Monday, December 14, 2015

Prisha Orchids Apartments sale off Thanisandra Road Bangalore

Prisha Orchids 2BHK Apartments 3BHK Apartments 4BHK Apartments for sale on Thanisandra Road, Bangalore

Prisha Orchids Apartments sale off Thanisandra Road Bangalore
Prisha Orchids Apartments sale off Thanisandra Road Bangalore

Prisha Orchids Apartments sale off Thanisandra Road Bangalore

Orchids reflects a very unique design and concept that truly helps life bloom in all its splendor. Designed to be a green,smart and visually appealing residential space that will be home to 167 luxury apartments, it will also be an IGBC Gold rated Green project offering 2,3,4 BHK apartments and Pent house options. A very expansive, feature rich Club house will make Orchids a sought after residential abode for the discerning few.
The spacious, open-plan apartments with large floor to lintel height corner windows, facing planted verandahs differentiate Orchids from other regular offerings, allowing unhindered views and generous light and air to the residents.
The park that runs the entire length of site, allowing tall tree planting forms a green reserve and buffer from the upcoming busy road. There is also a promenade that will be developed, linking the 3 access cores of the three blocks and guiding the user from the main reception lobby, offering a constant view of this front park. A variety of enclosed, open and semi-open recreational spaces will form points of interest along this path.
  • Orchids is for inclusive living. Most apartments today are isolatory in design and nature, oblivious to the importance of a social environment within the resident community.
  • Orchids is pleasantly different from this routine. Reverse engineering the concept of a home, integrating each apartment and residents therein - with the lively community that takes life within the complex. With a design that flows from 'outside' into the 'lively and vibrant apartments and common spaces', Orchids is a tribute to the yearnings of a tired and isolated city soul. It is indeed a great solace!
  • Central to the Orchids design is the Community Space dotted by the clubhouse, swimming pool and other social arena that ever encourage residents to mingle, creating relationships and forming bonds, even as one can retreat at will to one's own private space – the home, the Cocoon of peace.
  • The quiet-facilitated by design. Orchids boasts of apartments that maintain a healthy distance from each other and also provide a great 180 degree outside view from within.. The 2.27 acres expanse of land where Orchids will rise, is nicely undulated offering a beautiful slope for the architects to design interrupted views of the land and the sky. Come, enjoy yours!
  • Grand Reception Lounge
  • Luxurious,feature-rich Clubhouse
  • Fully equipped Gym and Health Studio
  • Swimming pool
  • Elders corner
  • Dance/aerobics/yoga studio
  • Kids Arena with Creche
  • Indoor Sports arena
  • Pool Room for Snooker/Billiards
  • Room for Board game
  • Lawn Tennis
  • Half Basket Ball Court and Jogging Track

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