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            Shelter is a basic need. Rapid urbanisation and industrialisation has aggravated the housing !The ruling parties irrespective of their political ideology owe a duty to people in providing affordable housing. 

            The problem is more pronounced in cities, metros, where a common man cannot purchase a site or house in open market. Urban development agencies havea critical role to play in this area. 

            Urban development authorities have to strike a fine balance between the compensation paid and pricing of sites for allotment.

            This is a social cause, the authorities should ensure the sites allotted are used for residential purpose of the applicants. 

            Earlier BOA had a procedure where on payment of full cost, sites were handed over on lease cum sale basis for period of 10 years with a condition that the house should be constructed within three years. 

            BOA has changed the procedure. The sale deeds are given on payment of price of the site, without any conditions of construction of house or prohibition on sale. The allottees sell the sites for profit.The middlemen corner the allotments by manipulation and sell the sites for profit. The farmers are paid a pittance as compensation, BOA earns marginally as the price of the sites should be kept as low as possible. The manipulators are raking the profits. The actual needy city dwellers have to pay through their noses to get sites. 

            There is another lobby, cash rich developers with political clout who influence the government to de notify the lands, where as poor farmers loose their lands as they cannot challenge or influence the powers that be. 

            No doubt the very objective and purpose of establishment BOA are defeated and if the present situation continues the authority may become conduit of exploitation of farmers and common citizens.

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