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GK Meadows Apartments Located in Electronic City, Bangalore This project having 2BHK and 3BHK Apartments.

GK Meadows Multistorey Apartments Area Range 1100 - 1555 Sq.ft, Located in  Electronic City, Bangalore This project having 2BHK Apartments and 3BHK Apartments.


GK MEADOWS a BDA approved 2 & 3 BHK residential apartment is located near IT hub, Electronic City. The apartment has close proximity to many well known amenities/ services like IT Companies, Educational institutions, hospitals, hotels & shopping centers, making it preferable option to own a home.

GK MEADOWS” , a single block apartment of 9 floors, with 85 units, has built up area ranging from, with 85 units, has built up area ranging from 1200 Sq.ft. to 1700 Sq.ft. The skillful and crafty teamwork of Architects, Structural Engineers, landscape architects and best Construction Team ensures a quality Construction for your dream home.

GK MEADOWS, a 9-storey edifice is your answer-coming up at just 500 metres from Hosur Main Road is a residential project that has just the right numbers-85 privilege apartments of 2 and 3 BHK, ideally designed to you the very essence of a quality lifestyle- features that makes one’s life complete in terms of comfort, convenience and value.


    21 km from vidhana Soudha
    9 kms from Begur Road
    19 kms from MG Road
    13 kms BTM Layout
    22 kms form city Railway Station
    13 kms from Sarjapur Road

Vaastu shastra may be a terribly previous science on construction geological dating back to the times of Vedas. Vaastu's main plan is to bring on harmony between the life and also the setting around it. What distinguishes Vaastu from different science of construction is its familiarity with metaphysical energies, positive and negative energies. Vaastu prescribes bound procedures in order that energy fields aren't distorted. Vaastu Shilpa Shastra, deals with harmonious co-existence with nature and conjointly for physical, emotional, religious desires of kinsfolk. It deals with the choice of websites and construction of residential similarly as industrial buildings and lays down the principles of building, planning and about to guarantee happy living. Vaastu principles ar specified if followed, they supply happiness, health and prosperity for the occupants of the building.

Till early 1990 there was some awareness among the individuals relating to Vaastu principles. currently quite heap of importance is given to the principles arranged  down in Vaastu shastra. Planners take into thought the placement of the positioning, roads, slopes, soil, formation etc, before coming up with the building. each one folks needs to be healthy and performance within the industrial building with success. most town dwellers do approach some Vaastu consultants before taking on any construction work or for getting into residential dwelling house units or flats. within the gift day scenario, it's tough to follow all the principles arranged  down in Vaastu shastra for numerous reasons.

Reasons may well be, lack of appropriate land within the cities, inadequate funds, prevailing building bye-laws of the native bodies. Some individuals even comment that the Vaastu shastra is simply too rigid concerning the putting of the doors and windows, that per them is solely impossible to follow. On the contrary, the Vaastu consultants and also the pundits ar of the firm read that there ar straightforward ways that to change the elbow room fitly.

The Vaastu principles that ar supported 5 parts specifically earth, space, fire, air and water got to be adopted to the most effective advantage. It ought to be remembered that the terribly existence of the person is completely smitten by these 5 parts and is controlled by these parts. All potential efforts ought to be created to harness the results of the 5 parts. WHO wouldn't wish to have the benefit of information, wisdom, health, wealth, strength and happiness? seeable of the very fact that the 

Vaastu shastra regulates the development of the buildings, whether or not residential or industrial, it might be wise keep in mind a number of the vital rules or say the fundamental principles specifically - get pleasure from the daylight from the japanese facet, place the room within the South east corner, place the beds South-north (with head at South) or East-west directions, have the exterior door or back door product of a frame of 4 items, store water within the North east corner (sump-borewell) of the positioning. any try and perceive the eight directions and their importance. Remember, to not demolish the present house buildings however alter them fitly. If the room isn't within the fixed direction, things like kitchen stove may well be placed within the correct place specifically Southeast corner of the present room. an honest house engineered on Vaastu rinciples actually provides peace of mind and ensures harmonious living.

Fundamental principles for construction 

I. no matter could also be the kind of construction, the vacant areas in East and North ought to be over that of West and South. 

2. Heavier, hefty structures and fixtures should be in Southwestern, Southern or Western a part of the positioning. 

3. The South west half ought to be relatively elevated. 

4. the most door, and also the exit purpose ought to be settled in robust positions, like japanese, Northern Northeast, Southern Southeast or Western Northwest, that ar auspICIOUS. 

5. Wells, bore wells, sump tanks, depressions, etc., should be within the japanese or Northern Northeast of the positioning. Care ought to be taken to confirm that they're not settled in a very diagonal line extending from North japanese finish of the building to North japanese comer ofthe website. 

6. Avoid pits, depressions in Southern or Western a part of the plot. 

7. Flow of rain/drainage, should emanate of the positioning either from Northern, North japanese or japanese, North japanese, or Central east or Central north sides. it's worthy to notice some widespread sayings recognized by Vaastu: 

a. Extending japanese southeast is tantalising mishaps.
b. Closing, covering japanese, Southeast is sacrificing happiness.
c. don't weaken the North east- it should have an effect on the lineage.
d. Covering the North east IS sort of a noose around neck. 

After consulting astrologer/pundit concerning the acceptable date for commencement of the development, it's necessary and fascinating to perform some rituals with a read to possess peace and prosperity of the owner and his family. this is applicable not just for residential however conjointly for flat buildings similarly as industrial complexes. Before foundation is arranged , perform pooja of the inspiration stone so lay the stone. once the stone is arranged  construction ought to be started, right-handed commencing from South-east direction, construction of pillars and walls conjointly ought to be started from South East direction. 

Another vital purpose to be noted is that the commencement of constructions be done throughout Shuklapaksha (first half the satellite month) i.e. between first day to Pournima (full moon day). it's not fascinating to begin construction within the 2d [*fr1] of lunar month. 

In case there's a proposal to construct a basement, many suggestions ar desired to be thought-about. Having a basement in a very explicit direction, do have some sensible effects. Vaastu shastra lays down the principles on however and wherever a basement ought to be made and its effects. many suggestions ar elaborated hereafter.
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