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Vishwas Gardenia Multistorey Apartments Located in Benson Town, Bangalore offered with 2BHK and 3BHK Apartments.

Vishwas Gardenia Multistorey Apartments Area Range 1150-1625 Sq.ft, Located in Benson Town, Bangalore offered with 2BHK Apartments and 3BHK Apartments.



Vishwas Gardenia is situated at a prime location, surrounded by greenery and parks. The property presents itself grandly under the night sky, playfully reflecting the light to accentuate the unique architecture. Located only 4 km from MG Road, 2 km from Cantonment Railway Station, 3km from Cunningham road and 0.5 km from Nandidurga road, Vishwas Garnedia is the perfect choice to experience the convenience of the city.

We at Vishwas Bawa believe in a community that is sustainable and promises a greener tomorrow. We believe in building environmentally safe, protected, meaningful and attractive spaces that will not only enhance the present but also the future.

Having successfully established ourselves in Mangalore, we have entered Bangalore and have crafted two great projects and several are in progress. Our buildings have innovative and eco-friendly homes to cater to all your needs and desires.

Vishwas Bawa commands many years of expertise. Top-notch quality in construction and design is the hallmark of every Vishwas Bawa creation. We seek perfection in all we do, from planning to materials, construction skills to customer relations, Functioning as a one-stop solution provider, Vishwas Bawa offers its skills and state of the art technology right from conception to completion of a project. Our customers are of utmost importance to us. All our endeavours at Vishwas Bawa revolve around them. It is their needs, ideas and demands that drive us. We take great pleasure in serving the desires of our clients and turning them into reality.

And once they are a part of the Vishwas Bawa family, they are the epicentre of our world.


All the units in the Ground Floor are surrounded by their own Landscaped Gardens on all three sides.
The Clubhouse /Gymnasium open into a large Central Landscaped Courtyard space with Children's Play area.
The Built form is punctuated with Open to Sky Courtyards and Gardens on all three sides facilitating good light &ventilation.
Courtyards are beautifully landscaped with lush lawns, trees, trellises, bamboo grooves, integrated with stone pathways, benches and sculptures.
Most of the units don't share any common wall.
Highly Efficient Unit layout.
Vaastu Compliant Design.
Provision for Fire Safety Systems.
Provision for CCTV Surveillance for Common Areas.
Provision for Toilet Facility for Security Person, Drivers & Servants.

Affordable housing in india wants bigger attention

During 2008, when real estate suffered a crash, "Affordable housing" became a buzz word. nearly each alternative article and each alternate advertizing carried this word. the real estate then had AN over provide of stock, particularly within the Rs. 35 lakh to Rs 4 crore segment. The business went into real thoughtfulness on wherever it went wrong. Was it wrong identification of nice chance within the luxury and semi luxury segment?

At the start of 2006 once the real estate trade cycle had reached its celestial point there was a mad rush into this and for premium business section (IT space) because the ratio was high. This light-emitting diode to oversupply and important inventory of unsold stock. costs tumbled; freebies and holding on didn't work. business had conjointly gone into getting spree of giant tracts of land from auctions and from personal and homeowners (when the rates were high).

This had light-emitting diode into liquidity crunch. a number of them tried to shed their non-core activities like running hotels, malls and telecommunication. This didn't conjointly facilitate a lot of. However, the business discovered that there was still market within the lower segments. The business came up with a brand new term "Affordable segment". It zeroed in on Rs fifteen to thirty five large integer section. It didn't wish to travel below this because it was searching for ratio it had been accustomed of these days within the luxury section. The urban land value had soared sky high in bicycle-built-for-two with the designed up area value. thus searching for cheaper land choice wasn't obtainable.

A number of reasonable comes within the vary ofRs 20 to 40 lakh were proclaimed. There was fulminant interest in common person. The property supplements of the newspapers were choked with launching reasonable flats. Even the organizations like Janagraha, a corporation thus far dedicated to urban governance, bigger voters participation, and answerability of state workers proclaimed forming of separate corporations to travel into reasonable housing. for a few of them the reasonable housing is Rs 8lakh to Rs fifteen large integer.

The term reasonable is kind of dishonorable. what's reasonable and to whom? The definition of reasonable is "to be able to bear the expense or to own requisite means". This varies from person to person reckoning on his financial gain. This brings to the question who is that the client and what's reasonable to him. As way as we all know there has been no serious try within the personal sector to answer this question. The client appears to be a virtual fantasy. thus allow us to begin at the start who is that this client. Of course, we tend to shall limit our discussion to urban and peri-urban region. That itself may be a huge section.

Let us understand what's the scale of the urban population? in step with commission estimates the urban population of Asian nation in 2010 is calculable to be 328 million, doubtless to travel up to 576 million in 2030. within the previous predictions of growth we've got forever assumed that half the expansion are internal and half from migration. allow us to take it 40: sixty because the natality and death rate of urban population is steady taking place. however to seek out out affordability we've got to seek out out segments of annual financial gain. There square measure varied estimates of housing wants of the country created by totally different agencies like National Housing Bank, etc. The urban housing shortage in 2002, as calculable by NBO & 10'h set up working party, is 8.89 million lodging units. Another survey puts housing shortage as 6.7 million in urban india.

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