Saturday, August 22, 2015


The city of Bangalore as we all know has become the global destination and has reached the zenith in a very short span of time. This meteoric rise is mainly due to the flurry of IT and ITES activity in and around the city. 

The talent pool that is available in the city has no match and all the IT giants realized this and opened their shops here. One could find almost all MNC’s having their presence in Bangalore. Apart from IT, the city is also a hub for BT, Floriculture, Apparel and other segments. This sudden transition of the city resulted in a huge influx of people from all over the country and there is a very conspicuous increase in human population and with that the vehicle population also increased manifolds. It is to be noted here that the city has around 2.5 million vehicles. 

From the past 2-3 years, there is a marked deterioration in the infrastructure of Bangalore due to the ever-increasing traffic. This is a result of Government’s apathy too. A majority of the roads in the city has become a nightmare for the motorists. Much hue and cry has been raised on this issue but nothing noteworthy has been done yet. The much hyped flyover projects in many points in the city are yet to be completed even though the deadline got over months back. Adding to this, the equations with the IT fraternity and a select band of politicians are not working well.  There is a big question mark on Bangalore’s future with some of the IT giants shifting their focus towards Chennai, Pune and Hyderabad. 

The famed weather of Bangalore is not the same anymore with many lakes paving way for concrete structures and tress being cut mercilessly to widen the roads. But even the widening of roads is not done properly. If we look at the registrations aspects of the properties in Bangalore, there is a lot of confusion and people are not in a comfort zone to get new properties and register it without any problem. 

Adding to it, the recent gruesome murder of a call center employee of HP and the more recent Terrorist attack at IISC adds more credence to the fact that Bangalore may not be an investors favorite any more. It is high time for the concerned to take note of all this and act instantly else Bangalore may crumble to nadir. 

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