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An article From Advocates about Maintenance of Apartments 

The trend for the high rise buildings in Bangalore started during late eighties when the builders from Bombay launched. Building projects in Bangalore. The attraction was rapid  growth of Bangalore between 1971-81 which was the highest in Asia in addition to the salubrious climate, beauty,(this is almost lost today) cheaper land and higher F A R permissible compared to Bombay and the hospitable citizens of Bangalore. Rahejas, Ranka, embassy, mittal, Bhaktavar are some of the builders who started their activities in Bangalore during that time Local entrepreneurs also started building activity like .Prestige, India Builders and others. Their intention was to make most of the situation.

Due to enormous potential for building activity, hundreds of building activity, hundreds of apartments and considerable number of commercial complexes had come up in Bangalore. Those who lived in flats were mostly outsiders. Local people even now like to have independent house.

To enable regulation of apartments, the following two acts were passed in Karnataka on the lines of Mumbai acts.

1 Karnataka ownership Act, 1972, 2 Karnataka Ownership flats (Regulation of the Promotion of construction, sale management and transfer) Act, 1972.Even now majority of the apartment dwellers are not aware of these acts, and rules issued under these acts, which came into force from 2.04.1975 No one is following these ACTS.In Bangalore the Co-operative Housing Societies or the Owners Associations are being followed the choice being left to the group of buyers of flats.

Most of the Co-operative societies were registered under the Co-operative Societies Act.

Associations are registered under the Karnataka societies Registration Act, 1960. In Mumbai a group of persons form a housing society, mobilize funds, purchase land, build apartment, live in the apartment and maintain the building. Where as in Bangalore, builders build the apartment sell the flats during construction and later. The buyers form apartment Housing Society Owners association for only maintenance purposes. The builders register the flats in favour of the buyers. Later transaction is between the owner of the flat and the subsequent buyer. The seller relinquishes his membership in the Society / Association and the buyers become a member of the Society / Association.

Bye laws:

After registration, the Apartment Society frames its bye laws and gets it approved from the Co-operative Department or under society act. The byelaws should be in accordance with the Act and provisions. The byelaws provide for election of Committee and office bearers for management of the society Elections to the committee in case of housing Co-op Society are conducted by the Returning Officer appointed by the co-operative Department as per procedure. In the case of Association or Society the General Body elects the office bearers. Byelaws provides for membership. General Body Meeting, Special General Body Meeting.

Committee, powers of the committee, accounts & audit and in general management of the Housing Society or Association. The Department of Co-operative approves the Byelaws and returns to the Society for following the provisions.In case of an Association, the Registrar of Societies along with the Memorandum approves Rules and Regulations of the Owners Association.

Services Rendered:

The services provided by the society / Association are water supply, general lighting, lifts, security, cleaning of the premises, garbage removal, gardening, colour washing, periodical painting, civil works repairs, water supply and drainage repairs, electrical repairs etc. As there is power shortage in the state with power cut twice a day, generator service for lift, common area lighting,and pumping of water is provided in some buildings. Intercom facilities from the flats to the security area is also provided in some buildings, club, health club, swimming pool, dish antenna & library facilities are provided in luxury apartments. Some societies also organize social activities for the benefit of residents


a. Security: Security arrangements are made through a security agency or by appointing security personnel directly by the Society! Association. Two or Three shifts are arranged to the convenience. The security personnel are also entrusted with the water pumping duties to maintain water supply throughout the day from borewell and B.W.S.S.B. water, responsibility of common area lighting, reporting in case of lift problem etc., is also entrusted to the security-men. Collection of milk at security gate is also entrusted to the security men. For additional income, the security men clean the vehicles of the occupants during their off period. They also get tips when they help the occupants for odd jobs. Occupants help useful security men with food, clothes, tips loan etc. the security men are also used to send messages and letters by the occupants.

b. Sweeper: Sweeper is entrusted with removal of garbage baskets from the doors of flats, which are dumped on the roadside garbage bins, or other arrangement to clean the garbage. They sweep the common area and are supposed to maintain the premises clean. They are also useful for odd jobs of the occupants

c. Gardeners: Gardeners maintain the plants and lawn where garden is maintained. In case of only a few plants frequent supervision by a gardener or watering of plants by the sweeper is arranged.

d. Plumber / Electrician: The services of a plumber are arranged in some apartments! complexes for one or two hours fixed according to convenience. He will help in. replacement of washers in taps and stoppage of minor leaks. Similarly services of an electrician, or a plumber-cum- electrician service is arranged.

e. Secretary / Manager: A paid Secretary in case of an apartment Society / or a Manager in case of commercial complexes is employed. His duty is to send maintenance bills to the occupants, collect maintenance charges, maintain accounts, supervise the work of security men, sweeper, gardener, plumber, and electrician and provide liaison between the occupants and the office bearers. He will also arrange for maintenance repairs and replacements. He will assist in the conduct of meetings, payment of water and electricity bills, and correspondence. Good maintenance depends of an effective and useful Secretary Manager.

Maintenance Charges: Maintenance charges fixed to cover the routine charges like salaries, water and electricity bills, minor repairs, correspondence, overheads, and extra amount to maintain a development fund to meet major repairs like replacement of motors and pumps, water supply and drainage arrangement, replacement of bore well pipes, replacement of water proof course, replacing electrical wiring system etc. Fixation of maintenance subject, which attracts arguments between the office bearers and the occupants. In some cases additional resources are generated by leasing additional parking spaces, advertisement hoardings, S.T.D. booths etc. transfer or N.O.C fee is also collected whenever, there is resale of flat office on its / shops. 

Good management enables availability of adequate funds of good maintenance and major repairs. Occupants should elect service minded officer bearers in their own interest for good facilities and living environment. Absentee land lords:Normally 10% or more flats in apartments of Bangalore are owned by outsiders from Bombay, Calcutta, Hyderabad and other places in India as well as from abroad. The percentage being more in the apartments of Cantonment, Central areas, and Bangalore south. Nowadays apartment constructions has spread all over Bangalore including out skirts. 

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