Friday, July 26, 2013

Real Estate reporters Bangalore Frank talk on Issues

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         Bangalore is expanding at unimaginable pace. Villages and Towns at the outskirts are being sucked into this development. Agricultural lands are converted to residential, commercial, industrial purpose, where monotonous concrete jungles spring up. Bangalore Development Authority is acquiring the lands in large scale for formation of residential layouts. 

         Though many multi storied buildings are coming up, the growth of the city is horizontal preying into countryside. Apart from displacement and migration of agriculturists, agricultural labourers, artisans, this type of growth result in low density and fuels urban sprawl leading to further problems like inadequate infrastructure, transportation. 

         Bangalore is evidencing this phenomenon, Land cost is also increasing, The infrastructure is cracking. The cost of providing infrastructure like water supply, drainage, roads, to single independent houses is more, increasing the cost of sites, houses, Instead of this horizontal growth, the Bangalore Development Authority may adopt high density - low - rise buildings, where many residential houses are constructed in two or three storeys, optimizing 'the utilization of land. Each residential unit may be allotted to applicants, who own the units with undivided share in the land

         This will arrest the uncontrolled growth of the, city. avoids too much burden on infrastructure, transportation. Importantly, saves agricultural land, agriculturists and those who depend on it. The land cost remains affordable

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