Friday, November 15, 2013


A small artical about Builders found guilty of difficient service:

The lure of owning a house has made many innocent lives tragic as they do not verify the credentials ofthe promoters, builders and are often carried away by glossy advertisements.

Smt. Yeshawant Nayak responded to an advertisement of Mis Srisairaghava builders andDevelopers. They had advertised about forming sites at Raghavendra Nagar in Anekal Taluk. Ms Nayak paid Rs.52,3001- for the site. With fond hope of finding her site in a well developed layout, she visited the area and was shell shocked to find the entire area was under cultivation and she was unable to locate the site which she had bought.

She made enquiries with the villagers and with the panchayats office and learnt that there is no proposal of such a layout. Promptly she served a legal notice to use toilets envisaged in the City the firm. The firm did offer her an alternative site which was not accepted by Ms Nayak.

She complained to IV Additional Consumer Disputes redressal forum, Bangaloe Urban District. The Forum found that the copies of sale deed produced by the firm were not pertaining to the Survey No.36/2 given to Mrs Nyayak. Further details of village, district, where the said Survey No. located were not clear. The consumer Forum found the firm Sri Sairaghava Buildrs & Developers guilty of deficient service and ordered the firm to repay Rs.52300 to Ms Nayak with 15% interest from 7.5.2000 till date of realization and the forum also ordered the firm to pay Rs.2000 as costs.

Mr. Jairaj said the BATF had not been able to accomplish certain objectives, including the creation of a comprehensi ve geographical information system (GIS) database of all the 100 wards which was planned at the outset but is still not available. Similarly, there has been a lack of enforcement by civic agencies against infringement of laws like converting residential plots for commercial use and violation of floor area ratio.

Meanwhile, Mr.Nilekani, who presided over the meeting to discuss replication of the BATF model in 30 other cities I towns in State, lauded the 'outcome based performance' of the BATF and agencies associated with it. "Since the setting up of the BATF, studies have shown that 94 percent of Bangaloreans believe that things have improved," he said. The average property tax collection has gone up from Rs. 36.1crore in 1991- 92 to Rs. 195 crore in 2002-03.

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