Thursday, October 10, 2013

RER Frank talk on Changed made in Land Conversion Procedure


As per the existing procedure, agricultural lands are to be got converted for non-agricultural residential purposes in the name of the Agriculturist. If a Developer identifies any property, he has to enter into an agreement with the landlord and spend money for purchase of land, for obtaining NOC and sanctions for Layout or Building Plans from various authorities, in addition to making payments towards plan sanction fees, licence fees. 

Cauvery Cess, professional charges for architects, etc, and apply for approval of layout or apartment building plan with the Town Planning Authority [BDA] involving lot of procedure which may take nearly one year. The developer has to apply for conversion in the name of the Agriculturist and has to pay the necessary charges for such conversion. 

What is B.M.R.D.A.?

According to the existing procedure, only after approval of the plan, the developer is entitled to get the Official Memorandum for conversion land. Only upon the Developer getting the conversion order in the name of the Agriculturist he can get the property registered in his name. Some times, after obtaining the plan sanction, the Office of the Deputy Commissioner may refuse to issue the Official Memorandum on some frivolous technical ground putting the promoter to undue hardship and difficulty. 
An analysis of the present procedure would go to show that it is highly cumbersome, time consuming and unhealthy. Hence the new proposal ofthe government for initially getting the land converted and thereafter getting the plan sanctioned for development of the converted land is a welcome move. It would not only solve the sufferings of the Developers but also would encourage them to undertake a large number of projects with confidence which in turn would benefit the consumers. 

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