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2BHK and 3BHK Apartments for sale at Palms Groves Located in Chandapura, Bangalore

Palms Groves Apartments Area Range 598-987 Sq.ft Located in Chandapura, Bangalore 2BHK Apartments and 3BHK Apartments.



You choose we bestow….

Welcome to Palms Groves, a haven of comfort amidst the city hustle and bustle. Located off Chandapura – Anekal Main Road, Palm groves offers you a perfect balance of modernity and nature with each apartment reflecting your taste for fine living.

A Joint Venture Project between Aryan Hometec Pvt. Ltd. and Karsten Homes (P) Ltd., “PALM GROVES”, is an outcome of brain storming, long discussion hours and profound market research of its prime work-force. Palm Groves incorporates the finest of material and is built to meet very high standards in workmanship.

Aryan Hometec Pvt. Ltd. is a company driven by a mix of dedicated, determined and dexterous people with excellent civil track record. It is a well known figure in the market for its huge assortments of affordable residential properties in South Bangalore.
Karsten Homes (P) Ltd. is an entity where perfection is more than just a word it is a mantra by which they follow. With a keen eye for detail and precision, commitment to excellence is guaranteed.

Palm Groves not only accounts for magnificence and distinctiveness of all in the name of elegantly designed living spaces but also provide you with a range of options to choose from. Not only its location, design and quality are of prime class but its affordability speaks for itself. Synonymous to its name its nature’s tranquil environs provide you with immense peace of mind and soul. It’s a dependable and well planned commune, keeping in mind all the necessary amenities to add to a great lifestyle within affordable budget. The Plan ensures perfect Vaasthu and a clear title so as to give buyers a hassle-free and happy ownership.

A commune with huge assortment of amenities with multiple designs & dimension options yet affordable...

With projects spreads across Bangalore and still moving forward we are proud to present our fresh work of art, Palm Groves, Definitive yet affordable.

With the comfort of luxurious amenities and the serenity of a peaceful ambience, is it still any wonder why we claim to turn visions.

Palm Groves is an opulent Apartment project consisting of 855 units sheltered in 4 Blocks spread across the extent of 7 Acres 15 Guntas of Land. This residential enclave has 2 & 3 Bedroom varying from 598 Sqft. to 987 Sqft. which are designed carefully for comfortable living with world class amenities.

Palm Groves has been designed and brought to you keeping in mind the various basic requirements along with all the necessary and luxury amenities that cater to all your lifestyle needs within affordable budget. The construction quality, environment and location of this residential project are here to meet your expectation and beyond.



    Jogging Track

    A fully equipped club House

    Utilitarian Landscaped Spaces

    Table Tennis


    Round the clock security

    Power back up

    Lifts (6 passenger capacity)

    Children's play area

    ½ Basket Ball Court

    Badminton Court


    Rain Water Harvesting

In Bangalore, the rapid growth of the Apartment culture is seen for the last couple of years. Now-a-days the educated people generally opine that living in an apartment building is safer than living in an independent house.

After the hectic day in office or business, one would like to socialize for some time. In such case, Apartment living offers excellent opportunities for group living with a diverse culture.


The motto behind forming the society is to build cordial relations amongst the occupants of the apartment building and to inculcate the fellow feelings, which itself transforms into a new community wherein they live as each is for all and all for each. Further such societies are also necessary for maintaining Electricity, Water Supply, maintenance of lift, Security, Cleaning of the premises, Parking, Collection of Garbage, preserving various statutory and accounting records. Apart from this, the society also looks after affairs, which includes economic betterment and social welfare.


After completion of the construction of an Apartment building, the Owners of the flats / residents of such apartment form an association, to maintain the common areas and common facilities. The society must consist of minimum of 7 members. In addition to the above, Managing Committee should consist of at least one or two lady members for effective governance of the society.


After formation of such societies, the same has to be registered under the Karnataka Apartment Ownership Act or Societies Registration Act.   Since most of such societies are functioning without getting it registered, it is advisable to register in order to give legal sanctity to the society.     

The members of the society should actively participate in electing the members to the Managing Committee who are honest, disciplined, duty conscious, and hard working.  The members of the society should take active participation in the functioning of the society and put the managing committee on right track whenever it goes out of track. Generally, retired officers are preferred choice while electing the managing committee members in view of their vast experience in life and maturity. 

The members of the managing committee should not have the impression that they are the masters of the Society and should not dictate their terms in the affairs of the society. They have to keep in mind that they are the respected persons duly elected by the members of the Society to look after the interest of members of the Society.

The following points are required to be covered while formulating the bye-laws of the society:

1) The bye-laws should clearly spell out the duties, responsibilities and functions of the managing committee and the general body and should be annexed to the declaration. No modification or amendment to the bye-laws should be considered to be valid, unless such amendments are put through by way of an amendment to the Declaration and such amendment is duly recorded and a copy thereof is duly filed with the competent authority.

2) The bye-laws shall specifically provide for the following matters, namely:-

A) The election for the  Board of Managers should be among the apartment owners and that the terms of at least one-third of the members of such Board shall cease  annually; the powers and duties of the Board, the compensation, if any, of the members of the Board, the method of removal of the elected  members from the office of the Board; and whether or not the Board may engage the services of a Secretary, a Manager or Managing Agent, and specifying which of the powers and duties granted to the Board by this Act or otherwise may be delegated by the Board to either or both of them;

B) Method of calling meetings of the apartment owners; what percentage, if other than a majority of Apartment owners, shall constitute a quorum;

C) Election of a President should be from among members of the Board of Managers and he/she shall preside over the meetings of such Board and of the Association of Apartment Owners;

D) Elected  Secretary  should keep a minutes book wherein resolutions shall be recorded;

E) Elected Treasurer  should keep the financial records and books of accounts;

F) Maintenance, repair and replacement of the common areas and facilities and payment therefore;

G) Manner of collecting from the apartment owners their share of the common expenses;

H) Designation and removal of persons employed for the maintenance, repair and replacement of the common areas and facilities;

I) The method of adopting and  amending administrative rules and regulations governing the details of the operation and use of the common areas and facilities;

J) Such restrictions on the requirements respecting the use and maintenance of the apartments and the use of the common areas and facilities not set forth in the Declaration,  are designed to prevent unreasonable interference with the use of their respective apartments and  the common areas and facilities by the several apartment owners; and

K) The percentage of the votes required to amend the bye-laws.

3) The bye-laws may also provide for the following matters, namely:-

A) Subject to the provisions of this Act, provision for regulating transfer or partition of any apartment and percentage of undivided interest in the common areas and facilities appurtenant to such apartment, subject to such terms and conditions as may be specified in the bye-laws;

B) Provisions enabling the Board of Managers to retain certain areas of the building and lease to non-residents for commercial purposes and for distribution of resulting proceeds to the apartment owners as income or application thereof in reduction of their common charges for maintaining the building; and

C) Any other provisions, not inconsistent with the provisions of this Act, relating to the audit and accounts and administration of the property and annual and special general meetings, annual report and the like.

These are some of the guide lines which would help in the smooth functioning of the apartment societies. The members of the society should bear in mind that the success of the society shall depend upon their co-operation and co-ordination with the governing body.

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