Monday, October 7, 2013

RER frank talk on bangalore city drainage system

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The civic authorities awoke from their slumber in 2005 when floods ravaged the city. The remedial steps taken so far to overcome the problem has been found to be inadequate. The city's drains are still clogged and cramped and who knows what it may lead to in times to come. Premonsoon showers have set in to give a glimpse of the likely situation when monsoon arrives. The Bangalore Development Authority (BOA) as made studies in the past which highlighted the fact that Bangalore's stormwater drains' capacity had to be increased considerably and new or remade culverts need to be installed.

In the low-lying areas and the areas near the lakes and drains, residents have begun to take some action to protect their houses with the help of sand sacks and plastic covers. However, the drainage system of the city needs a detailed and scientific planning. For years there has been a talk about remodeling the city drains. But the widespread encroachment of the surrounding areas of drains by the people has made this task an impossible one. Areas like Geddanahalli, Chandra Layout, HSRLayout, Azadnagar and Madiwala have experienced a tremendous growth in real estate activity in the last decade. 

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Apartments and individual houses have been constructed on and near the canals and drains. If the drains are restructured these edifices will have to be pulled down and this could lead to turmoil among the public. It is the general view of the people that there has been collusion between the department officials and the builders in encroachment oflake beds and rajakaluves.

The need of the hour is to increase the capacity of the existing drains by widening them with better interlinking of different drains while the public should be prevented from dumping domestic/industrial garbage and construction material in the exposed drains by imposing heavy fine for such miscreants deeds while at the same time evict the people who have encroached the public property howsoever high he is. 

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The Bruhat Bangalore Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) also wants stronger measures to be undertaken and are carrying out a survey on encroachment of stormwater drains. BBMP should speed up its action in this regard for better results.

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