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Mantri Global Heights Apartments Located in Whitefield, Bangalore this project having 2BHK and 3BHK Apartments.

Mantri Global Heights Multistorey Apartments Area Range 1315-1990 Sq.ft Located in Whitefield, Bangalore this project having 2BHK Apartments and 3BHK Apartments.


Mantri Developers new residential project Mantri Global Heights is located at Whitefield, Bangalore. Mantri Global heights host 2BHK & 3BHK luxurious apartments with all modern amenities.

Let your dreams spread wings in these luxurious ready to move-in homes. At Mantri Global Heights experience the flawless excellence of engineering and architecture. Bask in the glory of an ultra-modern yet serene life. Crafted with passion and delivered to perfection, life here is the life you always desired.


    Children's play area
    Barbeque with party area
    Swimming pool
    Outdoor chess
    Paved garden
    Landscaped gardens
    Pick up and Drop off point
    Health Club
    Party hall
    Steam, Sauna & Massage rooms

Recently quite  a ton of importance is given to the principles set down in Vastu shastra,  a science by itself, control construction of the buildings. whether or not residential or business.  Planners take   in to thought the situation of the location with respect to the roads, slopes, soil, formation etc, before coming up with the building all folks needs the keep or functioning (in business buildings) to be healthy, and fortunate.  Vastu principles square measure specified if followed to produce for happy, healthy and prosperity for the occupants of the building. whereas we've got been talking concerning the roads, directions of the slopes of the location, Veedhi Shoolas, trees and plants round the web site, facing of doors and window, internal location i.e., location of kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, toilets, etc., to this point as residential buildings square measure involved, and internal arrangements for industrial or business building nothing abundant has been same concerning the roofs of buildings.

within the past days most of the homes were designed with roof sloping on one web site or the opposite. but in a while the designs and also the roofs were designed with none slopes significantly within the dry areas. wherever the rains weren't significant.  The roofs accustomed be of tiles or of stone slabs / mortar until the appearance of cement concrete.  (Vastu shastra provides for putt up the  roofs specifically approach.)

Whatever is also the fabric use the fundamental demand is that there ought to be no flow or outflow of rain water.  If the roof isn't placed  in accordance with the Vastushastra the will have some adverse effects.  Here what the Vastu principles square measure for putt up a roof for a building.

If the roof is sloping, such sloping ought to be equal or maybe on either side.

1.    The slopes ought to be North or East
2.    Avoid sloping towards south or west
3.    Smoke chimney be provided within the south or west of the building.  Avoid east, north east or north.
4.    once the water tanks square measure to be placed on the roof, like putting there in south or side of the roof, avoid north-east, east or north.
5.    fat roof is taken into account to be quite sensible and so the water tanks ought to be placed associate raised platforms.
6.    The slopes needed for flat roofs ought to be towards east or north.
7.    Pyramid formed roofs square measure thought of as neutral.
8.    just in case if is critical to produce sky lightweight window or not it's provided solely in north or side of the roof.
9.    The roof tiles should be in fitness and also the broken tiles ought to be  replaced straight off as and once detected.
10.    The slope ought to be even on either side of the slope.

In recently the homes square measure designed in numerous ways that to suit the necessities of the homeowners. Naturally the roofs square measure designed to urge higher elevation and aesthetic worth.  Even the roofs square measure split in numerous levels.  In such ass care ought to be taken to check that south-west roof level and parapet wall square measure a trifle more than the opposite sides. the amount of sloping roof be lesser at north-east than at south-west.
it's seen that  in some cases alittle home is designed on the highest roof of the storied  building. it's famed as confined house.  The confined home is supposed to not be the a part of the most building and application of Vastu principles is given a fade. but it's fascinating to seek advice from Vastu aspects before usurping construction of confined house. the subsequent points square measure thought of necessary and be followed.

1. Avoid construction of confined house on north or side of the highest floor roof.

2. Since the designed on the southern facet or western facet must be  taller it's acceptable to place up a confined house on west or south of terrace.

3. Since the confined home is  use as a house for residence it's fascinating to follow Vastu principles as within the case of any traditional house.

4. it's fascinating to depart some open area within the east and north.

5. For increasing positive energy alittle garden flowers, plants is also developed in north east a part of the world.

It is steered that the plants bearing flowers that, haven't any tiny or have dangerous smell, oily, through ought to be avoided.  Thorny  plants and succulent plants ought to be all  avoided in residential buildings in and of itself plants produce  a negative energy.  Even tree plants don't seem to be counseled within the house.

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