Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Mana Karmel Multistorey Apartments Located off Sarjapur Road, Bangalore offered with 2BHK and 3BHK Apartments.

Mana Karmel Multistorey Apartments Area Range 902-1412 Sq.ft, Located off Sarjapur Road, Bangalore offered with 2BHK Apartments and 3BHK Apartments.

Mana Karmel com­ing up with 80 apart­ments sit­u­ated on Kodathi Main Road, off sar­japur road, which is in close prox­im­ity to reg­u­lar require­ments of res­i­dents like schools, hos­pi­tals & gro­cery stores. We pro­vide qual­ity and give empha­sis to nature which makes your every­day life healthy and happy to live in.

Mana Karmel Flats in Sar­japur Road Amenities

Mana Karmel Res­i­den­tial Apart­ments in Sar­japur road is hav­ing all mod­ern ameni­ties, that makes your life bet­ter than ever before. Few of the major ameni­ties are Swim­ming pool, court yard and gen­er­ated power back up.

If you are look­ing for apart­ments in Sar­japur road, Mana Karmel is hav­ing all what you need.

    Swim­ming Pool with Kids pool

    Chil­dren play area


    Land­scape gardens



    Bad­minton Court

    Cricket Pitch With Net

    Rain­wa­ter harvest

    Inter­com Facility


    Gen­er­a­tor Power Back up
Re Development of Society Buildings

In the house starved mumbai, renovation of society buildings looks to be solely approach to house the increasing population. The regime has sanctioned additional F S I for the redevelopments. But it's not as easy because it seems. The co-operative society should note of the procedures and go with them. additionally they need to be additional careful once choosing a developer.

While finalizing the builder the office bearers of the society should make sure the economic condition of the builder by inquiring for the economic condition certificate and tax returns for the last 3 years. But first, all the members should conform to the proposal of renovation and should be able to shift to alternate accommodation throughout the development of the building. it's ascertained that builders pay 15 months rent to members for alternate accommodation, which can not be spare. There ar variety of reasons for this viz., the building might not be able to occupy by that point or the occupation certificate from the Municipal Corporation is delayed, etc. it's observed that the builders don't pay rent for the alternate accommodation agreed fifteen months ensuing the member should pay from his own pocket. that the neatest thing is to require bank guarantee from the builder to pay the rent until the member is given the in agreement accommodation within the fresh redeveloped building.

Before continuing, a development agreement should be created between the builder / developer and register it. The society ought to additionally appoint its own creator additionally to the creator of the builder. The builder won't introduce any further monetary partner nor can the builder transfer his rights while not the written consent of the society and no monetary liability of any nature any are on the society. Possession of premises to non members shouldn't incline unless the possession of premises is given by the builder to every and each existing member of the society. further space if any, over and on top of within the gift occupation, to incline freed from price to every member and additional corpus cash. The builder's creator ought to finalise in consultation with society's creator the buildings style. the utmost area that will be constructed by the builder should be per the agreement.

As per the BMC rules, society office, gymnasium, place of business aren't enclosed in F S I and will be made by the builder at his price. it's better for the society to appoint its own legal authority to draft and prepare the event agreement to be dead with the builder, in such a way that the interest of the society ar properly safeguarded. it's society's responsibility to own clear and marketable title and possess conveyance of the property in conjunction with P R card reflecting society's ownership therein. The renovation of society building need all the legal documents within the society's name. The list of do's and don'ts may be long but to observe it by the society is must.
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