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Hubli Dharwad – Most neglected twin city

After Bangalore it is Hubli-Dharwad the second big city in Karnataka.  Hubli and Dharwad are 18 kms apart and are connected by Railway line and Pune-Bangalore highway.  A  single Municipal Corporation was for the twin cities of Hubli-Dharwad more than four decades age.  The Corporation was formed with the sole intention of developing eh area.  Unfortunately even after four decades no much developments have taken place.

Hubli-Dharwad both are now educational centers even  though earlier Dharwad was known for its educational activities.  Dharwad is a seal of Karnataka University.  Now of course, professional colleges are situated in Hubli-Dharwad. When think of the two units separately Hubli is considered as  a commercial center while Dharwad as educational center Hubli is an agro trade center mainly trading cotton and other agricultural products.  

Hubli is now the head quarters for South Western Railway.  It is a junction for Gadag Sholapur-Guntkal with on a Pune-Bangalore main line.  The Railway work shop is located in Hubli and is said to be the oldest in the City.  A few industries with a few exceptions, in small sector are now aworking in Hubli along Hublu-Dharwad road (National High way). 

Inspite of the facts that a large area has been acquired for industries no major industry has come to the area so for. Neither the local Municipal Corporation nor the govt. have made any efforts to develop the area industrially. Total negligence on the part of Municipal Corporation, Govt. and the elected representatives of the region.  The agitation demanding the bench of High court is hanging fo rthe past more than three decades.  Threre is no political will for development of the area and hence the present situation will  continue.

Penty of land, both agricultural and Revenue, is available all around Hubli and Dharwad.  In view of the slow development, both industrial and commercial, there is no much effect on real estate industry.  However with the  migration of rural population to the twin city the population is slowly growing creating demand for residential accommodation as well as commercial premises.  Some efforts are on for inviting investments in IT industry and positive results are expected.

Building activities are stated to be some what better  in view of the increasing demand for residential accommodation.  In Hubli-Dharwad there are about 8-10 property developers.  To name of few of them are Eureka Developers, Madhura Developers, Ashwamedha Developers, Laxminarayan Developers, Suvidha Realters  etc.,  However keeping in view of the expected development of the area and the demand for accommodation Sahara Group is entering the market.  Even though there are a few colleges for architectural studies, there are very few practicing in the city.  There are about 10 to 15 practicing architects.

Prime areas are Keshavapur, Gokul Riadm Satfur, Hosur, Yalakki Shettar colonmy, Saptapur, Malamaddi, Uukal Deshpande Nagar, Vidyanagar, Durgad Bail, etc., The prevailing rates for non agricultural lands is Rs. 150 to 300.  The land value in Hubli is about Rs. 200 to 400.  The developers are putting up apartment building.  The prevailing  rents for flats of 2 BHK / 3 BHK are Rs. 2000 to 5000.

This is the time when the Hubli-Dharwad Municipal Corporation  should under take the developments for infrastructure developments.  Unless adequate infrastructure is made available no developments – Industrial / commercial can take place.  The City and the area between the two units viz. Hubli and Dharwad should have good roads, markets, schools, power and water supply. There should be one or two more roads connecting the two units and it has to be planned right now, when the land is available.  It is to be noted here that in view of the non-availability of property infrastructure of residential and suitable building for offices of the High Court bench there has been a delay in seeing of the bench.  If suitable building are constructed for locating Govt. offices, source of the offices of State Govt, and Central Govt may set up there offices.  The only way to get the investments is to develop infrastructure and it is the local authorities i.e., Municipal Corporation, Urban Development Corporation, Planning Authorities, which have to take  up the developments projects.  Fifty years  is quite a long wait and there should be no further waiting.

The only infrastructure that has satisfied the public is perhaps the transport system.  Hubli and Dharwad are well  connected by the road transport buses as well as Bendre Transport service Railway runs a local trains.  But it is not adequate.
The Hubli-Dharwad Corporation should come up with  some incentives and invite local and foreign investors to invest in Hubli-Dharwad.  The incentives could be in the form of land free of cost or at concessional  rates, exemption of taxes for some specified period, assure uninterrupted power and water supply, etc.,

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