mud and noise ought to be unbroken out according Sanjay Mohe, abundant revered branch of knowledge head of Messrs Chandavarker and Thacker.

Many advanced countries of the West, business organizations and en- lightened voters elsewhere, together with Asian nation, are golf shot their heads along on the way to rein in increasing pollution, preserve nature and additionally proceed with development and business. a brand new discipline called "Environmental Management" has emerged. Governments and purported business homes are funding re- search in space of property development whereby each manufacture and industrial facet and preservation of nature will go hand in hand. cash is additionally being spent on promoting awareness among industrialists and businessmen. numerous recognized associations and teams have issued codes of observe for environmental management. One such issued by The International Chamber of Commerce - Business Charter for property Development, ought to be of interest for Realtors. an extract is reproduced below.

"Sustainable development Involves meeting wants|the requirements|the wants} of this while not compromising the power of future generations to satisfy their own needs. economic process provides the conditions during which protection of the setting will best be achieved and environmental protection, in balance with different human goals, is critical to realize growth that's sustainableIn flip, versatile, dynamic, responsive and profitable business square measure needed as thrust for property economic development and providing social control, technical and monetary resources to contribute to the resolution of environmental challenges market political economy characterised by entrepreneurial initiatives are essential to realize this .Business so shares the read that there ought to be a standard goal, not a conflict, between economic development and protection of the setting, each currently and for the longer term generations.
Making economic process add this fashion to guard and improve the standard of the setting - with the assistance of performance based mostly standards and considered use of economic instruments in a very harmonious framework - is one in all the best challenges that the planet faces within the next decade. the planet commission Environmental and Development "Our Common Future" specific an equivalent challenges and demand the co- operation of business in attempt it. to the present finish, business leaders have launched actions in their individual enterprises also as sect oral and cross-sect oral associations.

In order that additional businesses be a part of the hassle which their environ- mental performances still improve, the International Chamber of Commerce herewith calls upon enterprises and their associations to use the subsequent principles as a basis of following such improvement and to specific, publicly, their support for them individual programs developed to implement these principles can replicate the wide diversity among enterprises within and performance.

The objective is that the widest vary of enterprises commit themselves  to up their environmental performance III accordance with the principles, to having in situ management practices to impact improvement, to measure their progress and to coverage their progress as acceptable, internally and outwardly.

Note that the term 'environment' as utilized in this document additionally refers to the environmentally connected aspects of health, safety and merchandise place. a number of the principles are as follows :-

Corporate priority

 to acknowledge environmental management as among the very best priori- ties and as a key determinant to suit- in a position development, to ascertain policies, programs, and practices for conducting operations in an environmentally sound manner.

Integrated management

To integrate these policies, pro- grams and practices totally into every business as a necessary component of management altogether its functions..

Process Improvement

To still improve company policies, programs and environmental performance, taking under consideration technical developments, scientific understanding, shopper wants and community expectations.

Employee Education

To educate, train and inspire staff to conduct their activities in an environmentally accountable manner.

Prior Assessment

To assess environmental impacts before beginning a brand new activity or project or before decommissioning and departure the positioning.

Products and Services

To develop and supply product and services that haven't any undue environmental impact and are safe in their meant use, that square measure economical in their consumption of energy and natural resources which are often recycled, reused or disposed off safely.

Customer recommendation

To advice, wherever relevant, educate customers, distributors and public within the safe use, transportation, storage and disposal of product provided and to use similar issues to the supply of services.

Facilities and Operations

To develop style and operate facilities and conduct activities taking into thought to economical use of renewable resources, the diminution of adverse settingal impact on the environment and waste generation and also the safe and accountable disposal of residential wastes.

Contribute to common efforts

To contribute to the event of public and to business, governmental and intergovernmental pro-grams and academic initiatives which will enhance environmental awareness and protection.

Compliance and coverage

To measure environmental performance, to conduct regular environmental audits and assessments of compliance with company necessities, legal necessities and sporadically to supply acceptable information to any or all involved. The on top of extract contains solely matters that square measure relevant to land development. a decent health is most precious gift of nature. In our efforts to create townships and homes for living, we have a tendency to should pay attention to not disturb the ecology of the place, style to facilitate our operating and living as near nature as doable and shut the polluting atmosphere. If you get a decent creator or an engineer WHO is committed to property development, it's doable to comprehend this aim. one in all the authors of this text had attended a course on building physics conducted by Central Building analysis Institute as back in 1962.

The course dealt totally on energy conservation and use of natural climate to one's advantage. within the past 3 decades, there has been a growing awareness to acknowledge the requirement for espousing the cause for property development. information during this space has enlarged. thus obtaining a sound recommendation, which can be economical too shouldn't be troublesome.