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Concorde Amber Apartments Located at Sarjapur Road, Bangalore available with 2BHK and 3BHK Apartments.

Concorde Amber Multistorey Apartments Area Range 1100-1400 Sq.ft, Located at Sarjapur Road, Bangalore available with 2BHK Apartments and 3BHK Apartments.


Experience the luxurious of your time with Concorde Amber. sensible homes with smarter costs, each lodging could be a modern reflection of class, exclusivity and accessibility.

A perfect mix of labor and play, Concorde Amber is found within the quickest developing zone - Sarjapur. simply a step removed from the Wipro company workplace, Amber is near the best of faculties, hospitals and weekend getaways. what is a lot of, it's a fail-proof investment that'll guarantee nice returns. With solely 123 edition homes complete with a number of amenities, costs at Amber begin at Rs.54 Lakhs forwards.

24 hours security
Intercom facility
Laundry & Ironing space
Swimming pool
Jacuzzi in swimming pool
Aerobic & Yoga room
Dual piping system for flushing
All round jogging track
Creche/Day care
Landscape Gardens
24 hours D.G power back-up
R.O.Water/(Primary Treatment Plant)
Outdoor Multipurpose court
All-round compound wall 8ft height
Rain water harvesting
Table Tennis

India could be a huge country, having a population of quite one thousand million. several square measure while not closely-held shelter. once independence, the ordered governments self-addressed this drawback with numerous government-sponsored programmes. they're targeted at poorest of poor, and homes with barest facilities were provided.

The problem was too elephantine to be met with government alone. the govt of Republic of India established National Housing Bank, underneath the direction of depository financial institution of Republic of India. regular industrial banks, co-operative banks, were additionally directed to lend for purchase / construction of homes. within the starting one.5% of progressive deposits of economic banks throughout 1988 was earmarked for housing finance sector, that was increased to three throughout the year 1999 and ulterior years. The banks got freedom to exceed this stipulation relying upon their resources. The impede of economy, slump within the demand for loans from company sector driven banks to sharply market housing loans. within the course of the time, banks have overtaken the housing finance firms in market share. the simple handiness of finance, the tax advantages extended by the union government and inflated earning/spending capability of class, largely wage earners have fuelled the expansion of this vital sector.

Change of mental attitude

Owning a house, antecedently was the last priority, largely at the time of retirement from out of terminal advantages savings jointly might seldom notice the means that of funding the purchase/construction. This mental attitude has modified. the children in early twenties square measure earning substantial salaries, with inflated defrayal capability. they like to possess homes out of borrowed funds, that is repaid over a amount of your time. This helps them to avail of lower interest rates and additionally tax advantages for extended amount.


The repaying capability is that the single determinant issue. There should be regular monthly financial gain, with enough surplus to fulfill the monthly repayments. the utmost regulation is fifty five years, which can be extended to sixty years in worthy special cases. If the applier is quite fifty years, any of the legal heirs could have to be compelled to be a part of as co-borrowers. Salaried person ought to have a confirmed job, with a minimum of minimum 5 years of balance service. The professionals like Advocates, Doctors, Engineers, leased Accountants, Company Secretaries etc, ought to have established financial gain of a minimum of 3 years. Retired persons pensioners square measure usually not amused to avail of Housing Finance. any income may be supplementary for eligibility of inflated loan.

Legal Scrutiny Report and Valuation

It is important to own lawfully established possession of the property to avail of the Housing Finance. The applier ought to have all the documents to determine his title to the property. He ought to verify the documents accessible with him/or with the vendor and excellent the title to the property. funding establishments can place confidence in the legal scrutiny report of their advocates on panel. in sight of the severe competition within the field, several establishments square measure ignoring the importance of the legal scrutiny, and title to the property, and square measure giving abundant importance to the compensation capability 

Apart from excellent title to the property, the valuation of the property is additionally important, supported that the loan part are going to be determined. The banks have approved valuers on their panel, United Nations agency can worth the property and reach the value.

Loan quantity

Many establishments have a most ceiling of 1 crore-per party. The loan depends upon the price of construction, land, purchase price, stamp duty, registration charges, legal charges and additionally alternative further expenses. The borrowers could have to be compelled to bring is ten to fifteen of the price as margin cash. There square measure establishments, that finance full price while not insistence on margin cash. additionally to those parameters, the financial gain of the applier, repaying, capability of all the borrowers square measure being thought-about most quantity that a personal could need is 10-15 lakhs, for a decent house, that is at intervals the reach of average jobholder.

