Tuesday, November 5, 2013

RER frank talk on Speed up Infrastructure Facilities


Bangalore city has grown in area from 225 sq. kms to more than 800 sq. kms today to become Bruhat 
Mahanagar. Similarly, the population of the city also has grown up manifold and it is now estimated to be about 85 lakhs. 
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It is everyman's grievance that the city has expanded without much planning leading to deficiency in the basic infrastructure like good motorable roads, public transport, regular potable water and electric supply, public health centres, etc. 

The pathetic conditions of roads and uncovered drainage manholes having been drawing the attention of the authorities almost on all the rainy days, but the BBMP which is the authority to attend to these complaints is helpless in solving these problems. It does not appear to have the requisite manpower and other needs to attend to these complaints of the public
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The untimely death of an aged person and an young child due to their being driven away by the drainage water are the good examples of the inefficient functioning of the BBMP. Mere inclusion of new areas within the jurisdiction of BBMP without proper infrastructure and the requisite work force would not help the public in any way in getting their problems solved. 
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The civic facilities akin to old BMP areas should be provided to these newly added areas at a high speed so that the people of these areas may feel proud of BBMP. When problems do persist even in old BMP areas, wi 11 the BBMP be able attend to the civic problems of newly added areas with the existing man power? Only time will answer this.

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