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Zonasha Elegance Multistorey Apartments Location Haralur, Bangalore 2BHK, 3BHK and 4BHK Apartments

Zonasha Elegance Multistorey Apartments Area Range 1164-1884 Sq.ft, Location Haralur, Bangalore 2BHK Apartments, 3BHK Apartments and 4BHK Apartments.


Without connectivity, luxury is pointless. A home becomes truly luxurious when it's well connected with the world outside. A world that matters. A world where our friends, relatives and work-space exists. It's only then we're close to happiness. Zonasha Elegance's superb connectivity combined with superior specifications makes it ultra-luxurious. Being just 2.5 Kms away from Sarjapur Outer Ring Road and in close proximity to leading IT parks, educational institutions, corporate offices, and shopping malls, the project connects your world, like no other.

A positive, joyful energy circulates these homes. Abundant natural light, fresh air all day long, spacious rooms, design with a modern, minimalistic approach amplify the goodness of life here. Add to that high quality finishes and fixtures, state-of-the-art amenities and facilities, location advantages. In Zonasha Elegance you have the ultimate life cocoon you could ask for yourself and your loved ones.

Last but not the least, if investment is the only thing on your mind then you couldn't be making a better investment than Elegance. As it stands today the area is prime, in the coming years the property value here will only go north.

    Entry Plaza with Water Feature & sculpture.
    Driveway with Avenue Planting.
    60% open space.
    Club house with sporting facilities.
    Swimming Pool.
    Multipurpose hall.
    Children's Play Area with integrated play equipment.
    1/2 BasketBall Court.
    Badminton Court.
    Tennis Court.
    Jogging track.
    Fountain Plaza.
    Party Lawn.
    Meditation Deck & many more.


Every person would wish to own a house, whether spacious or a small house according to their financial status. A person desires to own a house since it is not only a concrete structure but also involves an element of emotional bonding towards the same.    

Nevertheless, it is not easy to either buy a new house / apartment or to construct on the plot. If a desire of a man is to buy an apartment, then it is necessary to identify the right location and a reputed builder and if the desire is to construct a house, then a reliable and right person, is very necessary.   


• Before acquiring any property, more impetus should be on the location since it plays a paramount role in almost all aspects of the real estate. However, the process of identifying the location for owning any property depends upon the purpose for which such person intends to invest, which could be either for residential or commercial, since the priorities differs according to the purpose for which  the property is  intended to be purchased.

• The following are some of the guidelines required to be considered while choosing the desirable location are mentioned below:

• The first and foremost thing that should be kept in mind at the time of identifying the property is that the property intended to be purchased should not be located within the vicinity of slum area or  place of worship or in  close proximity to a drainage line. It is better if the location is populated with people having diverse culture with cosmopolitan outlook and free from anti-social elements and anti-social activities.

• If the person wants to own a house or a flat for his own occupation, it is advisable to prefer a purely residential area than a commercial one.

• It is always appreciated to opt for purchase of an apartment built on a Layout approved by the competent authority, since it would ensure better amenities to such occupants.

• It is also important that such layout should also comprise of well-laid roads with good sewerage system, along with regular garbage clearance.

• It is advisable to avoid owning a house in the low-lying areas since such property often runs under the risk of inundation of water during heavy monsoon.

• Care should also be taken to ensure that the location is not very far from the work place, Market place, Educational institutions, hospitals, Bus stand, Railway station or other basic and important destinations.

• Apart from the above, it is also necessary to take into account that banking facility, ATM’s, public conveyance, public telephone booths, Internet Centers and others are also not very far from the property.

• Last, but not the least, the location must also be free from any kind of pollution or congestion.

• Needless to say, the area should have good and regular supply of water, power and in case of bore-wells, good ground water table is also necessary.

• To ensure good sleep and less pollution, pick an area which is free from any factory or workshop (especially night working) in the precincts of your location.

• As far as maintenance of good health is concerned, it is very important to inculcate the habit of jogging or walking regularly, for which Public Parks or gardens having jogging track is necessary. In such circumstances, it is preferable to own a house or a flat wherein such parks or gardens are easily accessible.

• Further, it is also seen that the concept of Vaastu has gained much momentum now-a-days, which is subjective. In such circumstances, importance should be given to the size of the plot and the Floor Area Ratio along with the price tag than banking upon the Vaastu alone.

• One thing that always concerns everyone is the parking and other logistic issues, which  should be ascertained before purchase. The infrastructure facilities should be good in all respects.

• Real Estate is booming like never before due to various factors viz. IT Boom, High salaried people, soaring share prices, and wide range of home loans that are available easily. The Builders / promoters are having a field day, as the demand is mounting.  That being the situation, it is very important to opt for the purchase of a flat / apartment constructed by any reputed Builders, because some builders, having no experience in the field of construction may take undue advantage of the mounting demand and may cause damage to the intending purchasers by making false assurance, with poor result and high prices. We get to hear a lot of stories about such bogus builders, whose motto is to cheat the people to a tune of millions, collect money and vanish . The following are few of the information given to enlighten about the ways to tackle and overcome such instances:

• At the outset, before making any kind of investment either in apartments or plots or in any type of property, it is very necessary to obtain the list of reputed builders of the city, who are involved in the real estate business from quite a few years.

• Once such list is available, then it is necessary to make a thorough investigation about the antecedents of the short listed builders.

• The next important aspects after finalizing the builder from whom the property is intended to be purchased are promptness in delivery, construction standards, strict adherence to the agreed costs without any escalation, providing all the basic amenities as promised at the time of booking.

• It is advisable to try and meet the residents residing in the apartments constructed by such Builder.

• If an offer to sell a flat / apartment is made for the price which is much less than the price prevailing in the market, then it is advisable to think it over than getting carried away by the throw away price as such purchases may be vulnerable to some unknown problems, leading to lot of troubles in terms of legal and quality of construction.

• Investing in an independent house or flat built by any unknown builder is always a risky act.

• Now a days, many Builders are making use of modern and unique techniques and are creating alluring brochures depicting unbelievable designs just to attract the customers to invest in their projects. On the basis of such brochures, heavy claims are being made by the builders and in turn the purchasers are not benefited in any way.


It is safe to invest in those projects which are completed rather that those which are still under-construction.

For those who intend to invest on the property other than residential, for getting steady rental incomes, investment on the ready possession properties may be a wise choice. The possibility of capital appreciation would be very limited as ready possession property attracts premium over the market rates.

Thus, purchasing an immovable property free from any kind of impediments is a time-consuming affair, which requires selection and involvement of efficient professionals such as Advocate, Architect, Structural Civil  Engineers, Contractors and Real Estate Agents, who have a very important and independent roles to be played in purchasing any property.

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