Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Aakruthi Platina Multistorey Apartments Located in Whitefield, Bangalore offered with 2BHK and 3BHK Apartments.

Aakruthi Platina Multistorey Apartments Area Range 1100 - 1722 Sq.ft Located in Whitefield, Bangalore offered with 2BHK Apartments and 3BHK Apartments.


There are times in life, when all you desire for yourself, is not a home. But a place that your senses warm up to the very moment you make you walk in. You experience a feeling that’s deeply overwhelming, and you want to let it stay on. It’s the phase in life, when everything you are in the quest for, is that one piece you can never get over. Welcome into your life that very place, that very feeling.

It goes by the name of Aakruthi’s Platina. An address coming up in the very buzzing and sought-after location of Whitefield, Bangalore. A host to 2 BHK and 3BHK luxury dwellings, there’s so much you can belong to, day in and day out.


To fun unrestricted.

While there are the regular features like play area for kids, the clubhouse for every member at home, and the rest of the aura that comes attached by a luxury apartment like this, the most outstanding feature of your home here will be the exotic-looking Swimming Pool. It’s that part of the community that’s designed to have you reminiscing of a ‘meant-for-those-leisurely-and-lazy-moments’ world-class resort, or a water body of a star hotel. Get ready to flow in the fun.

    Swimming pool.
    Fully equipped Gymnasium.
    Power backup for all rooms, elevator and common areas.
    Multipurpose Hall.
    Children’s play areas.
    Landscaped gardens.
    CCTV Security.
    Sewage treatment plant.
    Rainwater harvesting.
    Automatic elevators.
    Drivers and servants toilets.
    Solar Heated Water provision for Master Bathroom.

DDA to resettle slum dwellers in multistorey flats

The Delhi Development Authority (DDA) that drawn up beginning bids from developers for its rehabilitation arrange desires to locate slum dwellers in multi-storied flat blocks that might be created on constant land they occupied.

Interest has been shown by a minimum of eight property companies in redevelopment of recent Delhi slums in response to a rehabilitation plan of Mumbai-style outlined by the Capital's biggest landlord.

The names of the bidders World Health Organization had indicated interest within the arrange weren't unconcealed by the DDA officers.

The analysis of the proposals by the authority can be finished before long and they would place up bid documents shortly.

Envisaged within the plan is that the construction of between nine-storied and 11-storeyed apartment blocks and every apartment would be 25 square metres (269 sq.ft). Some twenty one slum clusters are pin- pointed by the authority wherever flat blocks for squatters are built and therefore the personal developer would be permissible to utilize remaining land for business functions or at no cost sale housing in keeping with the sectionalisation of the land.

Wherever there is not comfortable land for the property firm to recoup expenses it can be paid by the DDA. The financial model would vary from group to group in keeping with a DDA ' official. where comfortable land is presentthe developer can be permissible to recoup prices either through a business componentor through sale of residential flats.

The question that has worried planners for a long time is what is to be done with the estimated 600,000 households of the city that dwell in 1,100 settlements contact town. Most of the squatter settlements called in government language as jhuggi jhopri or JJ clusters are taken up by people who work in low paid jobs in the immediate neighborhood. If they're affected they'd lose their jobs whereas permitting them to remain would mean permitting prime land to be fastened up.

In keeping with a proposal outlined within the city's program in February 2007 the move signifies a departure from the past within which land would be confiscate by the DDA from slum dwellers and that they were resettled within the remote outskirts of town. currently DDA is dynamic  to the metropolis model ofresettling slum dwellers on constant land occupied by them.

Managing director of a property consultant said that the plan was an incredible thing which might not be simple to implement. because it was time overwhelming it'd not have an early impact on the market. additional offer would be brought in by it and therefore the non- acting land would receive some infrastructure. Property consultants mentioned that the arrange might facilitate to extend land supplyin town and improve the living conditions of slum dwellers.

A interpreter for DLF Ltd., stated that the firm was awaiting spelling out of the terms and condi- tions of the project. The director of realestate firm BPTP Ltd mentioned that the firm would take into account slum renovation if it got an opportunity in Delhi as its focus was on mass housing.

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