Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Keerthi Surya Shakti Located in Hoodi, Bangalore - 2BHK and 3BHK Apartments

Keerthi Surya Shakti Multistorey Apartments Area Range 1235-1832 Sq.ft, Location Hoodi, Bangalore offered with 2BHK Apartments and 3BHK Apartments.


You dont dream imperfect or incomplete for your family. Your dreams are as clear as day. Thoughtful to the last floor tile and complete right down to the third coat of paint – Much like our vision for your family and your home.

No far-flung locations, no compromises in construction quality, no empty promises or delays – because our success story owes everything we achieved so far.

Welcome to Keerthi-Surya Shakti Towers, Welcome to everything you’ve wanted your home to be.

The project consists of the following:

- Total 79 units
- Only one unit in each floor, in each tower
- 7 towers with 9 floors in each
- Total land area 1.08 Acres
- Ample natural light and ventilation in every room
- 2 levels of basement parking (B-1 and B-2)



Club House
Well Equipped Gym
Multi purpose Hall

Swimming Pool and Kids Pool
Skating Ring
Jogging Track
Childrens play area
Multipurpose court
Open Amphitheatre
Landscaped Gardens
Half Basket ball court
Giant Chess Play
Pavilion with Food Counter
Sand Pit

The art of science of Fengshui is increasingly gaining recognition among real estate professionals and even in town planning, and is closely related to the practice of Vaastu. It is basically a tool to harmonize and align the dwelling place and is concerned with the flow of 'Chi' the Chinese term for movement of energy, in order to release blocked energy which may have an effect in the corresponding areas of our lives. Nowadays, Fengshui is known to maintain the value of real estate holdings and even in countries like the USA and Canada, buyers often prefer a property that has been approved by a Fengshui expert.

Fengshui gives importance and relevance to the five elements of water, wood, fire, earth and metal. It focuses on aligning the general layout of the dwelling and creating a balance in order to enhance the flow of Chi. It seeks to do this through the strategic placing of doors, windows, furniture, cots and stove. In addition, factors such as ventilation, the source of water and levels of the land must be in the right order so that the right place, approach and tuning can be achieved.

Nowadays there are many self-styled experts on Vaasthu and Fengshui who have distorted their use through offers like 'single window' services, often lumping it together with gemology, astrology and numerology. It has become non-functional because of the wrong advice imparted by such folk to clients. One must also remember that there is no dwelling which can be described as being 100% Vaasthu or Fengshui perfect. It certainly does not offer a remedy for controlling the force of birth of death, but rather improves our capacity to think and function better.

In Singapore, the town has been planned in keeping with the Fengshui texts known as the 'secrets of the 5 dragons,' that involve mountains, water resources and the movement of traffic as mean of creating prosperity for the country. In Taiwan and Malaysia, services of Fengshui experts are often used to assess the value of the property and to increase its worth before offering it to prospective buyers. Fengshui services are included in the offer of a single window service by The Appraisal Institute of Canada. Some great international corporations such as the Chase Manhattan Bank, Citibank and Morgan Guaranty Trust in Hong Kong and Taiwan do not hesitate to employ experts in this art for the help.

From the perspective of Fengshui, a house is not just a physical structure but is an entity that can either nurture your life or undermine it. It believes that the flow of Chi is what really decides the value of your property. People are automatically attracted to a home that has an abundance of positively flowing chi. There is a distinct relationship between the value of a property and good Fengshui. Homes with good Chi often command high prices in any neighborhood. Those homes that sit on the market longest are the ones in which energy is blocked and stagnant.

Earlier it was considered ideal for a home to have the famous Chinese green dragon-white tiger design in it. This means that there should be certain levels in the house, e.g. the back should be higher than the front and the right side should be lower than the left. This was supposed to protect the centre of the house and was known as the armchair design. Since it is difficult to create such levels in modern day life and as we cannot control the shapes of neighbouring buildings, one could adapt the method by planting trees or using lights mounted on poles to create a higher back effect in a house.

Some guidelines are available to ensure that your house is in harmony with the principles of Fengshui. One could explore the area to see if the design is harmonious and has a sense of beauty. Environmental pollution, the condition of sewage drains and the presence of high tension wires etc., could be noted. The appearance of the front door of the house is important. A front door has the ability to either welcome you or drive you away. Opportunities are supposed to enter through it and it should convey a feeling of pride.

Another important thing to note is the feel and smell of the house. Is there a light and airy feeling or a dark and ominous effect? If it is situated on a blind alley, the flow of chi will be blocked and will have no outlet. You must also see whether the house is situated at a T-junction or a cross road. You should also walk around and examine the house foundation, as it will eventually decide your life experiences. It should be solid without any cracks. Symmetrical shapes are ideal and offsets and angles should be avoided as they indicate fragmentation.
A road is said to conduct CHI energy throughout the environment and traffic movements. It is not good to live near highways and busy roads.  Neither is it considered healthy to be situated at the end of a road or at a T junction. In this case, putting up a hedge of healthy green plants would act as a shield. On the other hand you could reposition the door or put up a porch. Another method is to use mirrors, but one has to be careful of danger to oncoming vehicles at night.

Buildings which are at an eye-level with or under a flyover are not good as the home is likely to feel drained of energy and oppressed. If the flyover appears to bend and cut through the building it is particularly harmful and one way to avoid this is to use dark glasses on the window panes. Another method to overcome the overpowering effect of the flyover is to put up the lights at the four corners of the house, focused towards the lower surface of the flyover.

A noteworthy feature is whether the garage is detached or not. A detached garage is best as it allows Chi to move around freely. You should also check the ceiling for watermarks and make sure that there are plenty of windows. It is considered inauspicious to have bathrooms and kitchens in the centre.
Even if your home is having some basic features which are out of harmony with the guidelines of Fengshui, it can be adapted though it may not be a perfect solution. Homes of this kind are known to exhibit a remarkable change after being corrected through the art of Fengshui.

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