Saturday, September 19, 2015


This is a new concept in India but the western countries have already welcomed it. Many corporate who travel to other states or countries find it difficult to adjust to the new culture and setting. For some short period the hotel service is welcome but not for long periods of stay. Five star hotels brought this style for dwelling in your own fashion to clients who would stay for a long period. They realized in the beginning claims, loved the luxurious service but after a month they longed for their home. Thus a service apartment would offer most of the aspects of your home.  Making you feel at ease, as though you were at home.

A service apartment is a type of furnished self-contained apartment which provide amenities for daily use. In service apartments you can cook and eat and live the style you want. You are even provided with a maid/man's servant who will get you groceries or any other requirements. Making it just the way it would be at home. The service apartment is made to look and feel exactly like a home. A service apartment generally provides you with an A.C. furnished flat, quipped kitchen, T.V. Fridge, washing machine, landline internet power back up, fire safety and security and some even provide you with a locker. Moreover, some hotels also provide you with magazine and shoe racks. Cleaning is done every day.

The tariff charges depends on how long is the stay. It is less expensive if the person has a prolonged stay. It can be bargained if the stay is for a month or even for a year. However, before booking the apartment always make sure what is inclusive and what is exclusive. For instance, it is necessary to know as to charge during this period, who will pay the electricity, maintenance. Hence make sure what are you paying for. Now-a-days Indian immigrants coming to India to settle down opt for this type of apartments.

Now-a-days, this concept of ‘Service apartment’ has been accepted and is running successfully in major cities in general, and in our Bangalore in particular.   


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