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Gokaldas Euphoria Apartments for sale Located in Yelahanka, Bangalore 3BHK and 4BHK Apartments.

Gokaldas Euphoria Multistorey Apartments Area Range 2300 - 3824 Sq.ft, Located in Yelahanka, Bangalore 3BHK Apartments and 4BHK Apartments.

Nestled in Judicial Layout, surrounded by 202 acres of greenery stands Euphoria! a luxury residential enclave that stands above the rest. A perfect balance of privacy and amenities, Euphoria sets the standard for uppercrust living. It’s rooftop club house with a 50 foot swimming pool, Jacuzzi and gymnasium sets the standard in urban relaxation. A large skylit party space allows residents to share lifes precious moments with their family and friends.

Euphoria is located very strategically in this macro market of Hebbal, very close to Shopping Centres, Hyper Markets, Hospitals, Educational Institutes, IT companies, and the ring roads.

In synergy with our “Design as Differentiator” philosophy, Euphoria has a contemporary, futuristic elevation. The aesthetics of the building are perfectly complemented by the thoughtful little touches we have added to make your home an abode of joy, comfort and convenience.  


● Terrace Club Level with 50 foot long swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and health club
● Large party zone for residents on the terrace
● Average home sizes 2300-2600 sft
● Treated bore well water with suitable capacity    water treatment plant
● Security kiosks & monitoring systems (video door phones, and cctv)
● Rainwater harvesting & collection tank
● Zen garden in entry lobby
● Basement car parking
● Servant’s / Driver’s toilet in the basement

Use racks to reinforce Aesthetics

Once all the fundamental requirements of a home ar in situ then it is time for interior decoration. Artifacts placed at strategic points will so build the house fascinating. it's best to position them on racks so they're visible from all points and adds charm to the area.

Racks ar vastly helpful in displaying art objects, books, image frames, magazines, newspapers, telephones, flower vases, candle stands, lamps, clocks etc. These stands ar classified in line with the fabric accustomed build them and therefore the kind of support accustomed hold the shelves in situ. Racks dissent in style and size reckoning on use, and therefore the space of the house within which they're placed.

Living space

While choosing racks if one chooses the proper kind of material, size, and color that may enhance their quality and therefore the aesthetics of the items displayed. Racks utilized in formal areas ought to be designed well so they will be integrated into the interior decoration. they may be manufactured from wood, metal, stone or glass. A glass panel supported by a metal filagree bracket, and highlighted by a drop lightweight from higher than with a crystal statuette show creates a special atmosphere.

Wooden racks ar accustomed support serious things whereas metal racks placed against the wall ar helpful to collect newspapers. If the interiors have ethnic motifs, the racks may be therefore devised that they give the impression of being like antique items. The higher flat portion of a incised moulded capital cut out from recent picket pillars may be accustomed install a glass or picket shelf. this could then be fastened on a wall and accustomed show a brass lamp or bronze sculpture.

Racks fitted on the walls of the room may be used for each aesthetic and utility functions. Family pictures, vases or books ar some things sometimes placed on racks here. it's higher to repair them either on the wall opposite the bed or beside it. The colour, material and end ought to match the wardrobes, furniture, and soft furnishings.

Bath Room

This is one place wherever racks ar essential. Those accustomed keep things like toothbrushes ar sometimes manufactured from metal or plastic as they face a continuing barrage of water. Here racks having a series of hooks or horizontal rods may be accustomed hold towels and garments. The shower caddy, a metal rack with Teflon coating, is decorated close to the shower to carry oft required things like soaps, shampoos and similar things.


The room is one space wherever area should be used optimally to confirm sleek functioning. Here it's higher to use racks manufactured from wood or metal. Smaller racks fastened on walls may be accustomed hold spices, salt, tea and occasional. larger racks ar necessary to store cutlery and dishware. Larger racks accustomed store utensils and foodstuff containers may be hold on in slide out racks fitted below the room counter. Racks may be accustomed hold a plant or sculpture, associate degreed this could build the distinction in creating an otherwise utilitarian area enticing. 

Other Areas

Racks ar a requirement altogether areas of homes. A key rack could be a special item unbroken in entrance lobbies and verandas. it's created victimisation wood or metal and can have brass hooks. Another helpful rack that is sometimes placed in patios and gardens is that the one accustomed place garden pots, miniature rock gardens, tree creations and cacti.

Music lovers use metal or plastic stands to stay their cassettes and CDs. Panels of cloth may be bifold and persisted hooks fitted on the wall. Books and posters may be hold on across 2 such panels. heavy-duty  stands mounted on walls may be accustomed place televisions and music systems. These racks ought to be deeply anchored into the wall so it will support the burden of the instrumentation. Most of those stands have a rotating base to permit the TV to be turned as per the convenience of the viewer.


Though racks may be accustomed hold and exhibit all types of things they need to stay a coffee profile. the explanation is that the main target is on the item displayed, and not on the article accustomed show it. A well-designed rack will merge with the room's interior decoration. If wooden, the polish used, say wood or rosewood, ought to match the colors of the present woodwork. Fe stands ar sometimes painted black whereas glass may be beveled. Metal or plastic racks mounted on walls ought to be painted to match the color of the surface.

Eventually the rack should mix with and complement the room's style. The considered choice of the fabric used for creating the rack, and its size and color can enhance its utility and look, and therefore the aesthetics of what it displays.

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