Friday, October 24, 2014

Aesthetic Villaments Multistorey Apartments Located off Old Madras Road, Bangalore offered with 2BHK,3BHK and 4BHK Villaments.

Aesthetic Villaments Multistorey Apartments Area Range 1275-2550 Sq.ft Located off Old Madras Road, Bangalore offered with 2BHK,3BHK,4BHK Villaments.


We are delighted to proclaim another architectural marvel in Rahat bagh. These are designer Villaments in an Ultra Luxurious Gated Community Layout and situated in a very very posh locality of RahatBagh. Nestled in peaceful surroundings these Villaments are clubbed with modern amenities and with an exquisite set of 21 flats, comprising of luxurious 2,3 and 4 bhks.  

There are 7 individual blocks, each block has only Three flats, and only one flat per floor. We are happy to bring up this unique concept that offers high class living, privacy and also the pleasure of being a part of gated community. The project being located in a highly posh area, makes this dwelling even more exciting and fascinating.


    Community Hall
    Kids play area
    Complete Power Back up for Flats and Common Areas
    Intercom Security System
    Covered Car Park
    Adequate Water Supply
How windows evolved through the centuries
The word window comes from the Old Norse phrase used a good variety of years agone, 'Wind Eye,' which suggests 'an opening to the air.' A window happens to be an opening within the wall of a building or house. It’s job is to let within the lightweight and air. A window that's placed well is ready to supply a stunning read of the planet outside from the within of the house. Windows ar quite piece of art per each ancient and modem design.

Dating to several years agone a window was simply atiny low oval or sq. hole within the wall. In early Greek and geographic region buildings skinny slabs of marble, translucent substance sheets and oiled paper were utilised. In classical architecture tiny panes of plate glass were initial employed in that they were control in frames of bronze. Bars referred to as mullions control the panes in situ. divided glass windows were the chosen windows for European affluent individuals. A frame called a sash contained the panes and mullions fitted into it. In ancient China and Japan paper windows were cheap and used wide. within the windows of standard homes in England glass I became common solely within the early a part of the seventeenth century.

Craftsmen within the Middle Ages devised glass to be employed in church windows. In these coloured items of glass were set in figures and decorative styles.

Only tiny panes of glass might be created till the 1800s. once higher machinery was unreal within the decennium it became doable to provide massive panes. This greatly affected the appearance and style of buildings.

Large sheets of glass are often made through modern glass technology to be employed in trendy glass-covered buildings. From floor to ceiling these buildings have windows.

There ar many designs in windows currently. Bay windows, bow windows and bow window windows simply out from a wall whereas window windows cover the roof. the standard form of window is double-hung window that has 2 components or sashes that overlap slightly and slide up and down within the frame. wherever there ar single-hung sash windows one sash is movable and therefore the different is mounted.

A flat or slanting window designed into a roof structure for day-lighting is understood as a fanlight. A multi panel window could be a bay window and has a minimum of 3 panels unbroken at totally different angles to create a protrusion from the wall line.

There ar 2 or additional sashes that overlap slightly in slippery  windows however they slide horizontally within the frame. The window seems at associate angle and is mounted on one facet typically opened with a crank.

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