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One Bangalore West Multistorey Apartments Located in Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore This Project having 2BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK Apartments.

One Bangalore West Multistorey Apartments Area Range 1763 - 3526 Sq.ft, Located in Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore This Project having 2BHK Apartments, 3BHK Apartments and 4BHK Apartments.


One Bangalore West is an address designed to raise the bar in premium living. Backed by the extensive real estate expertise of Phoenix Mills across the country, One Bangalore West is a privileged experience that not many can offer.

Located in the heart of the city at the very desirable premium address of 1 Dr. Rajkumar Road, the metro station, a mall, restaurants, educational institutions, hospitals, practically everything you need for your comfort, is a minute’s walk away.

The project is set to be a landmark development. The aesthetics and architecture of the 30 storey high rise towers by International architects Benoy and RSP are designed to satisfy the most discerning customers. A beautifully landscaped green-zone designed by Site Concepts, Singapore, covers a vast majority of the nearly 17-acre property, offering well detailed and calming experiences.

One Bangalore West offers homes to suit your lifestyle with an array of large and spacious apartments towering over the city landscape. The primary products are 4-bed homes with family and study areas, 3-bed homes and 2-bed homes with a family room, along with penthouses on the highest floors.

A large central green zone, the internal boulevard and a 50,000 sq ft, state of the art clubhouse with a temperature controlled indoor pool, multi-level outdoor pools with jacuzzis, indoor and outdoor wi-fi connectivity, a high-tech gymnasium, a bowling alley, fine-dining, designated outdoor and indoor party areas are just some of the unique amenities that give you resort-like living in the heart of the city. All this combined with state of the art home automation systems; concierge services and designed for an IGBC ‘Gold’ certification ensure that ‘One Bangalore West’ carefully combines luxury, comfort and exalted design.


High-tech gymnasium
with outdoor decks
Temperature controlled
indoor pool
Bowling alley
Fine dining
Billiards & Pool room
Squash courts
Badminton courts
Beauty salon
Spa and
massage room
Yoga/Dance studio
Business centre
Banquet halls
Doctor on call
Convenience store
Multipurpose courts
Cafe lounge
Guest rooms
24/7 Concierge

Gardens and Landscaping return centuries in time. Those like Mughal Gardens, Hanging Gardens and Lalbagh ar a living testimony to the ability and creative thinking of their gardeners, UN agency were for the most part uneducated.

Most homes of past, i.e., before the invasion of urbanisation, possessed some quite garden. once you wish to forget all of your worries and get away the hustle bustle of life, a garden is that the ideal place to require a catnap and for the kids to romp in. you may prepare a tasty evening barbecue there too.

Although urban folks might are empty the advantages of a garden, Architects ar currently additional aware of the requirement of leaf and ar together with gardens in their styles. whether or not on the bottom, balcony or terrace, folks currently consult Landscape Architects on Gardens, rather than the normal ‘Mali’. there's many scope for Landscape Architects to try and do their work. within the gift day folks ar currently buying weekend homes to rest in and there's inevitably abundant land which might be reborn into a garden.

Why not strive your hand at planning your own garden? an attractive show of flora doesn’t essentially want lots of land. you must build a note of these areas that get additional daylight throughout the day and people that don’t. All plants don't need constant sunshine. you'll be able to begin coming up with your garden with a sketch of the place. A put attentiveness ought to be determined, wherever you may place a timekeeper, a tree, a bird bathtub, rockery, sculpture or probably a building.

For a slender plot, there ought to be parallel facet boundaries. Geometrical shapes likes Circles, polygonal shape and Rectangles may well be created for flower beds.

If you happen to be a novice, strive consistent with the flow of land instead of victimization straight lines. husbandry tools like a tubing, mechanical device etc, should be unbroken handy. The land may be terraced, cultivated with grass or shrubs or created into a rock garden. If there's a water body gift, it'll add quality to your landscaping.

