Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Beauty at Sites

Beauty in Bangalore is no longer skin deep. Nor it is in the eye of the beholder. It is not connected with the skin at all – it is the land. The depth spans one or two cellar floors and several floors above the ground. The beholder is the real estate fraternity.

House sites in Bangalore have turned beautiful during the past decade or so. People are now used to read the site Advertisements with the adjective ‘beautiful’. The site has become a beautiful sight for many.

Small sites appear to be most beautiful for some since the price is still below the double-digit lakh.

Brides in matrimonial Advertisements may not claim themselves to be beautiful, but the site their parents can part with could be the real beauty depending upon its location and size. In this context, large sites are more beautiful.

Let us ponder a little. What are the features, which contribute to make a site beautiful? The terrain, location, jurisdiction are but a few of many features.

Terrain seems to matter little. Even a deep ravine is OK, as it does not require much digging for cellar. Soft soil on an ex-tank bed can also be accepted since the excavation is easy.

Location holds the real key to beauty. Sites closer to business centres are the most beautiful. Next in rank are the sites of prestigious roads. Other factor is the distance from City Market, M.G. Road, Vidhana Soudha and Majestic. These distances are mentioned depending upon the geographical location of the site. Fewer Kilometers would contribute to more beauty.

Sites located within Corporation limits command the highest level of beauty followed by BDA, Sanitary Boards, Gramathana, Attibele, Hosur and the Wilderness. Sites where only electricity and transport are within easy reach are not so beautiful right at the moment, but can blossom into real beauties in the next decade.

Corner sites are a class by themselves. These are the beauty queens. These are, by precedence, amenable for violation of all building codes.

Ex-manure pits and cow dung heaps are also becoming beautiful. Today these exude a sweet fragrance of currency.

There are no ugly sites in and around Bangalore. There are some ugly sights over, which real estate fraternity has no control.

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