Repayment Schedule

The loan is to be repaid in monthly instalments comprising interest and principle known as equated monthly instalments (EMI). the quantity of compensation remains constant throughout the complete tenor of the loan.

In case of construction, the loan quantity is disbursed in instalments relying upon the progress of construction. The regular compensation commences once the completion of construction or once the termination of sure stipulated time. Interest for intervening amount, from the date of loan to the commencement of equated monthly instalment is termed pre-EMI. This must be paid quarterly or monthly.

Though the repayments offered vary upto a most of twenty years, it's preferred to avail of the amount of 10-15 years, considering the interest rates, tax advantages and compensation capability. The compensation amount of five years attract significant monthly instalments, that influence be burden; in compensation on the far side fifteen years, one must pay significant interest. There square measure establishments, which provide compensation amount on the far side twenty years additionally.

Certain banks have special schemes, underneath that any surplus quantity accessible is also paid although in more than equated monthly instalment with facility to with draw such quantity just in case essentially. The account operates sort of a current/over draft account. this may be helpful for business individuals. Such schemes square measure known as home equity credit Saving Schemes, wherever by paying off the loan earlier substantial quantity of interest is saved.
Recently, the compensation has become versatile to suit the borrowers. intensify payment is helpful to young borrowers, wherever EMI within the starting is tiny, that will increase because the financial gain of the receiver grows. Step payment is helpful for aged borrowers, wherever EMI are going to be a lot of throughout the start and goes on reducing because the financial gain diminishes.


At present interest rates square measure terribly low the loans square measure accessible at seven.25% however there square measure signs of interest rates hardening. There square measure 2 differing kinds of interest rates floating and glued.

Floating Rate

Here the rates aren't constant, however keep dynamical. There square measure coupled to promote condition. they will increase or decrease. the current floating rates has reached the lowest and there might not be any reduction. The disposition establishments square measure terribly reluctant to expire the advantages of reduced interest rates to borrowers. They adopt totally different strategy to stay the borrowers paying higher rates. In most of the case the recent receivers pay higher rate than a replacement borrower for an identical loan.

Fixed rate

This is imagined to stay fastened through the tenor of the loan. fastened rates square measure on top of floating rates however several banks / housing finance firms have “Force Majeure” clause in their agreement, which supplies absolute powers to vary the fastened rates.

In general, the fastened rates for loans of long tenor, floating rates for loans of short tenor is also most well-liked. 

Many supply a mixture of each fastened and floating, wherever some share is charged as fastened or balance as floating.

Reducing Balances

Reducing balance means that the amount at that the instalments collected from borrowers square measure attributable to the loan account. In annual reducing balances the monthly instalments collected square measure attributable to the loan account once during a year. In monthly reducing balance they're attributable on a selected day of month; and in daily reducing banks, it's attributable on constant day. Annual reducing balance is usually expensive, wherever as daily reducing is that the best. several have monthly reducing balance, and few have daily reducing balance.

Hidden prices

There is no transparency in Housing Finance sector. aside from interest the receiver must pay process charges fee, however several alternative styles of fees, like administration fee, review fee, etc. any the rates at that these square measure charged are not clear. In such cases, although the interest rates square measure low, the hidden prices increase the burden. As declared earlier, interaction with borrowers would facilitate.

Switch over

The borrowers have Associate in Nursing possibility of switch from floating/fixed to alternative mode on payment of sure penalty. usually it's a hundred and twenty fifth on the outstanding loan quantity. however recently, the funding establishments have inflated fee for switch over. whereas switch over, think about the penalty due , the loan balance, the speed of interest accessible and also the balance compensation amount. If the balance compensation amount if short it's not well to modify over.

Transfer of Loans

The borrowers may additionally  transfer the loan to alternative establishments, that take over the loans. several borrowers transfer the loans to avail the reduced interest rates accessible. The interest rates throughout 1990-2000 were terribly high. just in case of transfer of loan, the receiver must pay some prescribed fee calculated on the outstanding loan. aside from such fees, the establishment, that takes over the loan, charges process fee, legal charges etc. they will supply some further loan additionally. however avail of such further loan solely just in case of absolute would like. whereas transferring the loan aside from rate of interest, calculate the transfer fee, processing/legal fee, and mode of reducing balance adopted by the establishment, that takes over the loan and hidden prices. If the balance compensation amount is tiny, transfer isn't counseled.
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