Monday, July 29, 2013

Bangalore Real Estate reporters frank talk on Issues

Incapable BMP

The traffic of Bangalore is notorious. This is because of increased number of vehicles, about 
two million in urban agglomeration, concentration of workplaces at a common centre, bad condition of roads and uncertain city transport. 

Bangalore mahanagara palike (BMP) has the responsibility of maintaining the roads. But it has utterly failed in its duty. The resurfacing of roads is a recurring work, which has to be done at periodical intervals. But sub-standard work, poor quality of materials used, have made repairs /resurfacing to be done too frequently eating into the already poor finance of BMP. Corruption, the collusion of officials of BMP with contractors is too well-known and not a secret. Many roads are resurfaced only in books of BMP and bills are paid, though actually no work is done. Will BMP come out with dates of last repair / resurfacing of roads as per its records so that public will respond about real position. 

Lokayukta in his recent inspection of on-going works has exposed the inferior quality of materials used and execution of works. BMP has to plan the works so that works executed are of accepted standard and make the supervising overseeing officers responsible for any lapse. Bills have to be paid only after certification by an expert from outside the BMP. Certain percentage of bills has to be retained towards defect liability which has to be released only after lapse of certain time. Black listing of erring contractors should be impartial. 

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