For a water body, you must choose a spot that receives atleast 5 hours of daylight during a day and will not be close to over hanging trees. a locality of forty sq.ft. is best as ponds smaller than that will accumulate protoctist. The depth ought to be 20-24 inches. you may line it with concrete or get Pre-fabricated Fibre Glass Pools. At constant time, you'll be able to get one created to order. 

A water tight instrumentality, plastic tubs or drums may also be utilized. you want to dig a sufficiently giant hole and pack the soil into gaps tightly between the outlet and therefore the wall of the pool.

You may use an underground plastic tube to conduct water to the pool. The pool space ought to be planted with Aquatic plants, decorative plants like Water Chestnut, hydrophyte etc., whose leaves and flowers grow higher than the water surface. you may have facet methods resulting in the outside uptake space from there. For an aesthetic treat, plant some grass within the methods between slabs.

It takes lots of your time to keep up an ideal field. there's a range of grass obtainable like Japanese Turf that desires low maintenance because it grows in Tufts and desires no mowing. The land ought to be drained and therefore the soil racked half dozen inches deep. Then plant food ought to be mixed in and unfold equally. After this, you'll be able to plant the cuttings or seeds. Planted slabs may be obtained from a nursery during a case you wish a second field. The flower bed borders ought to be raised to a small degree from the field level and a half dozen in. channel should be unbroken in between for the aim of voidance.

It is necessary to plant flowers that ar within the flower beds. The beds ought to be 5-6 feet wide for straightforward weeding and when deciding the colors, you'll be able to sow seeds directly. you may begin them during a nursery or purchase established plants from there. For curtaining the wall, you must have Pagodas, Bamboo trellis screens or Poles propped against the wall for Creepers and Climbers. Juniper, Ivy, vine, Creeper Roses, Honey Suckle, mounting shrub, vine, genus Gypsophila and shrub flowers ar all smart for color, Fragrance and ornamental functions.

You have to require under consideration the kind of soil within the garden. alkaline  soil isn't smart for roses and neither is exposure. Fertilizers ar required and conjointly protection from insects, fungi, aphids, caterpillars and borers. Common diseases ar gritty bug, black spots and rust. The bloom is formed ugly by plant disease and brown pustules below the leaf surface return from rust. These can kill the plant within the finish. chemical containing Copper Compounds ought to be sprayed and Malathion is also safe to use.

Plants that became unhealthy needn't be essentially infected by pests. they'll suffer from Psychological Disorders that cause them to Wilt and Shed Leaves. this could occur owing to below or over Watering. another causes of health problem is also Aerosols, Chemicals, Mn Deficiency and therefore the setting.

Flowering trees and shady ones can offer a sublime bit to your garden. decorative ones ought to be planted near the house, eight feet from the muse with a 10 foot house between. If your yard is tiny you must choose an outsized, spreading tree. within the spring time have bush, bottle brush, cherry or peach in your garden. If you wish a vibrant Garden around the year select seasonal and Bi-Annual flowers. In early Jan, you'll plant Sweet Williams, herbaceous plant, Foxglove, Pansies and Daises. throughout the monsoon, you'll be able to plant Lilies, Gladioli, Zebra, Roses, mallow and camelia. These need very little Maintenance and Bloom around the year. The tall growing flowers ought to be planted at the rear.

Gardens may be created into a riot of color by growing flowers like Asters, Anthirrinums, Marigold, Begonia, Calendula, Larkspur, Cornflower, Poppies, Petunia, Verbena, Zinnia, and herb within the Middle and for the Border Orchids like orchid, Nun flower and Crucifix flower ar smart once the seasonal Flowers fail to bloom. color may be else through beds of Colia and Ferns. victimization humate and Compost for mulching keeps weeds away and saves soil wetness. Poorly growing plants ought to get replaced with thriving ones.

Enjoy your garden within the company of the flowers, birds and bees. Your labour are rewarded by several rhapsodic hours spent amidst luxuriant beauty.

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